Featured Fashionista : Patricia Prieto

When LookBook was sort of an addiction of mine, my inner OC would always check my account to see if I had new followers (because I would always follow them in return, as a form of gratitude, I just happen to be really blessed because my followers are always awesome, and I can't not love their looks). One day, I saw Patricia's thumbnail, and clicked on it.

It was one of those moments where, I would ask myself how can someone like her follow someone like me on LookBook. I was starstruck then, and I'm still starstruck now. Up to this day, she has proven just how much she deserves all the amazing things God is blessing her with. As someone in the Fashion Industry, and simply, as a person.

One of the things I love most about Patricia, after more than a year of being her follower on LookBook, is that she's just not afraid to try things. She doesn't let the trend/s get in her way, she dresses up the way she wants to, and incorporates whatever hot new thing tickles her fancy with her wardrobe. And she definitely looks amazing. Always. This girl is one of the few who can get away with anything and look fabulous.

1.) Place of Birth
Manila, Philippines. But I have some Spanish lineage which some people often ask me about.

2.) What are your inspirations (fashion-wise?)
I look up to style icons (if not for you, well, for me at least) such as Edie Sedgwick, Rachel Bilson, Cory Kennedy, Katy Perry, the Olsen Twins and Sienna Miller. Other than them I read Preview and Nylon religiously and when I get the chance Vogue! Blogs and websites play a huge part as well, cause the internet is the fastest and easiest way to get inspiration!

3.) Do you usually plan what to wear, or do you dress spontaneously?
When it's for an important event I always make sure to plan ahead cause I don't like rushing when it comes to those things. But if you ask me, on regular days it's something spontaneous. The only things affecting my fashion-esque choices would have to be the weather, my mood and where I'm going, haha!

4.) Your other interests aside from Fashion?
Writing, photography, drawing and DANCING!

5.) Who / What influenced you most with your love for Fashion?
My mom. She worked as in this field when I was a little girl and I remember "sketching designs" and giving them to her for her to show to the store she worked for. Luckily she kept them and till now, when I look at them I get shocked at how young I was! And other than that, I've always had a passion for fashion, for as long as i can remember actually.

6.) What was one insecurity you always had about yourself, and what did you do to overcome it?
If it's something physical it would have to be my legs. I hated the fact that I had "short" legs. But I told myself to just love and be thankful for what I have and work with what God gave me. BUT! If you ask me about something emotional, it would definitely have to be about my confidence. Growing up I was very shy believe it or not. And that carried on till I was in grade school, till one summer I swore to myself that I'd get out of my comfort zone and enjoy it. And I don't regret doing it one bit. I do get shy or nervous of course, but I just psych myself up and tell myself I can do it. And to surround myself with positive thought, auras and people as well. That always helps!

7.) What's one item that every girl must have in their closets?
As cliche as this may be, it is true and will always be true. A LITTLE BLACK DRESS.

8.) Other people find it so hard to express themselves through Fashion, what advise would you give to encourage them if they want their mood/personality speak through their clothes?
BE YOURSELF. Don't let anyone dictate to you who and what you should be. Being yourself will make you happy.. Confident even! And when you dress up in whatever makes you feel good, confident and comfortable then that's what you go for. Learn to think out of the box, learn how to say yes or how to say no and just simply be yourself. That plays a big, big part.

9.) When did you decide that you wanted to pursue Fashion, and what motivated you?
Ever since I could remember I've always wanted to pursue fashion. I remember wanting to be a doctor, then a vet, then even a race car driver when I was younger! But I guess it was in the 7th grade when I told myself that this is what I want to do.

10.) Tell us more about Fashion School, the amazing perks, those little bumps you encounter once in a while.
IT IS AMAZING!! The perks would have to be the fact that I get to surround myself with fashion every single time I'm in school! I have teachers who are known fashion designers and the like, it's just so surreal to be a student of theirs, I LOVE SCHOOL! Although, we can't help but get stressed once in awhile cause being in a fashion school is very hands on. I know how to make simple patterns, sew and now draping.

11.) Advice for girls who consider taking up Fashion :
Do it because you love it. Fashion is not all glitz and glamor, it's hard work. So as long as you're passionate about this you'll go a long way! :)

12.) What's it like to be a model for Collezione C2? How did that come about?
It was so surreal, and such an amazing experience!! I remember I found out while in National Bookstore cause Rhett Eala is a really good friend of my mom and he contacted me through her. I even did my first "ramp" show for Collezione in Rockwell along side fashions cream of the crop like Ria Bolivar, Daniel Matsunaga and Fabio Ide. Modeling for Collezione is/was one of the best things that had ever happened to me, it's something that I will forever treasure.

See more of Patricia on her BLOG / CHICTOPIA / LOOKBOOK.
*All photos courtesy of Patricia Prieto.


  1. i looove here! shes a loooker and she's stunning

  2. Awwwwwww!!! I love it, Abbie!! Thank you soooo, sooooo much!! :)

  3. I love her style! She's pretty, and sooo much prettier when i saw her in person in a glitterati event! :)

  4. awesome. patricia has variety and i like that in her. :)
    i am now your new follower. love your blog.