Tomorrow, I'm getting a Life.

This Life, that is.

I found out about Life in 2007, insisting to check it out when I saw the cute Dunnys on their window. They carry brands that a girl in the Middle East would, or more like should - ever want.

Before you assume, let me remind you that I am a Topshop girl forever. Forever. Forever, since 2003, lol.

Life had brands like Seven Jeans, Rock Republic, Tsubi (now Ksubi), Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson, Tarina Tarantino, Paul Frank, and now have expanded to more designer brands like Wildfox and (OMFGoozeballs) Jeremy Scott, and some of the most hip, up and coming designers that you definitely have to 'watch'. I've been on their contact list since I first splurged there, and they recently informed me of the sale.

You know that I am currently broke.
But my husband is not.
Thank you, Lord.

I have been avoiding the mall since July (but srsly, thank God for factory outlets that are located far, far from my favorite malls : Mall of Arabia and Red Sea), but upon receiving a text message with the words I dread to see in one sentence, you know like "70%" and "Off" and "Summer" and "Sale". Eep. What a mean thing to tell someone with holes in her pockets.

Anyway, I think it was too good to pass up on so I would finally unleash my evil, impulsive shopaholic twin from the pits of my (what appears to still be around) sanity tomorrow at 2:00 P.M.

Oh Des'ree. Oh life, oh life, oh life, doodoodoodoo.

Honestly, Life is one of the many reasons I love the Middle East.

(All photos courtesy of Life)

Life is located at Rawdah Street. Visit their awesome website here.


  1. THE DONALD DUCK DRESS! Me likes. :(

  2. i love that store! wish i could go there :)

  3. "You know that I'm currently broke. My husband is NOT."