I love you, AnaGon!

Ana Gonzales (a.k.a. Miss Awesome), who is behind ANAGON, featured me on her blog! Ana and I were blessed enough to meet back in May of this year. My little sister, Chesca and I modeled for her latest collection at the time. I still haven't blogged about how awesome that day was, because I'm doing a feature of my favorite online stores, and of course Anagon is a part of it (just give me time though because I suck at time management, and I'm not even done with Season 1 of my Featured Fashionistas, and I already have a handful of names lined up for my 2nd). Ana also blogs here (and I think her blog's name is really cute!). When she asked me to do a sign, I initially thought it was for her blogazine and of course I was game (it just took me eons to get it done, of course. What's new), so when she told me there was a feature, I was psyched! And today I found out I was her first Featured Fashionista! I feel so blessed!

Its such an honor to be featured by someone like Ana. I mean, out of all the amazing girls she's met and rubbed elbows with. Wow.

Check out the screencap below :

Read the entire entry here!

Eee! Thank you so much, Ana! I can't wait to hang out with you and Ches again, I miss you both so much! Please don't hold your breath but I am definitely featuring you, woman!

And if you're reading this entry and haven't seen Ana's work (which I doubt because she gets featured in magazines a lot, and her stuff is mostly used in magazine spreads and owned by famous fashionistas), check out Anagon Collection's Multiply page and go shop! Follow her blog as well!

Oh happy, happy day. I told Ana that initially, I was depressed first thing in the morning after finding out that my loves Zac and Vanessa broke up. I was so devastated. So many interesting things happened on Tuesday. Goodness. But more on that later.

I love you, Ana Gonzales!


  1. Such a lovely blog you have here!



  2. Nana, HI! :) I sent you an e-mail asking if I could feature you on your blog! :( Thanks for dropping by again! :)

    Efril, you're so pretty yourself too, missy!!! Thank you!!! :)