Vita Fede

Vita Fede = Living Faith

And so the brand name speaks for its products, awesomely understated. With a little help from my friend, Sharlene Tan, who is the official distributor of these epic handmade treasures in the Philippines, I got a little information on this brand that you have got to know about, but I'm sure you do. I'm just here to shove the gorgeous metals in your face (yet even more).

I don't remember whose Twitter I was stalking (its got to be either Georgina Wilson or Anne Curtis, and you've been reading my blogs long enough you'd know that I'm both head over heels in love with them, thank God I'm married - to a guy, God knows where all these massive girlcrushes would've headed, but do not fret, I am 89.95% woman, the remaining percentage which I am too lazy - actually too dumb in math to compute is for my massive girlcrush is massive complex), but I do remember being intrigued upon stumbling on their reply to Shar about a Vita Fede ring. Being the curious little cat that I am, asked my forever bff's sister, Missus Googley Images about it, and lo and behold.


Lagina Bracelet

Domani Bracelet

Fascino Wrap Bracelet

Pizzo Lace

Magia Bracelet

Parma Bracelet

Rings, Rings, Rings

Manchi Ring

Lupo Buffalo Ring

Segreto Ring

But what I want are these gorgeous babies :

Titan Rings in Gold, Silver and Gun Metal
To be worn all together (in one finger), as seen in this photo:

Vita Fede started in 2007, with their chain bracelets and pretty leather belts as their signature accessories, and then the rest was pretty much history. They've been (and still are being) featured in tons of magazines and worn by a number of celebrities, local and international.

I'm known for hoarding accessories, you could imagine how much drool I had to wipe off my face looking at the gorgeous jewelry, and that's how it looks like online. What more if you see one IRL?

Vita Fede is available in the Philippines, too, so go raid Firma (Greenbelt 3), Culte Femme (Rustan's Makati), Chocolate Schu Bar (Powerplant Mall), Luca (Eastwood Mall and Shangri-la Mall).

Don't forget to log on Vita Fede's Official Website, or like their Official Page in Facebook, and the Vita Fede Philippines Official Facebook page.

Tell me you aren't itching to have Vita Fede hanging on your accessories rack, because I definitely am... I just have to save up for it, that's all.