Living in a movie scene, puking American Dreams

*late post

We've a Hollywood themed party on the 9th of December and since my friend and co-worker Sheena and I came up with the idea, I've been figuring out who I'm going as. I got several replies in my Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. All awesome. Makoy even suggested "Kate Moss", which I would LOVE to go as.

I loved Shinji's idea of me as well going as Ingrid Bergman who is famously known as Ilsa Lund in Casablanca (which I've attempted to watch several times but have miserably failed. Yes I know, I hate myself too). Sadly to be able to pull off that look would require me to spend more than my allotted budget, so I thought, "Hey! Jean Harlow!"

When it comes to glam, I don't think anything can beat the fashion in the 1920s. The women almost always look like living dolls (you could say that the make-up was awesome, and very simple!) and those flapper dresses just gives me the goosebumps every single time. Such a classic dress, especially when paired with faux fur (because I cannot live with myself knowing a cute baby animal died just to make me look fashionable). Timeless, timeless, timeless.

But then again that would also require me to buy a gown. Its very Old Hollywood, which I love. I was even willing to do the hair and stuff. But then again...GOWN. Or perhaps a négligée from La Perla? Ha. Its gonna take awhile before I get the guts and munniez to be able to step in. So I thought "What the heck" and decided to go to the Mall anyway with my best friend Nof after work to do some serious shopping. We were all over the place. Forever21, H&M, New Look, River Island, Jane Norman, Mango, New Yorker... I found something I liked in New Look and the entire outfit began to unfold in my head but I felt like there were other options so...we would leave the store, and we'd go back in, making another stop somewhere else...we were on the verge of giving up when we decided to give New Look another shot, and so I finally made a decision to go as -

(can't find a decent photo of her wearing a similar outfit so I went to Stardoll and put this outfit together for her)

It was the outfit that suddenly popped in my head after seeing a maxi sheer/lace dress and a fur vest. I haven't been ogling the Olsens much but this fur jacket (like I said, I prefer if it were faux) that Mary Kate wore has rather become way too symbolic for me. I see white fauxies and I think "Oooh, Mary Kate".

I got everything from New Look, including a handful (more like wristful) of pretty bangles. I didn't get any shoes because I was gonna wear my booties from Topshop. I don't want to post any photos because I'm saving the whole look for the party!



  1. ohh goodluck with that party! post pics soon :)

  2. oh awesome. nice choice. can't wait to see the whole thing on you.

  3. Looks like it's going to be fun! I love the Olsen twins <3 Go for the outfit idea you're thinking. :)

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