Pretty Paley Pales and a Dose of Daily Awesomeness

I expected these jeans to even be more baggy on me but to my surprise, it fits quite well until my thighs! I got this in size 26 (I'm 25), so I know to be able to feel powerful in all of my jeans threatening to look like they belong to Bruce Banner, I have to keep trying my best to gain weight (apparently I feel sexiest when my work-out is jumping around my room to get into my pants...wait that doesn't sound right).

When I withdrew munniez from the machine a few days ago, my eyes reflected the milky way and Andrew knew exactly what that meant. Those fun overtime/s, totally paid off. Yes, literally and figuratively. The first thing that came out of his mouth, with his signature smirkygrin, was "So...when are you going shopping?" Ha.

The next day, I went to Topshop. So much for the entry that's still saved as one of my drafts about saving and saying "NO". Goodness.

So today, this is what I wore to work :

(White V-Neck Tee: Flea Market / Military Inspired Jacket : Thrifted /
Floral Printed Jeans: Topshop / Layered Pearlies : Forever21 / Orange Slip-Ons: Bally)

So they don't really look the way it does on my Retail Therapy's avatar, but we'll get there.

Of course, taken via Photobooth. I was feeling a bit better in the morning compared to yesterday, my throat's feeling kind of rough, but I'm a good girl now, drinking my vitamins. I was fighting fever since the other night, thankfully I was able to work my "MIND OVER MATTER" skillz and prayed a lot as well, even repeatedly chanting "I am not sick, I am not sick, I am not sick".

I think I was also under a lot of stress from thinking of all the house work I put on hold. So yesterday, because it was too cold in the office and I felt like my fever was getting worse - I asked permission from my Boss if I could get off work an hour earlier and he let me, I asked the Driver to stop at the next Pharmacy, where I met the kindest man behind the counter, giving me a couple of riyals off my vitamins. Don't you love it when Strangers make your day? A simple, sincere smile from a little girl or an elderly man sometimes make my day. Back in the Philippines, convos with cabbie drivers and middle-aged women who Andrew or I would help get in the jeep because they've got too much stuff to carry are things I would always cherish. I love it when I have encounters with beautiful strangers. Its like God's way of telling us that He lives in them too. I don't know, it just makes me feel at peace, that goodness, and kindness, and all those things we thought to be long gone still exist in the world.

I got home and rested for a bit before I started sorting the laundry, cleaning my room, sadly killing a few roaches here and there (boy, do we need to get pest control in our flat), cooked rice, then after dinner, putting Letters to Juliet on pause, we cleaned the bathroom (one of the most fulfilling things to do with your husband, for real), finished the laundry, vacuumed the entire house, and then I fell asleep watching Thunder in Paradise 1 in the middle of fixing my clothes (I bet you didn't know I was a huge Hulk Hogan fan, and that my Papa Loy and I have this thing of watching Wrestling Matches together as soon as he gets home from work, and yes, I would tape the matches for him and would gladly wiggle my buns, making my way to comfortably sit next to him only to find him drifting off after 5 minutes), woke up because Andrew was playing the guitar and teased him on his singing, brushed my teeth, played Crazy/Beautiful, then fell asleep.

I woke up with a rough feeling in my throat, battling myself with not wanting to go to work but I remember how my Mom would deal with this : she gets out of bed and prays. I did the same and guess what, it works.

Life is amazing.


  1. Your jeans look so pretty! :)

    I love how a simple prayer keeps us strong. I'm glad you're feeling better. Keep the faith Abbie! :)


  2. You look really fabulous in your attire :)

  3. Strangers fascinate me too! And it's a bonus if you find a certain, sometimes unexplainable, connection with them.

    I woke up with a rough feeling in my throat, battling myself with not wanting to go to work but I remember how my Mom would deal with this : she gets out of bed and prays.
    Thank you for the tip! :)