Blessed with Talent

I'm loving the thumbnail of this video. Ha!

Our friend Reyouk shot this awesome video (this is just a trailer though, full video coming up soon) showcasing the boys' talents in Jeddah. I've been with them several times at the park and its fun watching them do their "thang" - dance, basketball, freestyle football... it just sort of became the official hang-out. Random people meeting and creating new friendships between each other.

I am definitely blessed to have met most of these boys, and establish a really close bond between them. I know what you're thinking - you've seen better, which is probably true. But these guys are in the middle of making something. A legend, you may say.

The ones I know have just started dancing several years back. Its fun seeing them behind all this. I guess its where you can understand the very core of each one, not just as a dancer, but as a person. Whenever I see them dance and pull off these moves, that's just a bonus. Its hanging out with them that really gets me. They're kind, humble, funny, crazy...they make me happy. They make me laugh. A LOT. Even if they talk in arabic most of the time and someone just HAS to translate for me.

I thank God because He's blessed these boys with incredible talent. I thank God because He blessed me to know them.

They're definitely going places. Don't say I didn't warn you.



This video of Queenie Padilla has been up on the intarwebs for awhile now. Since I saw it, I couldn't help but feel...blessed.

Yes I know, I'm a Christian, and even if I don't know everything about Islam, believe me when I say that I know how she feels, which is why I cried with her while watching this clip.

I may be practicing my faith differently, but in spite of this I felt overjoyed...really happy for her because she has finally found, and experienced God's love firsthand. Its an out-of-your-body experience that you just cannot put into words.

For me, it doesn't matter what "religion" you were called to. What matters is the personal relationship we have with our God. If this is what will bring Queenie closer to Him, I'm all for that. Because as my Dad always says, "No Religion teaches wrong". Its all for the betterment of people. Its the wrong practice of 'doctrines' that can cause a person's downfall, spiritually speaking.

In all fairness to my Muslim friends, never have they once disrespected me for my faith. And it's one of the reasons why I never looked down on them or anyone else for their choice of belief.

And honestly, I just instantly felt God's love for each and every person while watching this. I hope we all find our salvation - the only one thing that can save us from all this chaos (that is the world). The only thing that can ever bring us thisclose to our Maker.

Much love to all of you. God bless!


Like a Birhen

SIX from Abbie Almasco-Bautista on Vimeo.

OMGOSH has it really been a year since I last uploaded a video blog? NO WAY! Imagine my shock when I checked out my Vimeo page and saw that the last video blog upload was the 21st of November 2010! I'm sure I uploaded another video after that (What's in my Bag), but man has it been too long!

I guess it explains why I'm too hyper in this. I'm giggling too much. What a dork.

By the way, this was taken several days before my side-shave/undercut.


I Believe "Shaved" Is The Expression

It was this photo of my girlylove, HannaBeth that sort of drove me to try this look. Believe it or not, this photo was posted over a year ago. And that's how long I've been hesitating to give it a go.

When I thought of doing the pixie, I knew I'd like it but definitely regret it later because, well, because its what always happens anyway. I come up with this awesome idea of pulling something off and then it happens and I freak out and hide in my room for months. Dreams of doing grand things in my life will be replaced by dreams of the day I'd finally get to do that commercial hair flip again and feel awesome.

But the side-shave. Hmm.

The idea left my head, but fast-forward to July of this year when one of my ultimate girl crushes, Jessica (of JessLovesFred.Com, thanks to Hotney who introduced me to her blog) posted this photo and I freaked out.

I frakkin' love this girl.

And there I go again, yapping. "I'm definitely doing this later! When I get home! I'm doing it! Yeah!" But then I wuss out like always. Tss. Wuss.

This is my Wifey, Helga (of who was definitely one of the reasons why I pulled through with the idea of trying this look. Smokin' hot, yes she is. Back off, dudes.

And another photo of HannaBeth.
I can't wait for my hair to look like this! Fudger!

So yesterday, out of so much frustration from, well, a lot of things - I went over these photos again and told myself that I'm finally doing it. FOR REAL.

