Who da Manny?

(photo by Mike Stone / Reuters)

And then there was Manny. Oh, awesome Manny. Manny, Manny, Manny, must be funny (actually, no).

Let me start with this : I love how Manny Pacquiao always puts God first. Seriously, I almost cry when I watch his interviews he does and he mentions "God". But putting sappy me aside, this is his 8th victory. 8 Victories in 8 different divisions. How awesome is that? Celebs like Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki (who made my day upon reading his "Pacquiouuuu" tweet, haha!), Alyssa Milano have been tweeting about the fight (or simply saying "PACQUIAO!", among other one-liners). I love that my friend Mads tweeted saying that Manny was playing PVZ before his fight according to a radio station (how adorbz. I miss playing PVZ now). This tweet by my friend Tatin made me lulz too.

I wish I had a Who da Manny shirt. This is what Tatin was referring to, btw (had to look for the ep on my HD so I could get a screencap) :

Oh and that girl next to him is Sofia Vergara (irl). Back off, she's mine.

I haven't seen the fight yet so I can barely comment on anything except for "WOW, MARGARITO'S FACE" which goes with a "that man, what a pity" expression, and from the articles I've read online, Pacquiao, being the sweet man that he is, had this look on his face pleading for the fight to stop because Margarito was such in a bad shape at the 10th round. Bless him. Bless him, bless him, bless him (hey, remember that time when Pacquiao even helped his opponent get up? What fight was that? I forgot). My bestfriend Nof also shared this article with me by the NYTimes. Also, check out this almost detailed write-up on the fight by CNN's Chris Mannix.

I'm not gonna say anything about Mayweather. God bless him for everything he said . He did apologize though, as you can see here. I have nothing to say about that either.

Margarito was pretty strong, I haven't seen Manny looking this beat-up before. But I love the optimism he manages to have, in spite of everything he went through and the things thrown at him.

As for me, we have to be and feel proud that we're Filipinos. Everyday. There's just so much we can offer, and I hope the world doesn't just see that because of Manny's victory, or Charice Pempengco. I look at them and I can't help but feel smug because they have a part of me that the whole world sees and looks up to, but then again, as much as I love them, they're supposed to encourage us Filipinos to see that we actually do have something amazing - in our blood, our motherland. Most importantly, in us - because we mostly forget.

We all have something to be proud of, and we celebrate this day not just because o Pacquiao's victory, but because a boxing match like this can bring the entire world together, where we forget our differences, and support each other.

World peace, yo!


If it was possible, then I've lived a thousand lives at 24

Old, New, Documentaries, RomComs, you name it. Here are a list of movies (with their respective trailers) I am itching to seed and feast my eyes on. And well, because obviously I don't want to base anything on trailers alone, I'm giving you mostly superficial reasons why I want to watch them. Ha!

All Good Things

This one really struck me because its based on a true story, and unsolved mysteries blow my mind. Also, as much as I love Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling, what joy would it be to see Kristen Wiig (who is definitely my favorite SNL cast member) serious? She was pretty serious in Whip It but this is srzbznz.

No Strings Attached

How cute is Natalie Portman in this trailer. They make a cute couple!


Might be so-so, but it has Vanessa Hudgens.

Daydream Nation

If you read my blog you'd know how much of a sucker I am for Kat Dennings.


WHY NO ARR! COPIES ON THE INTARWEBZ WHYYYYY. Also, I don't think this really is a trailer, its one of the scenes.

Black Swan

You can tell how much I'm into Nat Portman. Looks like an interesting thriller to watch! And Mila Kunis!

127 Hours

The moment I read JAMES FRANCO, that was it. Based on true events (actually on the life of Aron Ralstoy who survived after getting stuck in one of the canyons while solo-adventuring in Utah. Amazing stuff.)


This I've blogged about in Tumblr before. Another Sofia Coppola baby I can't wait to see.


One word : AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to read it first.

Never Let Me Go

Hauntingly traumatizing, dragging dramas? I am so in.

Love and Other Drugs

I think its nice to see Jake and Anne reunite on the big screen! They look adorbz together.

The Romantics

I'm only watching this because its star studded. Loljk. Okay its partly true.

Is there anything else you'd like to recommend that I watch? Actually make that "we", because my husband and I love to stay in and watch one movie after the other. Also, if seeding ARR!s was a hobby, then its top 2 on my list.



My fourth vlog entry. Apparently I sing my way through words sometimes. I'm one silly girl and you should know that by now. Its also on my YouTube channel.

FOUR from Abbie Almasco-Bautista on Vimeo.

Just couldn't help myself making that more apparent.


Sheer Genius

Some call it classy, some call it trashy. Whatever side you're on, I am absolutely into sheer. There's a certain touch of rock and roll to it. Rebellious, but poised. Only the brave can get away with most pieces. You could be showing off too much, but still leave some for Mister Mister Imagination to enjoy his afternoons by the porch with his legs crossed and a cigarette pipe on his right hand.

