I've always loved photos that were shot against the light. I did something similar years ago, against my dorm room window, but I had pink curtains then, and the effect was an orangey-filtered photo.

When I saw a photo of Miranda Kerr that was au naturelle, barely any make-up on, topless, faced back on the camera and stuff, I've been itching to do something that looked like it - so one day, Andrew wasn't at home then, and thank God we got a tripod on sale... you know what happened next.

I barely edited these, leaving my imperfections in the photos, all I fixed was the lighting because I wanted it to look brighter. So there you have it.

One of my former classmates in college left a comment on one of my photos in this set saying that my brows were too much and that it wasn't my angle, yada-yada. So I confidently said that I didn't really care about that stuff anymore. This is my angle, this isn't my angle, so what? If I like the photo, that's all that matters. The rest shouldn't.

If you're happy with the way you look, and you've really accepted that, then you'd be so confident and so proud of yourself, regardless. And it just gives you more motivation to work on yourself, YOUR WAY.

I'm just keeping it real. I'm keeping it as real as I can. I love my imperfections. They add character to my personality. Whatever my personality is.

P.S. The blog title means "Sundance", which is translated in Lakhota, a native American Indian language. FYI, I'm currently interested in their culture and traditions. I think its awesome, and I love learning new things! God bless the internet!


  1. The first photo is my fave! I'd have to disagree with your college classmate. These photos are gorgeous. Oh and if you're trying to grow your brows, you might want to try some brow enhancers too. :)

  2. Pics are gorgeous Abbieroos!

    My BF is part american indian and i also find the culture and traditions so fascinating! His Grandma also attends pow wows which i think is rad! He promised he'll take me to one when i get back to the States! hehe xxxx

  3. Kym, thank you so so much! :) Oooh brow enhancers!! Wait...which one? Haha! I'd love to use that! :)

    Lucyroo, I'm so flattered :') Thanks for saying that! hee! :) And wo, lucky you! That must be awesome, when you get to experience that, do blog about it!!! :) Haha! Rad!!! I'm still trying my best to understand everything...Don't you love learning new things, Lucyroo?? <3