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CONGRATS, BEA! I can't wait to see you! Its not gonna be anytime soon but surely when I fly back home you'll still be in school, so no worries. Hee!

Dear Bea,

I never really thought I'd come across someone like you on the intarwebs. Someone who's had the same experiences as I have, especially during "wash days". And yes, someone who's in DLSU-D, enrolled in the same college as I have! So awesome. I remember very correctly getting those glares from other students too, even boys! They'd point and laugh at me and stuff. One of the moments I will never forget, and I've shared this in my Tumblr too ages ago : It was August 2008 and wide leg jeans started to rock the pages of Teen Vogue again, so I was so psyched when my Mom got me a pair from Topshop, and I proudly wore them to school when I visited my friends who were still studying. The students intentionally said this loudly : "Elephant Pants? Di ba laos na 'yan?". And I won't deny that I did wear Elephant Pants back in 2002. But I couldn't help but raise my eyebrow. I think it was funny that a month or two later almost all the girls on television were in wide leg jeans. It was definitely an "in your face" moment.

I'm so glad that you're even more motivated now to keep doing what you're doing no matter what they think. Its so hard for people in our school to appreciate individuality especially in terms of fashion but I'm hoping that that changes so that other girls won't feel discouraged to express themselves in ways they want to, and they won't be judged for it. You can do that for them too, Bea! You can inspire them!

And as I've been telling you in the messages we've exchanged with each other, I believe in you sweetie! Don't let the fire burn out. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

HUGS! And I can't wait to see you sweetie! Don't hold your breath though, k? Haha! But I will make it happen, with God's help. I claim it. I know God's already planned it out for us.

Love, Abbie

To everyone who became a part of this, thank you. There were times when I even got teary-eyed after reading your comments. Its actually tough having to choose one. I hope you don't hate me though (boohoo). Anyway, I'm replying to the comments sent to me, its the least thing I can do, I am so grateful for you guys because it really means a lot to know that you appreciate me and like the things I do. So thank you. THANK YOU.

*My replies are italicized.


I first saw the giveaway post before this feature post, and I already guessed that many are joining because everybody loves shopping spree! (!!!) And I'm not a hypocrite not to give this one a try. But that doesn't make the following words insincere 'coz I immediately fell in love with this jologs but well-mannered girl.

Exceptional, rare and effortlessly sexy- the right words to fit the title of the Alluring Aphrodite. Happily married at the age of 24! Just wow, because that would simply imply a longer time spent with the one you love, of course with God as the center of your marriage.

I'm always fascinated with the 'fashionistas' in our church, because when I was still a child attending masses in Catholic churches (I now attend the born-again church :) ), it would give me the impression of being a 'manang' worshiper in the future. Ever since I became a born again Christian, my Sundays would always be filled with a joyous heart singing to Hillsong's worship songs and sparkly eyes because of my ever beautiful church mates.

I wonder what's not to love about your life right now, you seem so blessed in every aspect. I know it's quite impossible, but I have this hope that you could visit our church sometime and unite with all the other pretty girls with a kind heart like yours.

I hope to be like you someday!

"And if Our God is for us, then who could ever stop us. And if our God is with us, then what can stand against? " :)

Hi Maui! To my surprise, you quoted a Chris Tomlin song! When I read your comment before, I haven't heard "Our God" yet, so reading this now - WOW! My husband and I just sang this at our church last Friday, its such a beautiful song!

Anyway, tell me what church you go to, so I could visit one day! I would love to meet you. And as for your friends who love dressing up, I think its awesome that they change the way people see people who are active in church. There's always this notion that we're so uptight and all that. There's nothing with sticking to what you're comfortable with, but there's also nothing wrong with taking risks in jazzing up your outfits to church (of course with limits parin).

Thank you so much for all the kind words you said. What I'm about to tell you, you already know - just keep walking with God. Your faith is another accessory for your spirit, and it will never ever go out of style. x


Uhm, Fashionable. I have no story on how I got 'into' it but then I saw the word passion. I just assumed that when you say 'into' it, it means you really are walking the walk and I am not. Well, my story would talk about inspiration. Everybody starts from there, I guess. I really can't say that I'm fashionable right now but I have those things I cut out from magazines and ideas I get from fashion bloggers to say that somehow I am passionate about it. I spend time reading them because I am entertained and I get inspired by them. I own things that are quite showing 'my style' or my taste and I could say that I am trying to work on it. Maybe someday I could tell a better story, when I would be stepping up big in that aspect eh? When the day comes that I could "walk it like you talk it". Someday I would, I know I will! :) Keep inspiring us!


