A Typical Wishlist, And Then Some

Well, its September, isn't it? But meh, who am I kidding. I mean I'd still want these things even if Santa doesn't start blog-hopping and stuff. So, here are a few things I've been lusting on, some for ages, some recently. Posting them in random order. God knows some of the things on this list I'll be getting within the year. But my priority is to pay my debts! Finally.finish.paying.my.debts. And then I'm free! (I still owe my brother too, thank God he loves me too much to let me start by next year. In case you were wondering, its this baby from heaven that I have to pay for - yes, my Macbook Pro, which I, as you know, named Proenza, after Proenza Schouler, which makes me really proud cos the S/S11 collection is too gorgeous for words! Have you seen?) Which reminds me, now the Macbook Pro is off my wishlist! I didn't realize that! Ha!


Bacon Strip Bandages, because I am addicted to Bacon. And bandages. This looks too gross, and awesome which is why I think its perfect for me. Not because I'm gross and awesome, but yeah. It is perfect for me. Ha! Thank you Helga for sharing the wonderful world of Accoutrements with us. I love you, Wifey.
Absinthe Bath Soap, because I love Eurotrip and who knows, I might end up seeing green fairies while I'm in the bath. It would be nice if I had other people to talk to while taking a shower right? Like, other girls too! ... Doesn't sound right.

The Alexa Mulberry Satchel, because I love Alexa Chung and Leopard printed anything. Mind you, my bedroom walls are covered in Leopard Printed Wallpaper. I do have a thing for satchels, I've noticed. And bags. I love bags. I have a box of bags back in the condo which Papa marked with "ABBIE'S BAGS (sosyal na sosyal)" Ha!

Again, the Chanel Jumbo Flap, because this will never be off my list until I have this baby in my arms. Preferably with gold details.

The Hermès Birkin, because its really growing on me. I love all the other colors but if I want to invest on one, I'd go for black so I could pass it on to my Daughter. No matter how grungy I naturally am, its always the classy stuff that pwns.

Luis Steven Backpack in Tan, because it looked so awesome on Rachel Bilson and I would love to carry my laptop around with style. This is gorgeous.

Beats Solo by Dr. Dre, this one customized by Colorware. I'd rather go for the Solo than the Studio because its an easier traveling companion.

A Polaroid Instant Camera. For reasons I don't even need to state because polaroids will always and forever be awesome.

A Darth Vader Lightsaber, collector's item edition please. Everybody loves Luke, or Han Solo, but how can you not love Darth Vader? I mean, he was portrayed by Hayden Christensen! On the last first three installments (?) ... Okay but that's not why I love Darth Vader. What I love most 'about' him is "The Imperial March". I planned on setting it as someone's ring tone alert a year ago. Ha!

A Storm Trooper Mask and Statue, because, well...just because.

Furniture from Heima and other cool stuff from Cubao X, which I will be raiding in the near future.

Spirit Hood Leopard Hat, for same reasons stated for the Alexa Satchel, also because I love love love hats, except this one's not inspired by Alexa Chung, but hopefully me (LOLJK), but this I love. Thanks to Lance for telling me about them.

This Crosley Turntable, because records are awesome, and nothing will ever beat the classics. Plus I like how it looks vintage, but its very high-tech.

A Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Book, because I have so much interest in the Native American Culture and Traditions (as I mentioned in my previous blog entry), and I read that this is one of the best books written on the natives.

Tons of Striped Chips Ahoy boxes, whatever happened to them? I remember looking forward to Sundays because that's when Mama and I would go grocery shopping and she'd always get me two packs of these and they only last for a day - she tried her best to control me but...

Nestle Crunch, because it reminds me so much of my childhood, when Mama would take me to Greenbelt and I was like, 4 - and there's this pretty quaint chocolate store right outside Greenbelt 1 where Mama would buy me a couple of these and the lady cashier would always give me freebies.

Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer, which I've read does wonders not just on lashes, but brows as well!

Topshop Make-Up and Nail Lacquer, because I've got to have Topshop everything, and this is the only line I lack from Toppys. Plus, the colors are lush lush lush!

Too Faced Envy Brow Kit, which I will be getting next month. I called Sephora and they have it in stock. Yowza.

MAC Brow Set in Beguile, which I am currently using but sinisimot ko nalang, I had the Brow Liner too, which I also have to get because that was the first one that I finished.

MAC Brow Brush # 266 as suggested by my friend, Care. She claims its her favorite brush and with the way she described it to me, I feel like it will be mine as well.

More Kate Moss for Topshop goodies, because the thought of this collaboration still makes me jizz in my pants.

Benefit's Bene Tint because one bottle lasts forever, which makes it really worth it! I have the Posie Tint, too but this one I use mostly because it leaves such a pretty stain on my lips, I can't stop applying it!

This KTZ Biker Dress by Topshop's Emerge Line which haunted me last night. I've got to have this. WHY, Topshop. WHY.

KTZ Quilted Dress by Topshop's Emerge Line. See how gorgeous! And the genius idea of combining quilted leather and rhinestones. OMG I DIE. BTW, Topshop's Emerge are all designs by up and coming designers, you will drool at the brilliance.

Oh you know I'm adding more later.


  1. I have the brow set in Girlboy, haha. I need to soften mine 'cause they're too strong and thick. :p

  2. WHAT WHYYYYY THAT'S A BLESSING!!! ()&#%#@%&*#% Huhu!