I almost chickened out because I wasn't really sure how I was going to deal with it after. Bleaching my own hair is something. But shaving? Boy, that's another thing. But...I was like "The Fudging Foccacia I'm doing this!!!"

Don't worry, I didn't lose weight. Its just the angle, and well, hair can do wonders in terms of face shape. Lololol.
This one's taken right after I had it shaved (Andrew did it).

And these two photos are taken right after I took a shower.

Of course at work, I wear my hair down. I do not have any intention whatsoever of showing off what now seems to be my 'bad-ass' head. My Dad doesn't even know it yet but I'd like to think that I won't make such a big deal out of it. Besides, it'll grow out anyway. And I do not intend to keep this forever.

I'm twenty-hmm-hmm I'm just grabbing whatever chance I can get to scratch things off my bucket list. This isn't what's topping my list (cos its hard to guess. Okay, its Skydiving. Almost everyone's number 1), but it feels good because I may not have done what I originally thought of (getting a Pixie...actually going bald), but its one fear I was able to conquer.


Its kind of sad, considering I've known Ana and Ava since our Multiply days years ago, that I haven't gone to the first Bloggers United Event. And guess what, there's a second one coming up, and I won't be able to go!

Anyway, I know that I'm missing out on so many awesome things happening in the Philippines, but there'll sure be more once I finally settle there with my family. For the mean time, you have fun for me!

Manila’s finest fashion bloggers will leave their laptops at home once again to attend BLOGGERS UNITED BAZAAR (Part 2) on December 3, 2011 at Treston International College, Taguig, this coming holiday season.

It is the second installment of the first-ever Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair (link your past entry if you like), which was held last May. Due to insistent demand from readers and bloggers alike, Bloggers United ( team in partnership with the country’s largest online shopping website, Multiply Philippines ( have gathered Manila’s fashion bloggers to sell their pre-loved but very stylish closet pieces!

This event is the perfect opportunity for both bloggers and their adoring readers to mingle and personally interact with each other. Fun contests and exciting giveaways from sponsors and entertaining performances from bloggers (Walkie Talkies, Reese & Vica) themselves will definitely keep this event from being a dull one.

Some of the notable bloggers attending the event include Divine Lee, Laureen Uy, Kookie Buhain, Lissa Kahayaon, David Guison, Karl Leuterio, Patricia Prieto and Preview Magazine’s own Daryl and Andre Chang.

But because Bloggers United wishes to go beyond the geographic limitations of the archipelago and extend its reach beyond Metro Manila and so for this event, they are flying in some of Cebu’s very own fashion bloggers which include Kryz Uy, Eden Villarba, designer Yves Camingue, Gillian Uang and Mildred Zapanta and a few more.

Part of the proceeds from this event will go to the GMA Kapuso Foundation ( for its school building project, a small but significant step to improve the Filipino youth’s access to education.

The organizers behind BLOGGERS UNITED BAZAAR (PART 2) are Ana Gonzales (, Melai Entuna ( and Aisa Ipac (, a team of blogger friends encouraging camaraderie and sense of “community” among Manila’s (and eventually, the country’s) fashion blogging community through events and productions like this.

This is a one-day-only event that you shouldn’t really miss! It will be in a bigger venue with twice more the number of participating bloggers to meet! This is the perfect shopping day this Christmas because the most affordable and most fashionable clothes, accessories and footwear will be up for grabs. See you!

Bloggers United is in partnership with:
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Event is co-presented by:
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Official media partners
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Special thanks to:
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Online Shop Donors:
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Location Details:
Treston International College
University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila Phillipines

I do hope you could support my friends who are organizing and participating in this event!

Here's an awesome video on the previous Bloggers United Event held in May 2011. See what I mean?

Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair (May 2011) from Bloggers United on Vimeo.


An Open Letter to my unborn Child(ren)

Hi Sweetheart,

I lost count of the times I've scribbled your name(s) on papers and notebooks and whatnot. There came a time when I was so excited to bring you into the world, throwing away thoughts of responsibilities and a lot of hard work - dreaming of days I'd be walking around Makati, using your stroller as our shopping bag holder. I always told myself I'd want to be one of the hip Moms that I was blessed enough to know.

