Trigger Happy

Borrowed my boss' DSLR for a day and snapped away! I like how Canon doesn't require so much effort to make photos look so clear. But then again, I'm still a Nikon girl. Just took random things around our room.

I really, really, really love my bag. I think its one of the prettiest ones I own.
If you haven't seen my "What's in my Bag" vlog entry, well...get going! Ha!
I got this from River Island. It was the last piece!

How can you not love Chanel's Nail Lacquers?
The turquoise-ish shade is called Nouvelle Vague and has been released a few seasons ago but when I saw photos of it on the intarwebs, I couldn't stop thinking about it. The funny thing is, I was on my way to get groceries with Andrew when I spotted it from the window of the store like 30 meters away! I was so happy.

Since only my contacts in Multiply can view my albums, you have to know that about two years ago, I painted my mirror frame and stuck cow-print wallpaper on the body (which is like a huge chest), I rearranged and sort of "renovated" my room - it was my sort of my project when I was jobless, ha! I place my magazines and other kikay stuff on top of it.

Saree for the dirty mirror!

I got those bangles from New Look. So pretty!

When my Ninang Daisy and I went to Café Céramique, I chose to paint on this Unicorn embossed Jewelry Box. So adorable.

Because my Mom wanted to put my name in almost every paper, every arts and crafts activities done with her students, I figured it was my turn to paint her name.

I guess its safe to say that I love Nail Lacquers?

And accessories?
I love earrings and necklaces the most. Sometimes rings, too. But earrings and necklaces!

I got these pretty flats from Zara, which I now call my "everyday shoes" because I really do wear them everyday. They're not your typical flats cos its made out of cow leather (see here!). What a painful way to find out about this. KMN.

My two new favorite lippies from Lancome and Topshop.

The detail of my Kate Moss dress. Love.

This is one side of my closet, where most of my dresses are hanging.

Jackets and Blazers and Polos on one side.

Whenever I shop at Topshop, its been a tradition of mine to ask the salesmen to include the hangers. I learned this from my Mom. Ha!

A photo of me and my cousin, Gee on my closet door.

I love my Skull phone.

One of you asked me (in Formspring) to give a tour of my room, but like I said - its usually described in one word, which is CHAOS. I would love to, though. Especially when I get my hands on a HD video recorder! Dang.


  1. i really enjoyed this post, abbie :) <3

  2. Weeeeeeehhhh... I had a great tour inside your CHAOTIC room. Hahahaha!!! <3


  3. Good job on the ceramic, Abbie! I agree with Anagon. Somehow, I find simple joys in looking through photos of details from someone's room. And I could not relate more to those "everyday shoes". I'm currently on the lookout for my own. I believe every person should have atleast a pair of daily footwear.

  4. I just finished reading the feature. Congrats! :) Wow, you have so much accessories! I'm more of a rings type of girl though. I don't pull off earrings that well (apart from the simple ones). Cute red bag, by the way! :)

  5. Ana, thanks gorgey!! MISS YOU! :(

    Cath, thank you babygirl! Nako, if you see the rest of it??? ... YIKES. Hahaha!

    Viva, THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) And yes, every girl certainly must! :D I wanted another pair of leopard flats with tassels from Zara too but they didn't have it in my size :( Bummmerrrr.

    Megann, thank you thank you! :D I wish I could rock rings more but for some reason I feel really uncomfortable wearing them after a few hours :/ Weird. Haha! And thank you, its my current favorite! :D