Kate Moss for Topshop : A Tribute of Sorts

I've been an avid follower of Kate's Topshop Collection since her initial launching in 2007. Sadly I don't own at least one piece for every collection, but I was gladly able to snag a few.

She just launched her final collection for Topshop today (I'm typing this on the 2nd of November and I'm not quite sure when I'm publishing this, meh), and this makes me really sad which is why I'm working my ass off to get my hands on some goodies because God knows they run out easily. This also explains that panic entry (which I also published today, meaning the 2nd of November).

I don't want to say this, but Kate Moss is an icon, in so many ways. UGH, t just makes this post even more cliche considering the hundreds of girls already blogging about this.

All photos (and post-processing) by Andrew Bautista

Iconic Kate Moss for Topshop Tee
Turban, High Waisted Shorts, Boots from Topshop

Iconic Kate Moss for Topshop Tee
Turban, Jeans, Fringed Uggs from Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop Vest Tank
Turban, Denims, Shoes from Topshop

Iconic Kate Moss for TopshopTee
Turban, High Waisted Shorts, Boots from Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop Hotpants
Turban, Top, Shoes from Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop Hotpants
Turban, Top, Necklace, Fringed Uggs from Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop Tea Dress
Turban and Boots from Topshop

I'll tell you a funny story about this dress : Everyone in KSA knows that the Kate Moss collection for Topshop is only available in selected countries in the Middle East, so I contacted people I knew from Topshop here, to ask about the best possible way for me to get my hands on Kate's final mainline collection for Topshop. I e-mailed the UK branch (and they replied, but shipping to my current location isn't possible atm), so my only chance was to phone the Topshop Manager in Red Sea Mall, where he "took me as far as he could", which is Topshop Kuwait. I rang them a number of times, and finally we exchanged e-mails, we've been corresponding to each other like crazy. I sent them photos, they sent me photos, it was amazing and I couldn't feel more blessed because they were so patient with me and very, very, very kind.

If you're in Kuwait and you're reading this, you guys are lucky for having the best salespeople at Topshop Avenues. Seriously. Those girls were unbelievably amazing (to my friends working in Topshop Red Sea and Hera'a, I love you guys still. You've always been the best to me. Haha!) So thank you.

Last but not the least, I'd like to give a shout-out to my friend Basil who helped me with picking up my dress (and lipstick) from Topshop Avenues in Kuwait, and shipping it to me FOR FREE! (Basil and I have been close friends since college and he's one of the few who I really keep in touch with, because everyone else is so bizaack). Also to my Husband who's been VERY patient with me, coming with me to the nearest money transfer office. My husband. On most days he just likes to spoil me and it's not helping. But I love him for it. Ha!

So let's cheers to me spending about PHP10,000 for this dress (plus shipping) alone. How awesome. Hoorah!

Imagine how psyched I was to see this dress on Looklet! I made this look too, by the way. Just how I'd wear it.

Check it out here.

This was published in my Multiply account only minutes after I found out back in 2007 . You can imagine how psyched I was!

Check out my jologs photos taken as soon as I got my Kate Moss for Topshop goodies years ago!






I guess no words can sum up how much I love Kate Moss, and how much I love Topshop. When I get to London, I'll head to Oxford Circus and kiss the ground the Topshop flagship stands on. Just like how I once said I'd be licking the dust off Marie Antoinette's bed in Versailles one day. Just thinking about that day makes me cry.



  1. I remember how you spazzed about this on Multiply! Haha!

    And yes, Facebook sucks big time. The photos here look superb!

  2. Your brows are bothering. I know you like em strong and bushy but uhm why don't you take a second look. I do not mean this in a bad way but they're really fugly. I mean, I saw some pictures of you wearing that brow and some are okay but this one, it's over done.

  3. Ching, MOSDEF!!! I love her!!

    Jacque, thank you so much!!!

    Melai, thank you, thank you!

    Ish, yes! Hahaha! And srsly what is up with the quality of the pics ending up like that :/

    Anonymous, thanks for paying attention to my brows! :D They're really flattered :)

  4. i super love the turban and the printed hot pants!!!♥ topshop folks over at kuwait seem really nice, glad you were able to get the dress you wanted :)


  5. Hi! Great job with the kate moss collection! I bet that was a fun shoot to do! :)

    btw, I love your curly hair in 2008, looks amazing on you!

    ninin of the thetwomissfits.com ;)

  6. Ay teh ano nangyare sa eyebrows mo? Ampanget mo lang pohz.

  7. Reg, yes they were!! :) Super nice, grabe :) Girls of Kuwait are so lucky! Hehe! :D Thanks for dropping by! :)

    Aves, thanks gorgey!!! :)

    Ninin, it was! My husband shot it for me, heehee! :) And I miss my curly/wavy hair :( Boo. Thank you so much! :)

    Anonymous, Happy New Year to you too! :)