That's where it really all begins : You draw inspiration from things, from almost every single thing you see, and then it starts a fire. When you feel the flame, keep it burning! Thanks for saying I'm an inspiration. That really means A LOT. God bless you sweetie! x


This is probably going to sound as funny as it is creepy, but when I got myself a copy of Seventeen four years ago (this was all in the awkward transition from Candy to Seventeen and from Nene to Too Gorgeous I Have To Beat Guys Off With a Stick to Keep Them Away*), I saw you in against a pink background with a cap and a metallic dog and stared at your abs for a full two minutes. It was the first time I realized what washboard abs were.

Young as I was, I looked for you in Multiply (see I told you it was both funny and creepy. Probably at this point mostly creepy), and tried to add you as a contact with the message "I guess you can consider me a fan", and you approved it. I've read your blog from the crazy girl drama, to the stalker with your phone, to your moving, to your thoughts about spirituality (that I share with you), to your Mom passing, and now, to your marriage, and I've seen your writing and your style and your hair, change and grow. (for the better, I promise!) I find it amazing how I now think I "know" someone I've never met before, and think I grew with her (because I am 4 years and 20 lbs away from that creepy Multiply stalker) all because I saw her holding a metallic dog in a magazine. :)

I first got interested in fashion when I stepped into college. I was from a Muslim-dominated province, so anything that could be considered eye-catching, I couldn't wear. I basically started from scratch. I've had my fair share of things I would always regret wearing (the pictures don't help either) to finally get a feel of the type of clothes I looked great in. I have a student budget, so a lot of my clothes come from ukay (that I manage to alter somehow with knowledge on basic stitching) and tiangges. I've worn skirts as tops, turned dresses into cover-ups, scarves to dresses and belts. Never underestimate the power of the thrifty shopper.

It makes me feel a little off now to be honest, especially when I have to meet high school friends, because they're so simple. I never want to give them the impression that I try too hard or that Manila's changed me or anything, but I've taken pride in the fact that I know I haven't changed (I'm still a socially-awkward fatty on the inside).

You're right, fashion is personal. People who don't understand have probably never worn a pair of good heels in their life. When you are confident about yourself, it shows. And when you wear something nice, you feel beautiful, and that also shows. There is an inexplicable glowing. Photographs can attest to that. Your prettiest pictures are always the ones when you're wearing two things: a) a really good outfit, and b) confidence.

P.S. You lurk around ONTD, no? You have a very ONTD sense of humor. It's a good thing!

P.P.S. I think your eyebrows look fierce!

P.P.P.S. I don't think this counts as an entry any more, but I just wanted you to know anyway!

* this never happened

Thank you for the compliments (especially for saying that my brows look fierce! Hee!) Your comment really touched me and I love your humor! I can't find you on Facebook or on any other social networking sites cos I don't know your name. But believe me I was really touched. I like going through your blog too, you've got interesting posts and I like that you grew up in a Muslim-Dominated Province, as you put it. Because I think that's where you get all this pent-up curiosity and you struggle to be different in ways that won't offend the people around you. Its what molds you into becoming a much diverse being, and you have the patience to adapt and understand and respect other cultures, which is something you can apply to the way you see Fashion, but most importantly, life in general. I could very much relate to what you wrote in your comment. I honestly do want to meet and hang-out with you one day. God bless and please do keep in touch.

P.S. I don't really log on ONTD much but when I do, it never fails me to make me LOL. x

Catherine Mirondo

Hi Abbie. I got really enthused and stimulated when you were featured in @thiskidlovesvintage’s blog. I love to see your portraits every now and then. And reading articles about you, knowing that it’s not only me who appreciates the real beauty within you adds the admiration I have for an Aphrodite like you.

Well, I’m your shameless follower as you know. I couldn’t forget the awe that was painted on my face the first time I fell in love with your prose. Having been lurking you in the intarweb for less than a year doesn’t make me out-dated and less compare to those who have been following you for eons. (I sound real competitive here, huh)I remember those sleepless nights I had because of stalking you, trying to know each and every detail of your life. I even made my own tumblr account to keep myself posted about your new stuff. The first tumblr entry I made was inspired by you if you could still dredge up. It’s entitled, “First time, AbBieg Time” and I am very fortunate to be featured in your blog. There’s no qualms Abbie, you inspire me, us, in the most effortless way. And with that, we thank you.