When Mama (your grandmother), was at the brink of giving up, I would whisper to her, "Ma, remember that you'll still help me raise your Grandchildren", and she would nod and say "I will try".

(Image from WeHeartIt)

Ever since I married your Dad, my friends constantly asked me two questions : "Are you pregnant?" and "So when's the baby coming?" to which I respond "Not yet" and "Probably in two years".

I would say that your Dad and I want to spend a bit more time with each other, that we want to save up money because we want to give you the best of what we could, which is both true. But I always knew deep down, there was a deeper reason - that I wasn't ready. And your Dad isn't, too.

In all aspects, it feels like it dawned on me, that maybe I'll never be ready, and that I'll just have to deal with it when it happens. Somehow telling myself that I won't and shouldn't give much thought on the idea of conceiving and what I should be doing once God has blessed me with you.

I don't know, Sweetie. Maybe its because when I lost your Grandmother, it left such a huge hole in my heart and I felt hopeless. Thinking maybe I won't do such a great job because apparently, I couldn't even manage to take care of myself these days. May I add that your Dad and Granddad does all the cooking at home? Your Dad washes my clothes. Yes, I'm an awful housewife, but I guess its also cos at the moment, your Dad can manage to do all that because he's on a break. But he's going to start work soon, and I'll have to do my part.

Maybe because I suddenly felt the pressure I've fought so hard to take off my shoulders, the responsibility of having to fill in such big shoes because your Grandmom, well both of them - have such amazing Supermom skills. There's this fear that I won't be able to measure up.

Maybe because I finally admitted to myself that there are so many things I'd like to do with my life, like continue modeling perhaps, or see the world with your Dad. But I'm 25 years old. And I'm not getting any younger. There are a ton of voices in my head, voices of people who'd tell me "You better have kids now, because its hard to raise kids when you're in your 30s. Also its nice to be best friends with them, like you're siblings".

Your Grandmom and I were like that. She's my Best Friend first, Sister second, and Mother third. I would tell her EVERYTHING. When I got experimental and TRIED smoking, when I went out drinking with friends, and EVERYTHING else. I fear that I won't be able to be the same way with you. I don't want you to be keeping secrets from me. And I wouldn't know how to be as chill as she was when I told her things that Moms wouldn't be so pleased to hear of and about.

I pray that you won't turn out to be as stubborn as I am because I wouldn't know how to deal with that either. But if you do, all I pray is that I have the same heart as your Grandmother and Great Grandmother has.

The last thing I want you to feel is that you were the reason why I would give up all the other things I'd still want to do with my life. But I know, in God's perfect time, if I do give up a few things - I know that it will all be worth it.

Because everything changes when you're blessed with a baby. And I know that I wouldn't know this until the day I wrap you in my arms while we both swim in saltwater.

All I need is God's guidance and comfort. These days, the last thing I want is to be left alone with my thoughts, because its driving me nuts.

I don't even know what the point of this letter is. I guess I just wanted to get it out there. Even if I know that having you isn't really in my hands but God's, but in all honesty, at this point I'm not even sure when its going to happen (because others have apparently figured it out), all I know is this : Whether I say I'm ready or I'm not... I just want you to know that I love you. You and your siblings, depending on how many the Almighty will bless us with. I'm okay with three. Maybe two? Hee.

I'll see you when I see you, Kid(s).

Your Mom x


Nothing Here, Move Along

Feeling sort of lost so I resort to this. I'd call it vanity but its a sin...which is probably so hard not to commit when you're a girl. Not that its a valid reason.

So I've been writing a lot again on my journal. My brain is sort of on Robot Mode, disposing all the creative juice I have left. Meh. I have a pending give-away, and a feature! OMGOODNESS.

Last night I had a blast with Nofa and the boys at a party where I ended up standing for about 30 minutes feeling like a loser. Haha! WHY YU NO COOPERATE, COURAGE??? GAH. I feel like I'm hung-over from so much fun I had just standing there, people watching. MAN DID I WANNA SHOW OFF MY AWESOME DANCE MOVES!



