Because it all goes down to that. In relation to my previous entry, someone left me this comment in my Formspring account :
If you understood my post then I don't think you should still leave me comments like that, but what can I do right? People are entitled to their own opinions. My friends Lance, Hotney and I were talking about this and we all know that when you put yourself out there, people find it so easy to judge you.

But all I'm saying is, I've explained my part. AGAIN, I don't blog for anyone else, I don't dress for anyone else. If you don't like what I do, that's obviously not my problem. You have all the freedom in the world to stop viewing my posts. As simple as that, and your problem is solved. You don't need to feel irritated from seeing my face, my posts, and I can go on with my life doing what I want, for myself.

I haven't begged anyone to like me, or read my blog (unless they're people I want to feature them). I'm not asking anyone to understand my style, most especially - but if you respect me, as a human being.

By the way, if people smirk at me a lot - I don't care. At least not anymore. And again - it was the main point of my entry.

This is the last time I'm explaining myself. Saying the same thing over and over is tiring, ey. People keep telling me the same things, and I'm sure my responses would seem senseless, and wrong to them. I've had so much fun responding to each one though.

God bless you guys.


  1. keep doing what makes you happy, abbie :) I'm sure your Mom raised you a really great girl to know you're unique and gorgeous in every way!

  2. You are wonderful and shouldn't need to explain the way you are. The fact that some losers spend hours composing their most insulting and 'witty' comments is frankly just sad (and should be at least a little flattering ;). Embrace who you are, your pictures are beautiful and don't explain why you do what you do. I appreciate you!
    Sending you lots of hugs and kisses! XXXX

  3. i can actually relate to this. i got my first "hater"comment recently. my friends even told me that i should have just ignored the comment but I just couldn't help but retaliate.

    It's true that everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but why spend so much effort on checking out one's activities (blog, style, etc...) and then saying nasty things about them when you can just shut up and close your eyes?

    I say, just do what you love to do. So long as you feel good about yourself and you're not hurting anybody, other people shouldn't bitch about you or whatever it is you're doing. They're just some insecure little pricks! Ha!

    Okay, sorry. I just need to vent. Haha.