So. Yes.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to work. I asked my friends from Topshop in the Middle East because I was about to order a few clothes from the UK store, that didn't push through so I'm not sure HOW I'M SUPPOSED TO END UP WITH THESE GOODIES. &%#*@(&% FUDGE DARN IT!

Option 1. Buy them using a friend's credit card (because mine hasn't arrived yet) and have them delivered to a friend in the UK/US to have it shipped to the Middle East (which I will pay for, of course)

Option 2. Have a friend in the US/UK buy them and have them shipped to the Middle East (which I will also pay for, of course).

Option 3. Order them from any Topshop branch in the Middle East directly.

I already e-mailed Topshop UK and I'm just waiting for their reply. They don't ship directly to the Philippines either. Also, I'm a bit worried on how much the shipping is gonna cost but these babies aren't a kilo heavy, I'm sure!

If you're willing to help me, HELP ME! Haha! Let me know. Leave a comment or send me an e-mail (abbie_almascoATyahoo). THIS IS URGENT!!! Seriously! HELP! /boohoo/


  1. i'm sorry i don't know much about any online purchases.. i don't tend to buy online coz i dont have a credit card yet. id go with option 1. :D

  2. Hi Ching, thanks for leaving a comment! Hee! :) Actually, its torture having to wait for a response from the Topshop branch here in the MidEast but I've got to be patient and I've to pray hard that the ones that I want are still in stock! Haha! Thanks again! :)