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Ashley was also featured on TeenVogue.com

I'm pretty smug to say that I'm one to see Ashley's style evolve over the years. We've followed each other on Lookbook since we both had accounts back in 2008. I wouldn't say 'evolve' in the sense that she started looking really boring, in fact its the opposite - she started on the right foot, but she just kept getting better and better at expressing herself.

Her style's unpredictable and limitless, but she definitely pulls them off. Another proof that its definitely not in the clothes, but in the person who wears them.

its ALWAYS nice to see people who defy the 'rules' of fashion and make one themselves, because its their outlet of creativity. Its kind of boring to see the same looks put together. I respect them if that's how their thing, I don't even dress as awesome as they are, but its difficult to break free from how society wants to see people on the street, like they dictate how things should go because its the trend. Ashley's one of the few who you could say is, "a breath of fresh air".

Ashley definitely lives by "CandyKawaiiLover" - sweet, cute, adventurous, and always pulling it off. You're gonna be smittened, I tell you.

1.) Place of Birth
Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

2.) Other interests aside from Fashion
Languages, writing, traveling, art, photography. Currently, I am into illustrating and merchandising, too.

3.) What/Who are your inspirations (fashion-wise)?
Today: I am inspired by Vivi Magazine Japan (I wrote Japan specifically because I just saw that China/ and or Taiwan has their own version of Vivi), Nicole Warne of http://garypeppervintage.blogspot.com, The all-new preppy American Apparel, Zara A/W collection (it's to die for), Miu Miu, Russian fur hats, Louise Ebel of misspandora.fr and Alexa Chung. It varies from time to time though Vivi Japan is a staple.

4.) Do you usually pick out what to wear or do you spontaneously put an outfit together?
Most of the time, it's just spontaneous, really! I wear whatever I could grab on my closet and then eventually I'll put layers or accessories. On special occasions, I plan ahead.

5.) Who would you say is your biggest influence (with how you see fashion, dressing up)?
We all look up to our moms, don't we? However, upon growing up, I just discovered my own style. I have been experimenting all my life but just recently, I am sticking to my personal style (a combination of European specifically Parisian and Asian specifically Japanese fashion.)
My love for both culture, I think, influenced me the most.

6.) What is one fashion staple every fashionista should have in their closets?
For me, it would be hats! Not only that it could save you from a bad hair day, but it also adds flare to any outfit.

7.) Other people find it rather difficult to express themselves through fashion, and would choose to conform to what most would say is "cool" or "in season". What tip/advise would you give them to let their mood/personality speak through their clothes?
I have been through this dilemma so I have a few things to share regarding this experience that I think might help...

1. First, pick clothes that will make you feel comfortable. Don't forget these things to consider:

1.1. The weather. This is essential, you don't want to be freezing during winter!
1.2. Venue. Where are you going? I bet it's annoying to be reprimanded wearing improper clothes upon going to church. There's a thin line between expressing yourself and respecting others. You should know where to draw the line.)

2. Look in the mirror (I know it's a difficult task to judge ourselves than others but this way, it will be easier to see yourself clearly without other people's opinion) and ask yourself:

2.1. Do I look great?
2.2. Do I like what I'm wearing?
2.3. Do I have the confidence to wear this?
2.4. Will I mind if anyone see me wearing this?

If you answered Yes to questions 1-3, you're ready to go! Of course, No would be the perfect answer for the 4th question.

On trends

If you love an item for so long but it happens to be on trend lately.. like for me, it would be brogues. It's everywhere now, isn't it? Stick to it! Don't change yourself just because of trends. You can keep it for awhile if it annoys you, though.

If there's a trend you would love to try. Let's say, the "military" look. Pick one item that is military inspired and ditch the whole military look unless you want to look like in a costume or uniform. In my case, I didn't get a military jacket but I would love to get a military inspired boots if I get a chance.

8.) What was one insecurity you always had about yourself, and what did you do to overcome it?
When I was younger, I am insecure about my height. I think I never admit that I'm insecure about anything except now! Hahaha! I am egoistic like that. But I was, I used to think I am 5'4 when I'm only 5'3 or shorter! However now, I embraced being short (or maybe I'm tall or just normal for most Asians?)

9.) How old were you when you moved to Japan, and how did the country affect your style and the way you see fashion?
I've been going here since I was twelve (with my family of course.) Two years ago, my family moved in here and I followed. I think Japan has changed me in a lot of ways. Japanese are known fearless when it comes to fashion and I think, it boosted my confidence as well to express myself better. Here, I found out that fashion is a lifestyle.

10.) What are the few things you learned from the Japanese that you'd like to share with us?
Well, Japanese people chooses to dress for themselves rather than to impress others. I think that's the most important, you feel good about yourself.

"L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux: The essential is invisible to the eyes."
- The Little Prince

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  1. Lloyda, I love her too. She's way too awesome for words and she's definitely going places :)