Wild for Wildfox

My friends know just how obsessed I am with Marie Antoinette. They also know how much I love Wildfox Couture.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise knowing that I jizzed I saw Wildfox's jaw-dropping Spring 2011 LookBook.

To say that this is epic doesn't do it justice. I want to do a similar shoot myself. THIS IS TOTALLY GOING IN MY "PEGS" FOLDER! DARN IT! FUDGER!

Kimberley and Emily of Wildfox, I FRICKIN' LOVE YOU GIRLS!

P.S. Stopped myself from spending $65.00 on a shirt from Wildfox today. If its still in my head by tomorrow, I am so getting it and having it shipped to my brother.

P.P.S. Special Holiday post coming up, don't hold your breath!


Kate Moss for Topshop : A Tribute of Sorts

I've been an avid follower of Kate's Topshop Collection since her initial launching in 2007. Sadly I don't own at least one piece for every collection, but I was gladly able to snag a few.

She just launched her final collection for Topshop today (I'm typing this on the 2nd of November and I'm not quite sure when I'm publishing this, meh), and this makes me really sad which is why I'm working my ass off to get my hands on some goodies because God knows they run out easily. This also explains that panic entry (which I also published today, meaning the 2nd of November).

I don't want to say this, but Kate Moss is an icon, in so many ways. UGH, t just makes this post even more cliche considering the hundreds of girls already blogging about this.

All photos (and post-processing) by Andrew Bautista

Iconic Kate Moss for Topshop Tee
Turban, High Waisted Shorts, Boots from Topshop

Iconic Kate Moss for Topshop Tee
Turban, Jeans, Fringed Uggs from Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop Vest Tank
Turban, Denims, Shoes from Topshop

Iconic Kate Moss for TopshopTee
Turban, High Waisted Shorts, Boots from Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop Hotpants
Turban, Top, Shoes from Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop Hotpants
Turban, Top, Necklace, Fringed Uggs from Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop Tea Dress
Turban and Boots from Topshop

I'll tell you a funny story about this dress : Everyone in KSA knows that the Kate Moss collection for Topshop is only available in selected countries in the Middle East, so I contacted people I knew from Topshop here, to ask about the best possible way for me to get my hands on Kate's final mainline collection for Topshop. I e-mailed the UK branch (and they replied, but shipping to my current location isn't possible atm), so my only chance was to phone the Topshop Manager in Red Sea Mall, where he "took me as far as he could", which is Topshop Kuwait. I rang them a number of times, and finally we exchanged e-mails, we've been corresponding to each other like crazy. I sent them photos, they sent me photos, it was amazing and I couldn't feel more blessed because they were so patient with me and very, very, very kind.

If you're in Kuwait and you're reading this, you guys are lucky for having the best salespeople at Topshop Avenues. Seriously. Those girls were unbelievably amazing (to my friends working in Topshop Red Sea and Hera'a, I love you guys still. You've always been the best to me. Haha!) So thank you.

Last but not the least, I'd like to give a shout-out to my friend Basil who helped me with picking up my dress (and lipstick) from Topshop Avenues in Kuwait, and shipping it to me FOR FREE! (Basil and I have been close friends since college and he's one of the few who I really keep in touch with, because everyone else is so bizaack). Also to my Husband who's been VERY patient with me, coming with me to the nearest money transfer office. My husband. On most days he just likes to spoil me and it's not helping. But I love him for it. Ha!

So let's cheers to me spending about PHP10,000 for this dress (plus shipping) alone. How awesome. Hoorah!

Imagine how psyched I was to see this dress on Looklet! I made this look too, by the way. Just how I'd wear it.

Check it out here.

This was published in my Multiply account only minutes after I found out back in 2007 . You can imagine how psyched I was!

Check out my jologs photos taken as soon as I got my Kate Moss for Topshop goodies years ago!