Question: If you’re into fashion (for years, or you’ve just discovered your passion), everybody has a story on how they got ‘into’ it.

Oh well, that question made me think unfathomably. In all conscience, I really don’t know if I have discovered my own vogue yet. I found passion in fashion a little too late. And yes, I’m a late bloomer.

I usually go on thrifted stuff and it never fails to fascinate me. When I was young, I remember I’d go buy clothes for my little sister at the nearest thrift shop, using up all the money I’ve earned from selling “kisses and stationeries”. I love the fact that I would go dig those smelly garments and wouldn’t mind spending my savings just to buy cute pieces for my sissy. Then I would dress her up, let her try all the pieces and did mixmatching. Poof!!! That was me way back then.

I didn’t care how I looked and dressed-up til my college days. I had a very few shirts and pants, recycled every tops and bottoms every wash day with no accessories but my lame ID lace and cheap earrings I got from kiosks outside DLSU-D.

Self-esteem is what I’m lacking even up to now that I actually change clothes many times before going out of my house. At first, I would wear odd and bizarre stuff inside my jungle-ish closet, trying to pull-off the same look that my favourite fashion bloggers (topping my list is YOU) are wearing and I’ve been wanting to achieve, then usually end up with just a tee and my favourite leggings. =(

I knew it from the very start what my problem is. It’s me being sensitive and scared of criticism. Sensitive enough to hear funny comments from people around me. It’s my paranoia getting in the way for me to feel free to experiment and discover what style best suits me. With all the people staring at me, I feel so conscious and uncomfortable.

I have spent and lived my life for 3 years wandering in the posh world of Makati, where almost everyone is living a busy life, but still manages to glam up despite of their chaotic workload. Within 2 years of being an instrument of success of Makati, I have tried to look differently from those who have been working with me in the same company. It is me who always pulls-off strange get-ups during the ordinary working days. I would wear over-layered tops and inappropriate trousers when we were bound to wear semi-formal attire. But then I realized that my usual apparel matches were out-dated and not so much fun. I’ve always wanted to look different from the rest but it was too hard to decide what kind of trend and style to follow. I didn’t have my own fad until I entered this year. Makati has become my training ground in fashion. My former manager slash au- courant friend used to set a day every month where in all of us has to wear something really swanky and modish. We called it “Power Dressing” and every month has a different theme. I’d go blog stalking, fashion googling and magazine raid from time to time to check what the latest fad is. Having you as my fashion icon, I get to know things I’ve been so oblivion with for years. I began browsing chictopia and lookbook where I can see real people dolling up and re-inventing their wardrobes . From then on, I started buying apparels which my fashion icons would wear and suggest. But since I’m so flabby unlike you and those other trendsetter and fashion guru whom I really admire, most of the things you guys wear don’t look good on me. =( But still, I try to stick on what I’m most comfortable of wearing such as dresses and printed tops usually paired with leggings.

So there, guess this one’s too long. =( Sorry. I usually write without getting straight to the point. Haha.

Thanks for being an inspiration, Abbie.


I love you Cath, you're awesome. You never fail to make me feel that whatever nonsense I do in the intarwebs somehow makes sense. You know that when someone calls me an inspiration, I have a hard time processing it in my head because it overwhelms me.

Its one thing to have known fashion since childhood, but I think it amazes me when someone who's never shown interest in Fashion since birth, finally finds something that draws them to it. Isn't it such a challenge, battling with yourself to be able to express yourself the way you want to, and you've no clue if you're doing it right? Its awesome. I experience that up to this day! I know you'll overcome all that and be even more confident than you are now.

And like I told you, you don't really have to win anything to get the chance for us to hang out, we most definitely will! I look forward to it! God bless you and I'm here for you if you need anything. Thank you for inspiring me, too. x

Jessica Dela Rosa

Hi Ate Abbie,

Medyo we have the same course. Ahihi. :p I graduated AB Journalism in UE, Batch 2009! :D

We all know that you have a pretty face and a wonderful life. I envy you because kahit 24 ka palang ka pero marami ka ng na achieve sa life mo. How I wish maging ganun din ako. And you will be my inspiration. Soon, I will leave you a message in your tumblr asks just to say thank you for inspiring me.

