...SHEERY BOMB! Lol. Wait, didn't I use the real song title + first line of the chorus for one of my posts before?

Anyway - for the love of Lace and Everything Sheer. Goodness. I got this lacey number from Toppys last week and its few sizes bigger, but I love it. It gives me more motivation to gain weight so I could rock this piece. Its so sexy. Besides, how can you not love lacey and sheer stuff? They're so versatile. Classy, but edgy. Its amazing.

I took photos in two consecutive days. Photos shot in the room were done by Andrew, the ones against the white wall are by me.

I love this 'rolled out of bed' hair. The kind that Ted Mosby takes 30 minutes to achieve. But what I really want to rock is Megan Fox's look in Eminem's "I love the way you lie" music video. DAYUM.

Colored piccies :

There's another piece that I was so happy to get : the sparkly spankies. I was with my bestfriend and Ninang when we went shopping so they were like, "Lady Gaga?" Lol. They expect me to wear it to work. Ha! Will take photos of me wearing them soon. Still trying to figure out a concept, even if they're gonna be shot against a black or white background.

One of the things I can't wait to do is to finally have my photos taken, literally under the sun. I hate indoor shooting! I'd like it if I had a little more natural light cos those are always the ones that end up looking epic for me. I get home at 6:00 P.M. so there's barely any light, and on Thursdays when I get off work at 1:00 P.M., I get too lazy to take photos and would rather sleep for hours until Andrew gets home.