Facebook Fun

Screencaps are awesome. Ha! So, its been awhile since I've done this. Because its also been awhile since my friends, Andrew and I pulled off something to be near the vicinity of hilarious.

See Exhibit A :

Took place on the 20th of September, 2010. I posted a video of my current favorite artist, "I Blame Coco" (will post Tunage-labeled entries soon, been awhile since I did that too), tagging Andrew, Lance and Jaybs - Andrew wasn't online anymore so I'm sure he hasn't seen this yet, but look at how the conversation lead to something else.

Like I said in an old blog entry, "My friends are perverts. We all get along just fine." So awesome. Hahaha!

Exhibit B :

This one was supposedly yesterday's post but I was too sleepy even if I was so motivated to publish entries here like it was my Tumblr page.

Andrew and I are so random. Srsly, you have no idea how random we are. We're like the forefathers of Random. The great,great,great,great forefathers of Randomness. We like, totally rule being Random. I think both our middle names are Random. You know? Random! Too random!

You know? Like... yeah okay.

We did have Fish for lunch, and it was good. Why is it that the men in my flat (my Dad and Husband) cook better than me? Seriously.

Oh you bet there's more to come.