Featured Fashionista : Martine

Before LookBook and Chictopia came, there were bloggers who loved to post photos of what they wore to the party the other night or their latest purchases, among other awesome things. Girls would most likely end up enchanted by their photos, the confidence that they exude, and just how easy it all seemed. Suddenly, you can't stop visiting their blogs, patiently (okay more like impatiently) waiting for their next post. Although I have been a Fashion Blogger myself even before I discovered her (and thank God I did), it still didn't stop me from feeling so inspired and motivated to be just like the person that she is.

To be just like Martine.

It was in 2007 when I first stumbled upon her blog, and I fell in love with her since. She's one of the few girls who can dress up however she wants to, and that signature "oomph" just doesn't change. Martine's personality, among her confidence and style stands out. And that's what gets you. And that's what we all should have. Because I swear, make her wear a black garbage bag, and she would rock it. That's what makes Martine special. She knows who she is and sticks to that.

And what I also loved about her blog, was that it just wasn't all about fashion. She would share heartwarming photos of her dogs, her family, gives awesome tips on make-up application, and more importantly : life. Awesome girls like her, do have those days - so combining all that, how can you not love her? She's all that, and she's REAL.

I honestly am very blessed and psyched that she agreed to be featured in my blog, and I sort of hate myself for bothering her so much but I can't help it. I adore her.

1.) Place of Birth
Makati, Philippines

2.) What are your inspirations (fashion-wise?)
Movies, photography, magazines, etc. -- anything visual!

3.) Do you usually plan what to wear, or do you dress spontaneously?
Spontaneously, definitely. Every time I've tried to choose an outfit the night before, I end up wearing something completely out of left field in the morning.

4.) Your other interests aside from Fashion?
Horror movies, The universe, Cute/ Funny animal videos on youtube, New restaurants!

5.) Who / What influenced you most with your love for Fashion?
I come from a very artistic immediate and extended family, so it was very natural for me to appreciate fashion.

Martine's a model for AA

6.) What was one insecurity you always had about yourself, and what did you do to overcome it?
My smile. My teeth have always been a bit too large. Apparently, it's a trend right now to have a slightly imperfect smile. Funny how that came about.

7.) What's one item that every girl must have in their closets?
A comfy pair of go-to platforms.

8.) Other people find it so hard to express themselves through Fashion, what advise would you give to encourage them if they want their mood/personality speak through their clothes?
Not to think so hard. Dressing yourself shouldn't be stressful. It should be an organic and natural process. Wear whatever you feel like wearing. That's all I can say.


  1. I've always adored her! :) My favorite answer's the last one! ;)

    <3 Christine

  2. Gah. I love Martine's style too. It's too bad that I can't view her blog. :(