Model Off Duty : Abbey Lee Kershaw

I think its amazing how we have so many models to look up to now, in and out of the Runway. As I've mentioned in this blog post which felt like has been published ages ago, I've fallen in love with Abbey Lee Kershaw, but only recently discovering how awesome her personal style is.

She reminds me of another Vanessa I adore : Vanessa Paradis! Don't you think?

I know a lot of people say really mean things about her gappys, but I love them. Its always always always the imperfections that add character. Like how Kirsten Dunst also refuses to have her teeth done. I wouldn't either, if I were her. If I were any of them.



I love the sheer and maxi dresses! She looks like a rockstar circa 1970s, only very now! I just hope those are faux fur coats (boohoo). She's got her own thing going on and you know she's not following any trend, she even sets them. I am so inspired.


  1. Love models off duty photos! :) Shows their personal style as well as their real face! Haha. She's gorge though both on and off the ramp!!

    Hey abbie!! I always check on your blog! :) Just so you know, ahah!


  2. she's such a beauty!
    cool blog!
    i followed(; do you want to follow me?


  3. could you please send me your email... i would love to feature you on my blog...

  4. Great Post, I love abbey lee too and great photos.