Wo, Architecto! (And Other Amazing Goodies)

Thanks to my bestfriend Nof, who is itching to take up Architecture, she showed me this awesome website that houses some of the most awesome ideas - a few of them have not been brought to life yet, but hopefully they will! I couldn't help but let my jaw drop everytime I come across something amazing.

Here are a few stuff I found interesting and would like to share with you. Credits to the people behind Yanko Design, as well as its genius inventors. You don't know this about me, but I aspired to be an inventor (as well as a scientist) when I was young, so I'm actually into these things because they just blow my mind - it also inspires me to come up with something awesome and useful and clever someday. Sheer brilliance! There are so many amazing people all over the world, God bless the internet for giving us the chance to be inspired anytime we want to.

I probably got this from my Mom, because she loves to hammer things, drill walls and stuff. She's pretty hardcore. I remember coming home to her on top of a ladder countless of times. If only I had the space, I'd probably end up to be just as awesome as she is (also like Alodia Gosiengfiao).

The Nail hammer allows you to store several nails in the hammer's handle. Finally, these days are over :

Step 1 : Take a crackload of nails and store it somewhere...anywhere within reach.
Step 2 : Form "I'ma nail the heck out of you, wall!" position
Step 3 : Take one nail, position onto wall
Step 4 : Make sure hands will not end up as nails
Step 5 : Put game face on
Step 6 : Grab another nail
Step 7 : Oh no, nails fall down from wherever they are within reach!
Step 8 : Get down from ladder (if you are in one) / Pick them up, repeat Step 1

Awesome, right? I want to have one. I guess all these slips that happen during hammering add up to the experience (also sense of fulfillment) but who wouldn't want to have a smooth relationship with a hammer? ... Or nails, for this matter?

Another thing my Mother taught me was to use everything down to its last drop / scoop / etc. Toothpaste finished? Cut the plastic in half, it lasts for about 2-3 days. Shampoo and Conditioner bottles empty? Fill it with water and shake, it lasts for about a day or two. The tiniest piece of soap bar left? Stick it to your new one. Now this thing makes it easier!

How clever. I'd love to have one. My Mom would've been really psyched to own several of these.

This one's pretty and the same time, multi-functional. I love how it makes you feel like you're in your own personal space. I used to gather unused curtains and cover it around a medium-sized side table and fill it with loads of different things. Color pencils, my stuffed toys, my journal, so many things (even the ones that aren't really necessary, but I guess when you want to build your own world, everything else is a necessity... even punchers end up in there). And as I grew older, I still wanted to have something like that, a personal space, that makes me feel like I'm safe, that I can do anything, or be anything.

I'm not sure if it has the same effect on you, but seeing this initially gave me that feeling. Its reliving your childhood days with style.

How pretty is this? Do you agree that nothing really beats being close to nature when deciding on where to raise a family? I mean, the City is awesome but living in the country with a place like this, wow. Its true when they say that you feel closer to God when you're surrounded by the things He created. Especially in a scenery like this! Trees, grass, the wind...

Surely Mother Earth is raising two very huge thumbs up for you. When God blesses me with enough munniez to build one, I'ma build one. Well not with my bare hands, but I'm going to hire someone of course.

Because almost all the good ones are actually the biggest things occupying any desk, seriously. PERIOD.

Because when you're skiing (or doing whatever activity your eyes need protection from), don't lessen the fun by worrying what time it is, where the hell you are, wondering what the temperature is and all that. These things are just one button away.

Its got 3-Dimensional polarized and photochromic lens! Wawaweewa! I don't ski but it would be nice to own one to use when you're out camping, like maybe in Mount Everest.

Ideal for releasing / promoting a single, you can play it on a turntable, but this thing also disassembles into a CD, a USB, and you can detach the paper which contains the iTunes music code for downloading.

Maybe you could even write four singles, one on each type to make owning one even more exciting. Haha! I'M SO AMUSED I CAN'T EVEN

Isn't bath time one of the most essential parts of the day? I know that my day isn't complete if I haven't spent a good 30-50 minutes in the bath (this usually happens at night). In or out of the tub, it doesn't really matter (although I'm a huge fan of bubble baths, especially with my husband! Its so romantic and intimate, I can't not love it).

Check out this baby. It elevates for people to "walk out of it" (not get out of it) easily. Its slip-free since the flooring at the end of the tub mimics the beach shore!

What an extravagant way to enjoy bath time. Me likey.

I have one thought on this : Its too cute, it makes blood donation less stressful.

I love the "THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP" note in the side! Also, that the bag is covered in opaque white paper-like material? How adorable is this! It looks so chic! Not gory at all. The sight of it doesn't make me feel like passing out. I hope this doesn't cost too much for us to avail. Now who wouldn't like to give something from the heart (literally) in style? Must Anna Wintour approve?

THIS IS THE DREAM! Its like something we've always imagined, and in some ways thought to be possible, but now that the idea's almost brought to life...Well I can't help but wish I could own one someday. I remember watching Nicole Scherzinger's "Baby Love" video and that just made me remember my dream of living by the sea somehow. But this yacht, however...

Saying this in Rachel Zoe fashion, I DIE. Because this thing is buh-na-nas. If you weren't blown away then there's something wrong with you. Or maybe its that I'm pretty easy to please (yeah, like owning a Yacht like this won't make anyone completely blissed out).

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I think I'm gonna doing more of these again. This was fun blogging about! Who knows, I might come up with something one day and make it happen! Did you ever want to invent / design anything when you were younger?


  1. WOOOOW! the jacuzzi, i love! I wish i can have that someday... haha
    the blood pack thingo... it reminds me of the stuff i'm doing now. X.X hehe either we're making something out of nothing or redesigning the package... hehe

    nice blog, abbie! <3

  2. These are amazing stuff! I love the table one and the printer mainly because it's what my lifestyle needs. The Stay Grounded House Project is pretty nice too!

    Btw, I love your header! It's like meant for an ad or something. Very pretty model too ;)

    sPam of frou-frou

  3. My mother is the man! She does carpentry stuff too. And she's also very resourceful. That frugal soap bit, I can totally relate!

    When I was young I wanted to invent a dream recorder just to re-watch the dreams I had had in video form. I think I still do. Hihi.