Candy Magazine's November Issue

Candy Magazine is always awesome so you don't need to hear this from me, or anyone for that matter, but anyway, I'd still like to let you know that I've got a story to share with you on Candy's November Issue. Because you're never too old to grab a copy of Candy.

The November Issue folds out into two more covers!

SUPER THANKS TO MS. MIMI TIU and MS. ANGEL CONSTANTINO, and the rest of the Candy Team for allowing me to share yet another story to their readers. This one means so much to me. Thank you, thank you.

Once a Candy girl, always a Candy girl. Is it bad that I'm 24 and still dreaming of appearing on the cover of Candy one day? I won't stop until that happens! Ha!


  1. dream big..anything can happen! :D

  2. Cute covers!

    Just came across your blog!

  3. Haha. You already made a history when you became a model of Seventeen Magazine so why not in Candy? Its not impossible. Hehehe.

    - I'm also dreaming to become a model someday eh! Hahaha. :) **in my dreams**

  4. Ching, thank you so much! :')

    Nana, hello! I've read one of your comments before on my posts which is how I came across your blog, and I've linked you already! I just love your style! :)

    Marla, that is so sweet for you to say! Thank you so much!!! :) God bless you. And YES, anything is possible so I'm sure if you really want to be a model, YOU WILL BE! You can do anything! :)