Sue Me

I'm getting serious goosebumps whenever I listen to this song or watch the video. Blame it on the 16 year old in me coming to life (more than it ever has) these days.



Hya 5leek

So far, this is what I've been busy with : Papa God, Family, Work, Friends and JDC.

That's a photo of me and L - I'd post a lot of our other photos with the rest of the crew but I'll be toast later. They were sort of mocking my blazer for having pointy shoulders.

Anyway, we've an upcoming event this week which is why I've put everything on hold. Can't even remember the last time I published an entry. Anyway, I'm featuring my first ever Jeddah based Fashion blogger by next week (hopefully) and it's really exciting!

You know what? You may never understand me when I say this, but this country is really a blessing to me in so many ways. I dread the day I'd have to leave for good. Sometimes it feels like I never want to leave.



My friend Tiger sent me this video via BBM today and I'm telling you, I showed it to everyone at work and they all cried (well, that includes me).

I was just talking about missing my younger days with a close friend the other day, and how everything used to be so simple. The beauty of life can definitely be seen in a child, which is why they are God's greatest gifts to us. Chocolates, Candies, a trip to that's all it takes for them to be this happy. When you're an adult everything could be so complicated. You'd want simple things too, but somehow, achieving them could be pretty hard.

For the most part, I miss how my Mom would baby me too. It felt like anything she gave me was a big deal, and of course it was. What usually gets me is how my Mom, and almost every other Mom in the world would go through so much to give what they can for their children. Sometimes, it isn't even the gift - its how they give the gift. Its what the gift symbolizes.

Its not Mother's Day, but everyday should definitely be Mother's Day. They sure as heck deserve it. This goes to all the Mommas in the world. You may not be able to take your child to Disneyland, but for all the sacrifices you've done and will be willing to do, any child would be as happy as Lily no matter what's in that bag.

God Bless all the all y'all Mommas in the world!

I love you Mama, miss you so much.


You Will Be Missed, Mr. Jobs

(photos courtesy of Apple)

Upon hearing the news of Steve Jobs' passing, I couldn't help but feel as if I lost a real friend IRL. Being an Apple fan myself (although not owning as much Apple products as I hope to), I feel like he was a part of my life, personally. He brought so much for us, to us, and I guess even if you weren't an Apple fan, you were somehow inspired by his creativity, his ingenuity, brilliance, and motivation to change what we know (of the world) through his products.

He has left such a legend behind, and I hoped for more years for him to remain as Apple's CEO, but on the other hand, I am glad that he left us with all this.

I remember the first time I held my MacBook Pro, I passed it on then to my Mom, and I smiled watching her run her hands through the cover. It has been a dream of mine since, well I don't even remember when - to own one of those. After it was stolen months ago, it broke my heart so much, because it was bought by my Brother, and the first person to have ever held it was my Mom. To me, that laptop was special. Its because it was an Apple product. Because it holds so much sentimental value.

I may sound materialistic, but I guess you can't really understand where I'm coming from.

Upon watching this truly inspiring video of Steve Jobs's commencement speech in Stanford University in 2005, I saw a comment that read "Apple didn't lose its soul. It just gained its spirit."

That could have not been said better.

I couldn't help but feel a lot more inspired after seeing this clip.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs. You will deeply be missed. I'm sure right about now you already know my awesome plan and what God will be blessing me with this year.

We love you.


Jak En Poy : An Interior Design Exhibit of Sustainable Proportions

My friend Raleene Cabrera (of sent me an invite to their ongoing exhibit at the SM North Edsa :

"On its 44th year, the Philippine School of Interior Design Advanced Class 2011 marks another milestone as they mount Jak ‘en Poy: An Interior Design Exhibit of Sustainable Proportions from October 1 to October 31, 2011 at the SM North EDSA.

The Philippine School of Interior Design has always been known to produce groundbreaking exhibits that become the benchmark of interior design exhibits in the academic community. For this year, the graduating students of PSID delves into the sustainable world of interior materials as they interpret and translate ten materials that define sustainability. The challenge is to be able to apply these materials into twenty interior design booths that evoke different moods and styles without sacrificing on establishing focus on rooms that revolve around the concept of designing for a better world. Research into the properties, use and application and installation of each material and analysis of its sustainable principles are deemed vital into the execution of designs.