Glad you have a happy and bless life there. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Jeka, I'm super aliw reading your Tumblr! How awesome for you to say something as sweet as that when I don't even feel like I've accomplished much. Thank you! Keep blogging! Its good to come across blogs that give a variety of posts. x


Hi Miss Abbie, indeed, you are very alluring. Let me tell you tidbits of what I know and rationalized about you in the past days I’ve been following you and in the pages of your Tumblr page I have browsed. I realized your passion really is fashion. It’s like you ate one gallon of fruit juice called ‘Fashion sense’. You don’t want to follow the fad, you just want to have your own. You are a trendsetter - you create, you start the fashion hip and you invent the unreal. With you being so deep and so profound, it’s like Albert Einstein approves of fashion for only you. You have proven that it is possible to live content with small means, to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than cluttery. You are an inspiration for every girl especially those fashion-oriented girls who want to make a name in the industry. You defy the fashion world’s gravity because you have ‘the-Abbie-Almasco-fashion-world’. You made me realize that anything is possible and as long as you’re passionate about something, you can succeed.

Having joined this, I really appreciate your style. Now, let me tell you the story of my fashion sense and style discovery. Here it goes: One day, a little girl was with her Mom in a department store. She was staring at the exquisitely done dresses that would make a woman look like a princess, flowery skirts that would make you look like a dancing flower, and dainty tops that would make you look like effortlessly beautiful. This she uttered on her mind, ‘One day, I’m gonna be wearing all those.’ During her childhood, her Mom just always picks her dresses. She never asked her if she liked it or not. So the little girl just kept her dream to herself, to dress like a princess and walk like a lady. When she reached the age of adolescence, that’s the time she realized she loves dressing up. She would secretly buy magazines using her own allowance and her Mom was shocked when she found a pile of magazines on her daughter’s room already. The little girl even dreamt about seeing herself on the covers of fashion magazines but unfortunately, she’s into fashion but she’s more into photography than modeling. From then on, whenever they went malling, her Mom lets her pick, mix and match clothes. For the little girl, every day is a dress up game. Now, from the moment she started Tumblring and saw pretty girls wearing adorable vintage stuffs, that moment, she found her style. When you’ll open her closet, you’ll see piles of vintage and hippie themed blouses, high-waisted skirts and shorts, penny loafers and flats, vintage necklaces and rings and anything sweet and classic. From that day and beyond infinity, she will be a walking-classic-vintage-figure.


Your comment's so cute! Thank you for the kind words. God knows how much I appreciate them and I'm really inspired and motivated to keep doing what I'm doing (whatever it is that I'm doing), but receiving comments like this, only means that I'm doing something right. I think its awesome that you had that realization at such a young age! Always go back to that moment and that'll keep you going. I'm glad that you found a certain style that you feel speaks to you and would do the same for you too. Vintage is awesome. Keep the fire burning! God bless you, sweetie! And who knows, you even might be on the cover of a magazine one day! x


Need to repeat my comment cos It sudden disappeared :( huhu

Hi Abbie! I've been reading your blog since 2008 and fell in love with it ever since. Every time I would go online I'm sure to at least visit your site twice in a day just to see if you have any new blog entries that I can google my eyes on. :) Hihi. I always anticipate your vlogs and fashion tips as well. You're only 24 yet you've done so many things already and you've been through a lot yet remain strong and faithful to God. :) You're truly an inspiration and my fashion icon :)

Regarding the give away question. I'm not really into this because of the shopping. (Really good stuff though!!) I've known you for almost 2 years tops in the blog sphere, but I haven't seen or bonded with you yet in person, so I think joining this would be a great opportunity to finally hang out with you. :) So here I go...

I think I discovered that I love fashion at a young age, when I would sneak out or borrow clothes/shoes from my Mom and Lola when there's a special event in school or a friends birthday party. I even remember once sneaking out my Lola's strappy sandals to my school bus just so I could use it to our Christmas party dance back in 3rd grade. Hehe. :) Funny thing is I prefer wearing their stuff over mine. Maybe because they had that "old-vintage" vibe to them that my belongings didn't have. Sadly though, after some time I lost that spark for fashion and sorta forgot about it.

