Russian Envy

Thought of trying something new, and since I'm still very much into Scott Pilgrim, thought I'd use some of the comic pages as my background.

All photos by Andrew Bautista / Post-processing by Abbie Almasco-Bautista (with a little help from my husband, too).

(Russian Hat from H&M / Satin Leotards from my Mom's closet / Denim Hotpants from Topshop / Thigh-high Socks from Cool Cat)

Check out the PS fail on this one. MEH.

I know there's a bit of PS fail here but anyway - I love how it looks! Maybe I'll get better at this later. I'd love to pull of a Helga (Hi, Wifey!) and put awesome dinosaurs in the background. Or maybe zombies. Heck yes.

P.S. I've wanted a Russian Hat / Russian Earflap Hat for eons and eons and eons now, so thank God because my bestfriend Nofafafafa saw this on one of the racks in H&M. Woohoo!


  1. Lovely shots! Thumbs up, Drew!
    And the model??? Uhm, simply stunning.
    -Cath =)

  2. Cath, thank you so much gorgeous!! Heehee! :D