Jak ‘en Poy centers on twenty different spaces designed in creatively planned solutions. Stone, steel, concrete, paper, glass, wood, bamboo, rubber, plastic and clay will be given a totally new meaning as it goes beyond the usual applications and break barriers to focus on totally different take on interiors. Jak ‘en Poy celebrates integral concepts in design and strengthens the bond between the academe and the interior design industry as it unfolds a new interpretation of sustainable materials, this time making it analogous to unique, ground-breaking and stylized interior designs.

The character of ten materials will be taken into consideration and will serve as a springboard to design interiors befitting the variety of styles showcased in the exhibit. The exhibit takes the audience on a trek through childhood games as corridors and hallways are named; being inspired by the concept that our present prepares the future generation through sustainable interiors. The audience is ushered through the first three corridors; BATO, takes a cue from the material stone, GUNTING takes on steel and PAPEL delves into paper. The audience is then guided through different sections of the exhibit namely HOLEN (glass), GOMA (rubber), CHATO (wood and bamboo), PATINTERO (concrete), PLASTIC BALLOON (plastic) and even PALAYOK-PALAYUKAN (for clay and mud). The analogies are based on the premise that the exhibit’s beneficiaries are the future generation- children as seen through their games.

Jak ‘en Poy carefully planned, extensively researched and masterfully executed creates another ripple that eventually will become a wave in the academic community and in the interior design industry, something that PSID exhibits have always been known for and will continue to be for years to come."

Visit Raleene and her rad team's booth (Booth number 5), Sundays to Tuesdays! I've seen how it looked and based on the photos, there is no doubt I'm hiring her for her epic skillz once I can finally decorate our unit!


How Many Lives Are Living Strange

I don't think anyone in the world wouldn't want to close their eyes and relive the memories that comes with hearing this song on the radio. I've heard it before this week, but it gave me a good kick off to begin Robot Week.


Can I get a "Heck Yes"?

There is no doubt, just how much I am in love with Paul Jatayna. In fact, I have been waiting for months and months until I can finally bag the OS Necklaces I've wanted since the day I laid eyes on them. I'm not telling you which (meh).

While I wait in agony to own these necklaces, and at the same time, feature the brilliant work that Paul and his team has come up with, I stumbled upon his recent blog entry about Fashion these days that totally echoed my own thoughts. I have nodded and shook my head with every word in approval.

Entitled "The Fashion Scene that I love to come and Hate" :

I’ve been a bit jaded with fashion and style lately. Everyone seems to be so happy and content with looking exactly like everyone else. I browse different fashion magazines, blogs, and style icons and I find it so fascinating that most of them have the same feather earrings, same stripes, same color blocking, same Navajo and Aztec prints, same leopard prints, same leather jackets, and the list goes on and on just like how long the lines are in Zara, Forever 21, Topshop, and Topman. I’m definitely not complaining because somehow I’m also guilty with it. I just don’t see the point of maintaining a fashion blog and trying so hard to bring something different on the table while the rest just look the same or is a copy of one another, without making an effort to change and coming up with something new.

Applause to those making an effort, but the rest should at least try to push boundaries and maintain an identity. I salute the fashion designers who always keep it fresh and don’t obviously peg their creations on what they see on international runways. I know some who have their mood boards filled with cutouts from Vogue. I salute the bright stylists who always think outside the box and not be content with creating the same shit when they’re expected to bring something different. I salute those fashion editors who try to update us with something new, unlike those who just consistently feed our minds with the same information they wrote in their magazines exactly a year ago, or worse, in their last issue. I salute those fashion bloggers who are trying to create a unique identity with their articles and outfit posts, and not just imitate styles of other people then claim it their own.

I know I sound like an asshole right now, and I’m not saying that I’m so different and I know it all because I honestly don’t. Innovation in fashion is extremely difficult and I know that for a fact. Although, all of us can honestly admit this, it’s easy to spot who tries and who copies.

