Sheer Genius

Some call it classy, some call it trashy. Whatever side you're on, I am absolutely into sheer. There's a certain touch of rock and roll to it. Rebellious, but poised. Only the brave can get away with most pieces. You could be showing off too much, but still leave some for Mister Mister Imagination to enjoy his afternoons by the porch with his legs crossed and a cigarette pipe on his right hand.

Sheer has been around since last year, first making its appearance on awesome fashionphiles through negligees and stockings, bustiers and socks. Nude, black - sheer in every hue would certainly turn heads. It makes you feel like a girl, and it also makes you feel like a woman.

These fabrics are so versatile. Depending on the accessories and the clothes you pair them with, you could go boho, boho rock, daytime, night time, yes, yes, yes, and yes, that too!

Some of these photos have been on the intarwebs in a while but still worth posting. If sheer isn't here to stay for 2011, well it will in my book (this goes for you too, LACE!)



Reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw!

Sheer and Leather = droolage

WAH, sheer maxi dresses, I want!

How can you not love Anna Dello Russo?

Call me weird but Natalia Vodianova pulled this off.


Who can forget Leighleigh in that dress? I certainly won't.

I love this top on Lily Allen!

You must know that Olivia Wilde is one of my girlcrushes.

...and so is this dress.

Basic Sheer Tops, I LOVE YOU.

(photos from Popbee and F'nising)

Aren't you feeling sheer bliss (lol) that sheer will be on until next year? Its a type of fabric you should invest on. Although you can't really compare them with the must have fabric (must I still mention this - ) which is CHANEL TWEED? In my book (I don't know why I keep saying 'my book'), it is a type of fabric. Because I think we should all have a Chanel Tweedytweed Suit in our closets. I know I'll be getting one when I can!



  1. I love this post!!! All the pictures are hot and nice!

  2. I love this!!

  3. They are all gorgeous. My favorite is Olivia Wilde :) I like how she carry her attire.

  4. Only for the brave! Hahaha I love sheer but I still have to burn a lot to be able to wear them. :) The 9th photo's my favorite!