My Cousin is Awesome and You'll see for Yourself

Remember that entry I did on my cousins? Well, guess what - SARAH IS ON BLOGSPOT! And since I keep telling you how brilliant she is, I'm so proud that you'd get to see that for yourself.

Sarah, who we fondly call Gee, and I, "Pinnys" - was part of the London Fashion Week because she was an intern for designer Alice Palmer. Now how awesome is that. She was even backstage with John Galliano. Yes, John Galliano. FREAKIN' JOHN GALLIANO!

She's currently taking up Fashion in Kingston University in London, and if you've read that entry I did of her (and my other cousin, Dannah), you'd see just how much potential she has. I seriously am so proud and so blessed that I belong to such an amazing family with all my talented Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews and Cousins.

Visit her blog and see more awesomeness!

P.S. Pinnys, once you release your own line, don't forget - I'm your muse! Woot!


  1. hey! saw your post. sure! you can contact me at isabelipac{@}yahoo{dot}com.. ;)

  2. I tried linking you too but I don't know why I can't :/
    Sending you the quezzies asap :)