I guess no words can sum up how much I love Kate Moss, and how much I love Topshop. When I get to London, I'll head to Oxford Circus and kiss the ground the Topshop flagship stands on. Just like how I once said I'd be licking the dust off Marie Antoinette's bed in Versailles one day. Just thinking about that day makes me cry.



I love you, AnaGon!

Ana Gonzales (a.k.a. Miss Awesome), who is behind ANAGON, featured me on her blog! Ana and I were blessed enough to meet back in May of this year. My little sister, Chesca and I modeled for her latest collection at the time. I still haven't blogged about how awesome that day was, because I'm doing a feature of my favorite online stores, and of course Anagon is a part of it (just give me time though because I suck at time management, and I'm not even done with Season 1 of my Featured Fashionistas, and I already have a handful of names lined up for my 2nd). Ana also blogs here (and I think her blog's name is really cute!). When she asked me to do a sign, I initially thought it was for her blogazine and of course I was game (it just took me eons to get it done, of course. What's new), so when she told me there was a feature, I was psyched! And today I found out I was her first Featured Fashionista! I feel so blessed!

Its such an honor to be featured by someone like Ana. I mean, out of all the amazing girls she's met and rubbed elbows with. Wow.

Check out the screencap below :

Read the entire entry here!

Eee! Thank you so much, Ana! I can't wait to hang out with you and Ches again, I miss you both so much! Please don't hold your breath but I am definitely featuring you, woman!

And if you're reading this entry and haven't seen Ana's work (which I doubt because she gets featured in magazines a lot, and her stuff is mostly used in magazine spreads and owned by famous fashionistas), check out Anagon Collection's Multiply page and go shop! Follow her blog as well!

Oh happy, happy day. I told Ana that initially, I was depressed first thing in the morning after finding out that my loves Zac and Vanessa broke up. I was so devastated. So many interesting things happened on Tuesday. Goodness. But more on that later.

I love you, Ana Gonzales!


Trigger Happy

Borrowed my boss' DSLR for a day and snapped away! I like how Canon doesn't require so much effort to make photos look so clear. But then again, I'm still a Nikon girl. Just took random things around our room.

I really, really, really love my bag. I think its one of the prettiest ones I own.
If you haven't seen my "What's in my Bag" vlog entry, well...get going! Ha!
I got this from River Island. It was the last piece!

How can you not love Chanel's Nail Lacquers?
The turquoise-ish shade is called Nouvelle Vague and has been released a few seasons ago but when I saw photos of it on the intarwebs, I couldn't stop thinking about it. The funny thing is, I was on my way to get groceries with Andrew when I spotted it from the window of the store like 30 meters away! I was so happy.

Since only my contacts in Multiply can view my albums, you have to know that about two years ago, I painted my mirror frame and stuck cow-print wallpaper on the body (which is like a huge chest), I rearranged and sort of "renovated" my room - it was my sort of my project when I was jobless, ha! I place my magazines and other kikay stuff on top of it.

Saree for the dirty mirror!

I got those bangles from New Look. So pretty!

When my Ninang Daisy and I went to Café Céramique, I chose to paint on this Unicorn embossed Jewelry Box. So adorable.

Because my Mom wanted to put my name in almost every paper, every arts and crafts activities done with her students, I figured it was my turn to paint her name.

I guess its safe to say that I love Nail Lacquers?

And accessories?
I love earrings and necklaces the most. Sometimes rings, too. But earrings and necklaces!

I got these pretty flats from Zara, which I now call my "everyday shoes" because I really do wear them everyday. They're not your typical flats cos its made out of cow leather (see here!). What a painful way to find out about this. KMN.

My two new favorite lippies from Lancome and Topshop.

The detail of my Kate Moss dress. Love.

This is one side of my closet, where most of my dresses are hanging.

Jackets and Blazers and Polos on one side.

Whenever I shop at Topshop, its been a tradition of mine to ask the salesmen to include the hangers. I learned this from my Mom. Ha!