Sheer has been around since last year, first making its appearance on awesome fashionphiles through negligees and stockings, bustiers and socks. Nude, black - sheer in every hue would certainly turn heads. It makes you feel like a girl, and it also makes you feel like a woman.

These fabrics are so versatile. Depending on the accessories and the clothes you pair them with, you could go boho, boho rock, daytime, night time, yes, yes, yes, and yes, that too!

Some of these photos have been on the intarwebs in a while but still worth posting. If sheer isn't here to stay for 2011, well it will in my book (this goes for you too, LACE!)



Reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw!

Sheer and Leather = droolage

WAH, sheer maxi dresses, I want!

How can you not love Anna Dello Russo?

Call me weird but Natalia Vodianova pulled this off.


Who can forget Leighleigh in that dress? I certainly won't.

I love this top on Lily Allen!

You must know that Olivia Wilde is one of my girlcrushes.

...and so is this dress.

Basic Sheer Tops, I LOVE YOU.

(photos from Popbee and F'nising)

Aren't you feeling sheer bliss (lol) that sheer will be on until next year? Its a type of fabric you should invest on. Although you can't really compare them with the must have fabric (must I still mention this - ) which is CHANEL TWEED? In my book (I don't know why I keep saying 'my book'), it is a type of fabric. Because I think we should all have a Chanel Tweedytweed Suit in our closets. I know I'll be getting one when I can!



Featured Fashionista : Dominique Tiu

Dominique is one of the most unique people I've ever come across on the intarwebs. Although inspired by many things, you know this girl's definitely original (I just love her blog. I love it. I love it so much!) I found out about her through LookBook 2 years ago, but her style alone does not give justice to just how awesome she is.

One of the things I love about Dominique is that you know she dresses up for herself, and not for the hype. I love how she doesn't really just focus on Fashion, she blogs about her daily life - even posting how her imperfections make up the person that she is, in a very positive way. I think we need more girls like her who don't just show off how "perfect" they appear to their audience. Because the reality is, there are so many things we could hate about ourselves - but we are blessed with it, in a very ironic way, so why not embrace them instead?

She's also one of the most humble and sincere people I've met, even if its just online (for now). Its like she's totally unaware of her awesomeness (which is always good). Okay, I sound like I'm fangirling. Well actually, I am. I can't really feature anyone I'm not a fan of.

Oh, and you know what else I'm sure of? It won't take long before she gets there. Girl's got a good head on her shoulders!

P.S. - Don't you love how unique her eurasian features are? She looks like a porcelain doll!

1.) Place of Birth
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

2.) What are your inspirations (fashion-wise?)
Wow! A lot, actually! Models inspire me, celebrities also, fashion magazines? Always. I also tune into blogs--everyone's style has a story to tell. Where you are from, what you do, who you are, inadvertently affect the way you see fashion. That's why I got into blogging--apart from sharing the products of my self-expression, it's also beneficial to interact with other people from all walks of life. Anyway, apart from that, a couple of seemingly unrelated things also inspire me--like music! I am a huge fan of alternative, vintage, and folk rock and sometimes, I dress myself in the era of the music that's playing on my iPod. The same thing applies for television shows, movies, a piece of furniture, and whatnot--if it is peculiarand interesting then it will inspire me somehow.

3.) Do you usually plan what to wear, or do you dress spontaneously?
Sometimes, yes! There are times when I see something on a store window that I really like and my inner-mind theatre starts pairing up clothes from my closet to see if it'll potentially look good on me (or if I can find a use for it). Though the method isn't fool-proof, it goes to show that I do plan what I wear. Sometimes, I dress spontaneously, in the event that what I planned previously turns out to be somewhat a disaster, I have to get inspired to dress up in a short time. Most of the times, however, I settle for what's comfortable without having to sacrifice my style.

4.) Your other interests aside from Fashion?
I like to write but it's something, I think, that supports my love for Fashion. I like marketing things, I like the arts, I like music, I like films, I like sports, I like traveling, and fashion is too broad a scope for it to be apart from my other interests.

5.) Who / What influenced you most with your love for Fashion?
Everyone around me served as an apt inspiration. My mother was fashionable when I was a child, my father supported my mother's fashion-sense by buying her the trendiest pieces, my stepmother was pretty stylish too, my grandmother, aunt, and most of my friends. I mean, they all have such different styles so I got a bit of each one and was able to integrate it with mine.

6.) What was one insecurity you always had about yourself, and what did you do to overcome it?
Haha, I've always been the fat kid! I was super overweight in High School, at 150 lbs but somehow, on my last year, I shed around 60 and got to a super unhealthy state. Right now, I've plateaued to somewhere between 110 to 120 and I'm okay with it, I mean, there are days when I want to be taller or skinnier but no one's perfect and I can live with that.