Now though I'm falling head over heels for it once more and trying to find my own style. :) At first though I was afraid to experiment and how people would react to it. Because I very much lean on being on the safe-casual side, but after reading your entry about not minding being laughed at, I promised myself that from now on I won't mind what others think of what I wear as long as I know I'm happy, confident and different from others. It's simply ME. :) Like you said, being different is liberating. Also I think that fashion doesn't mean having to only wear what's IN or what's nice to look at. It can be anything. (fashion is fickle and so are we!) It's never a bad thing to try out something new and that's what I'm trying to embrace right now. :)

Thank you so much, Abbie for being a great role model to us girls who are afraid to try and strive in the name of fashion. :) Just continue being YOU. *HUGS*

It's AVES btw, Abbie!:)


Aves! I think its sweet of you to join, we've been virtual friends for a long time! We're definitely still going to meet, regardless! It IS such a liberating experience, and you feel like no one can take this newfound confidence away. I mean, even if people like it, or don't notice it at all, you won't really care because its all you. Don't you love it? It gives you even more freedom to explore and try things, whether old or new trends. Its amazing. Its like you don't have a rule to follow, you make your own, you start from scratch. Its amazing! I'm so glad you found that :) Inspiration is definitely everywhere and be proud of the new things you discover everyday, you'll never know, it could be a trend tomorrow! I love you, Ava! HUGS HUGS HUGS! x


Dressing up has always been the highlight of my entire existence. When I was a little kid, my style was very boyish because I have an older brother and I looked up to him. As I was growing up, I let my mom buy clothes for me and it was just too plain and simple. When I was around 14 years old I started reading and buying magazines. I only bought the local ones (Candy, Seventeen, Meg, Chalk) but it gave me the inspiration for my everyday style. The thing is, I am not the type of girl who has a single or distinct style. Everyday is a different style for me. Clothes are a form of expression for me. I'll be in all black if I'm feeling down and If I'm all hyped up I'll be wearing a very colorful ensemble. That is how I use clothes and colors to express what I feel.

Now that I am 20 I no longer rely on magazines alone. Real people that I get to meet each and everyday gives me an idea on how to style myself. Not only with clothes but also with make up and hair.

Hi Chel! People you come across, whether online or IRL are almost always the best inspirations cos their vibe sort of gives it away. And I'm the same with how I dress, too. I think its hard that I don't have a particular style to stick to, or something that I could call "my signature style". I'm a chameleon myself which I think makes dressing up even more interesting, cos you're just so versatile with dressing up. And I like that I tend to make mistakes too because by then, I'd be able to differentiate what I really like and don't. Amazing! Good to know that there are so many girls out there who get me. Let's keep doing what we're doing, and soon others will see it for themselves, if you know what I mean, and maybe, just maybe - they'd respect our individuality more, not necessarily appreciate or understand it. Hee! x

Laurice Sta. Maria

I am glad I decided not to ignore a feature just this once.

Browsing through her haven of thoughts seems so smooth and easy to relate to. When she says something, it actually makes sense and she never fails to stand for what she believes in. She interacts, and I see that she always manages to make friends with the people she gets to talk to.

Her blog isn't just about style, it's about herself as well. It's nice to read something at the end of the day when you can actually feel what she's saying.

To you, Ms. Abbie, I'm getting the good vibes. :) I may not be a fashionista or anything, but I most certainly am a fan of creative people. And you don't try too hard to be one, you just be yourself. Kudos!

This one really touched me too. I feel so blessed because there are people in the intarwebs, people like you - who get me. And that doesn't come a lot. Oftentimes, I get bullied or looked down on. If you look at it logically, it really is easy to judge someone you don't know but people don't see the irrational thing behind that. Thank you for appreciating me, I am so grateful. God bless you sweetie! Thank you for inspiring me. x

I thank God for giving me people like you, and even if we've known each other virtually, maybe for a brief 5 minutes, months or years - thank you so much for being a part of my blogging life - actually, my life. Your messages mean a lot to me and I will cherish them forever. Thank you for inspiring me. As cheesy as this sounds, one of the reasons why I'm still blogging stuff on the intarwebs (since 2003, even if I didn't have very much readers then - mostly haters) up to this day. You guys have been amazing.

I love you guys. God bless!


  1. Wow! I feel like a winner with this one, Abbie!!! Thanks for this... Maybe we could have a meet-up, all of us girls when Abbie flies back home... Yey!!!

    Bea, congrats!!!


  2. Ang sweet mo abbie for replying to all comments / contest entries :)Sobrang you are worth looking up to. :)

  3. really sweet, abbie!!:) ana and i can't wait for our red mango bonding time!!

  4. i can so relate with those glaring looks of "what the heck are you wearing?"..i am fed up with the usual tshirt and jeans combo.. other people should break away from the norm and accept a new change.

  5. It comes as no surprise at all that many love you, online or off! :)