A photo of me and my cousin, Gee on my closet door.

I love my Skull phone.

One of you asked me (in Formspring) to give a tour of my room, but like I said - its usually described in one word, which is CHAOS. I would love to, though. Especially when I get my hands on a HD video recorder! Dang.


What's in my Bag (ver.2010)

I uploaded this in my Vimeo account as well but I guess something happened? Ha! I'm gonna upload it again tomorrow. Anyway, here it is! Finally. Meh.


Paper, Paper

Its like hitting a bird with two stones given that its one of my favorite Bone Thugs and Harmony songs back in high school. Its also our village's 10th year anniversary, which was held on the 9th of December. One of the reasons why I haven't been blogging much is because we had to prepare for it and I was a bit stressed out. I only had 4 hours of sleep in 2 days.

Remember how I said we had a Hollywood themed party? That was one of the parties we were supposed to host on the same day (we had a lot going on - a marathon event in the morning, a bazaar, a live band, awesome dancers, Santa, mini-games, and a lot of other attractions). We moved the party downstairs but as soon as we finished setting up, there was a really strong sandstorm, which was followed by rain. Wasn't able to take photos of those (just the aftermath) because we were in one of the villas, changing. I was originally in my pretty everyday leopard flats but they started to hurt my feet so I thought, "what the fudge" and decided to change into flippy-floppies. Then we all decided not to wear our dresses. It was for the best.

*To respect the privacy of our Residents, I'll barely upload their photos in this post. I used my boss' Canon EOS 450D. Other photos are with my husband, he practically covered the whole event. I took photos for back-up.

See? This was after it rained and almost all our outdoor decorations were ruined.

This is my best friend, Nof.
Lotto was one of our sponsors. Thank you, Lotto!

Nof took these shots of me! Hee!

Check out my flippy-floppies. Total mismatch! But honestly I'm still the girl who chooses comfort over style sometimes. Besides, it was raining. I had a pair of Leopard flats
from Bayo back in college, which were practically my everyday shoes too,
but the rain ruined it!

It screams for a Marie Antoinette moment!
Also, see Sushi-like chocolates. GAH.

These chocolates from Voila were to die for. I honestly forgot my name when I had some.
Flavorgasm much.

Café Céramique! I love love love painting on them ceramic items. I tried painting on one with my Ninang, I have yet to post a photo (which was taken last month).
So nice to see the kids enjoy.

One of our residents made all these. My jaw dropped cos they were all too pretty!

These three were my favorite necklaces. I ended up getting the necklace in the middle.
I'm wearing it right now.

Nof got this gorgeous bracelet.

Sinta Clows!
(if you saw the SNL ep hosted by Taylor Lautner, you'd relate)

My husband Andrew packing up after taking Family Portraits with Santa inside the Tent.

The boys of Jeddah Dance Crew!
Who I love so much because they're too awesome (and way too humble) for words!
They're with Nof and Mark (the guy in red), who is a close friend of ours and a really good dancer (he was one of Billy Crawford's dancers and even had the privilege of hanging out with the awesome Maris from Paris of Beat Freaks).

Total fan girl moment for me and Nof. Joseph, too! Hee!

Check out my ghetto fez /fail/
Mrwan / L made me do a shout-out video for the crew.

I wonder when they'll upload it. They're totally toast if they don't.

Mua, Blue, Mrwan and Mark

Probably updating this post with photos my Husband took. The event was hardcore stressful but it was so much fun being a part of it and seeing all the happy children entertained with what we prepared for them.

Sometimes, no matter how difficult things are, at the end its always worth it. To my co-workers, who are now my closest friends, if you ever get to read this - thank you. Ninang D, Nof, Ate Joy, Sheena, Ate Eds, Fatima, to the rest of the Landscaping, Maintenance, IT staff, the artists, the sponsors, the participants, the performers, our Residents, my Boss. THANK YOU.

Here's to more years of success. We deserve this! God bless us all!