7.) What's one item that every girl must have in their closets?
... the closet? Haha, I really can't choose. It's like gestalt--the whole is a sum of all its pieces or something. Sorry, psychology subject fail but things come into harmony as a whole when small things come together and compliment one another.

8.) Other people find it so hard to express themselves through Fashion, what advise would you give to encourage them if they want their mood/personality speak through their clothes?
Fashion shouldn't be hard and fashion shouldn't dictate you in any way other than the sensible things. Trends are perks, basic guides too, but when it comes down to it, wear what you want and be confident.

9.) What inspired you to come up with Konichiwear?
I've been writing blogs since I was in college, to let out some steam when I'm frustrated. Later on, I gained an audience--sometimes, they weren't always to my favour but they helped me grow. I opened a fashion blog (www.wardropedia.blogspot.com) and talked about general fashion until I decided to close it down due to the lack of direction. Early this year, I decided that I wanted to resume writing but this time, with direction, and I figured I liked Asian Fashion, it pretty much encapsulates my current inspiration, and let's face it, I'm Asian, hence Konichiwear (Konichiwa! + fashion increments = awe-sum). I try to post my style, talk about style in general as well, and add a few things here and there. It's still a baby, it's barely 3 months old but it's slowly piecing itself together.

Check out Dominique's BLOG / LOOKBOOK /CHICTOPIA / TWITTER account/s for your daily dose of awesomeness!



When I read a comment on one of my blog posts from the genius people behind Fashion Jinx telling me they wanted to feature me on their blog, I couldn't believe it. You should've seen the look on my face. I hurriedly sent them an e-mail and they replied with the questions! SO AMAZING!

I feel so honored to be part of this site. Thank you so much, Fashion Jinx!!
Check out the entire feature here!

You've got to follow them, there's just so many amazing people on the internet we have yet to discover and be inspired from. Obviously, fashionphiles are capable of many other things, you know?

Thanks to Fashion Jinx readers who left comments on the feature. So far there's three, but these three equal to three hundred to me. Thank you so, so, so much!

P.S. - Two of my favorite girls Christine and Camille Luang of Big Bangs Theory have recently been featured too! It didn't come as a surprise as these girls are definitely worth featuring! Which is why I'll be doing that myself. Just don't hold your breath. Ha!


Trends : Clear Boots


Cheap Monday's Thigh High Boots

Ankle Boots

When I saw it, I was like "????" seconds later, I went "!!!!" They're adorably clever. I know they appear weird to some, and it they're quite an odd-looking pair but only the brave can work them (that's for sure).

Remember those clear shoes that Rachel Leigh Cook wore in Josie and the Pussycats? I can't find a photo online, meh. But so pretty! Considering the weather in the Philippines? ME LIKEY. WANT WANT WANT WANT.

Thoughts? I LOVE THEM! You?

(photos by Stockholm Street Style)


Russian Envy

Thought of trying something new, and since I'm still very much into Scott Pilgrim, thought I'd use some of the comic pages as my background.

All photos by Andrew Bautista / Post-processing by Abbie Almasco-Bautista (with a little help from my husband, too).

(Russian Hat from H&M / Satin Leotards from my Mom's closet / Denim Hotpants from Topshop / Thigh-high Socks from Cool Cat)

Check out the PS fail on this one. MEH.

I know there's a bit of PS fail here but anyway - I love how it looks! Maybe I'll get better at this later. I'd love to pull of a Helga (Hi, Wifey!) and put awesome dinosaurs in the background. Or maybe zombies. Heck yes.

P.S. I've wanted a Russian Hat / Russian Earflap Hat for eons and eons and eons now, so thank God because my bestfriend Nofafafafa saw this on one of the racks in H&M. Woohoo!



So. Yes.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. I asked my friends from Topshop in the Middle East because I was about to order a few clothes from the UK store, that didn't push through so I'm not sure HOW I'M SUPPOSED TO END UP WITH THESE GOODIES. &%#*@(&% FUDGE DARN IT!

Option 1. Buy them using a friend's credit card (because mine hasn't arrived yet) and have them delivered to a friend in the UK/US to have it shipped to the Middle East (which I will pay for, of course)

Option 2. Have a friend in the US/UK buy them and have them shipped to the Middle East (which I will also pay for, of course).

Option 3. Order them from any Topshop branch in the Middle East directly.

I already e-mailed Topshop UK and I'm just waiting for their reply. They don't ship directly to the Philippines either. Also, I'm a bit worried on how much the shipping is gonna cost but these babies aren't a kilo heavy, I'm sure!

If you're willing to help me, HELP ME! Haha! Let me know. Leave a comment or send me an e-mail (abbie_almascoATyahoo). THIS IS URGENT!!! Seriously! HELP! /boohoo/