To those who read this, especially those who have been working in fashion for a long time, you may probably think I’m a copy of something else too and I won’t negate it. I probably am. There are billions of people out there and I’m not claiming that I’m so rad and so different because I’m really not. I’m sure my style has thousands of look-alikes. I guess I’m just complaining because I know for myself that I honestly try hard to bring something new. I try hard not to copy others’s works when I design things. I’m always persevering with coming up with something different to show my sense of individuality. Then at the end of the day, I read a blog post about an overrated designer’s new collection looking like a cheap rip-off of Alexander McQueen and an overhyped fashion blogger wearing the same pieces of clothes every time yet surprisingly still gets an increasingly too much attention. What’s the point of trying?

Take note. When everyone is just happy and content with doing the same things over and over, people will stop accepting change and innovation. New things will be rejected. Thus, the purpose of fashion will eventually die.

I guess I woke up in the wrong side of the bed this morning. My morning coffee wasn’t as sweet as how I wanted it to be. I guess it’s really my problem because I constantly seek for new things. What I’m ranting about right now may probably be how the life of fashion really is and has already been established in the industry. I’m probably having a rough day and I need to vent out in my blog. Whatever it is, I’m just stating my thoughts on the whole fashion scene that I come to love and hate.
Original entry can be found here.

Much respect and love to Paul! Kudos to everyone who tries their best to stand out amongst the crowd. I love that we're all doing what we can to freely express ourselves through Fashion but sometimes I begin to question the motive behind "expressing" ourselves. I'm not one to judge, but it is a thought we should all ponder on, myself included.

There is no doubt just how much I love Fashion, but how much of Fashion Blogging do I do for myself? Most importantly, how much of dressing up do I really do for myself? Well IMO, there's no doubt here that I do most of it for me, because I still have the motivation to dress nicely even when I'm covered in an black cloth and don't even have outfit posts on the internet, but still.

I want to look back one day on my blog posts and think to myself, "Boy was I as carefree and heck, and remembering all these people raising their eyebrows..."


Funny Guys

I know this isn't really necessary but I'll tell you why these two guys are probably tying at topping my list. Its cos they have this shmexy sense of humor. They're not afraid of making a fool out of themselves, and its not to look stupid. Not at all.

James Franco

Jason Momoa

And I won't forget to mention, Conan O' Brien himself. I remember watching his show for the first time back in college and man did he rock my world.

Its cool when you have a really hot guy, and he's all smart and stuff, but with the addition of having a really good sense of humor? Dude, you got my vote. Looks fade, and constant seriousness could be boring but guys who make you laugh? That's timeless. And what I love is they don't even have to try. There's just this certain charm about being naturally funny that is such a huge turn on. I'm not saying that being smart won't take you places though, but you know what I mean.

I remember Emma Stone's character in Crazy, Stupid Love saying how she would totally date Conan. I definitely relate to that.

Just thought I'd share this at 3:00 A.M.


New Things Ahead(er)

Don't get me wrong, but I loved my header as it is. If you remember this entry, I was psyched about my header illustration, done by the lovely Valerie Chua :

I'm not saying that I wasn't happy with this (I mean, my goodness, who wouldn't be happy with this piece of brilliantly done artwork?) Valerie definitely got the "Kid" part down - sweet and adventurous.

Enter Afianne Cope of - who is responsible for the "Gnarly" side of my blog header. I asked her to put a collage of these images which she has done beautifully. I love how both Valerie's and Afianne's artworks ended up complimenting each other!

I don't even have to explain why there's a T-Rex. There's the Ravenclaw badge, the Philippine flag, a Turquoise stone (which I have been obsessed with since its comeback in 2002), Kate Moss (I need not to explain, my goodness), a Navajo print, a Lightning Bolt, Space (because Space is awesome and your argument is invalid), Marie Antoinette, a Cupcake, and last but not the least and probably my most favorite part of the collage : my favorite photo of Mama.

I am very pleased by this. Thanks too to Val because she didn't mind us putting together this awesome piece of art that will serve as my header forever and ever and ever.

