Gen Fernandez's Tumblr Tuesday

I feel so honored to be part of Gen Fernandez's features for Tumblr Tuesday. She's done such an amazing job on featuring truly awesome people, and to be part of that means a lot to me.

Read her feature on me here.

Along with that, there's a very special treat for you guys - if you're interested that is. I'll be meeting up with the winner to be her (considering only girls would be joining of course) personal stylist for the day - which includes a PHP2,000.00 shopping spree on any store/place of the winner's choice! We could go to the mall on sale season (so our budget would be enough), or thrift shopping (hoorah)! The budget could change (meaning it could be higher, I could probably go up to PHP4,000.00), hopefully I've saved enough money by then ( I will try my bestestetestest).

And because I'm currently in the Middle East, please expect that it would not be anytime soon but I assure you that I'm gonna make it happen as soon as I land on Philippine soil. To see the instructions on how to join, please go to this page. Here's a screencap of the giveaway entry :

Which could originally be found here!

So far there are only 6 comments, so little compared to what the others got but I'm still blessed because I honestly got teary-eyed reading some of them, its so heartfelt. And I'm thankful to each one for leaving me comments. I really hope to get more because to read your side of the story interests me. I like fresh takes and thoughts of how you guys got into fashion, and to those of you who mentioned how my life affects theirs, that's the best part - not because I like to feel recognized, what trumps that is the fact that my existence really does mean something and its not just in terms of fashion.

So leave your comment! The deadline's on the 13th of September.

Please don't leave your comments here (to join) - you have to go to Gen's page and comment on the Disqus box which can be found below the feature.

Good luck and I really do hope to see your names there!


  1. Very special treat indeed!:) It was a really great feature on you, abbie :) hoping you more fashion success to come! (if that made any sense hehe )

  2. It was a great experience doing this project with you. :) You are very sweet and accommodating Thank you for letting me feature you on my blog.

    All my love! GEN <3