What's in my Bag (ver.2010)

I uploaded this in my Vimeo account as well but I guess something happened? Ha! I'm gonna upload it again tomorrow. Anyway, here it is! Finally. Meh.


  1. the vlog is taking forever to load in my net connection BOO! :( will view it again later.. but i love your bag!! <3

  2. Abbieroo you are adorable! You have inspired me to make a vlog entry but the most interesting things in my bag are last weeks food crumbs. haha

  3. Hazel, THANK YOU! I hope you were able to watch it and didn't feel bored. HAHA! :)

    Luce, Hi Lucyroo! I get really kilig everytime I realize that you drop by my blog once in awhile. I miss chatting with you, Luce! :( Those bread crumbs are certainly adding character to your bag. I WANNA SEE!! (the bag and its contents...well, the bread crumbs too. HAHA!)