Cheers to never changing headers ever again! Its definitely WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT.

Just like Val, Afianne shares her awesome skillz too. So, if you wanna see more of Afianne's epic work, do visit her site and contact her if you wish your blog to be contaminated with her awesomeness. I made the right choice, didn't I?

Everytime I visit Afianne's page, I couldn't help but feel both fuzzy and shmexy. It gives me goosebumps, but in the awesomest possible way. What can I say - girl's got it goin'.


Kid Gnarly's First Ever Give-Away

Can you guess whose goodies will be landing on your doorstep?
Keep visiting Kid Gnarly for details to be posted real soon!


I love Motilo

Just last month, I received Newsletters from Motilo.Com and haven't really gotten around the site until today. Boy, didn't I know what I was missing out on.

What I love most about Motilo is what it does not just for Fashion Bloggers but for people who love Fashion, period.

Its safe to say that its a combination of our favorite sites. You can create looks, shop Designer Clothing and Accessories, Read about the latest trends and interact with friends, both old and new!

What kills me is that I saw that Phillip Lim bag I've been drooling over since last week, and the Proenza Schouler S11 Tote! My gosh! WHYYYYYYYYYYY

Anyway, I just signed up today. I really think you should, too! Leave your username on the comment box so I can add you up!



A photodump of recent Hippystam photos, these are my most favorite ones, thought I'd share them because this app is just too addicting. I post-processed some of them, btw (the last 5).

My poses are similar because I'm trying to channel someone awesome. Its a dead give-away methinks. I post-processed the last 5 photos with Luminance.

There are just so many fun apps at the Apple App Store. Especially Photography and Video Recording/Editing ones. Couldn't get enough. Do you have any favorites you'd like to share?


Spring 2012 : Sass and Bide

Out of all the Spring 2012 Collections I've seen, I believe I've lusted over Sass and Bide's the most. Its got everything I want : Structured Details, Neutral Palettes with a Burst of Color. Gorgeous.

This one's my favorite.
Superficial me needs this in her life.

I've recently paid their website a visit and I wish I didn't, because it was all too good - its every girl's dream! This collection in particular has blown me away. My goodness, THE PRINTS! Why do I keep doing this to myself?


Kate Moss for Mango

I don't give a rat's bumbum what you say. She is my Queen.


Dried Billywig Stings

I love how its like a tongue-twister to me. One time, I chanted it over and over and I think it drove Andrew crazy but he didn't seem to mind.

You have no idea how psyched I am to be one of the selected registrants to be granted an early access to Pottermore!

So what exactly is Pottermore, you ask? According to the website, "Pottermore is a unique online reading experience created by J.K. Rowling and built around the Harry Potter books. Share and participate in the stories, showcase your own Potter-related creativity, and discover additional information about the world of Harry Potter from the author herself."

What's really awesome about it is that you get to be "with Harry" on his journey to Hogwarts, all the way from the Cupboard under the stairs! And at the same time, it allows you to experience his world as well.

And of course, like every other person, what I looked forward to most was the Sorting Hat. I was hoping Gryffindor but I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Which is awesome too because I want to be BFFs with Luna Lovegood, if not be Luna herself.

Ravenclaw and Slytherin's close fight for the House Cup.

Currently obsessed with brewing potions, I've brewed almost everything except for the Herbicide potion, where I just lost my cauldron about 30 minutes ago as a consequence for failing. Also 5 house point deductions. I'm brewing it again, though.

I can't wait until I get to challenge my friends to duel in Spells! I wonder when that's gonna be available.

Pottermore will be open to the public for registration on October. I LOVE POTTERMORE!!!


Midnight Madness

First of the two sets shot last week. After months of putting makeshift photo shoots on hold, we finally found the time to update our "portfolios" if you could call it that.

I love how I look different in these photos! Its been a long time since I sported a tan so you can imagine how confident and psyched I felt. Sadly though, I'm almost turning white again. This blows.

I'm wearing a thrifted Vintage nightgown, by the way. If only our room were neat enough, I would've taken full body shots.