Bathing in Clothes, my Alaskan Spirit soaked

Although I'm not so sure how that's gonna help me fight the water's temperature, when everyday it feels like I take a dip -

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Today, its 22 °C outside. Shouldn't really matter, in fact we're supposed to be grateful for this weather. However I CAN'T REALLY FEEL THAT WAY WHEN ITS WINDY. Kept asking myself if I was in the right continent to begin with. What I love though is that its not gloomy at all (if it was I wouldn't even have the will to get out of bed because snuggle weather is awesome). I've already told my friends that there's a very slim chance of us surviving in the Alaskan Alps, if we ever fancy traveling there one day, with all our excess luggage, and dang would I work my Spirit Hood Hat there, which is why I never considered getting one in Husky (Leopard 's my baby! Huzzah). I don't want to end up as dinner to those adorable bebe dogs. There are no Leopards in Alaska, are there? (No, but there are SNOW LEOPARDS huuu).

Speaking of which - ever since Lance told me about them hoodies back in 2010, I've been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of having one. God has blessed me with a special gift that is in plastic form and does all sorts of magic for your inner Rebecca Bloomwood (my Rebecca Bloomwood isn't very shy to come out which blows. Now if we reference this to Charlotte York it would totally have a different meaning).

Photos via Spirit Hoods.

Meet the creators of this amazing baby - Marley, Chase and Alexander

I love that the hats are made out of faux fur, and in fact, some of the proceeds go to help a non-profit organization for animals. If money wasn't such a big deal, I'd purchase them in every type so I can do my part to helping save each one.

And yes I'm getting a hat soon. I wasn't even supposed to work on this blog until I get my hat (and tee, but that's from a different store), couldn't wait any longer though so I'll just change my blog header later, once Lance ships it to me for free ahemhintahem. I surely wouldn't be able to resist wearing it around. Maybe even at work.

What if I wore it out? In this continent? Ha! I'ma be a tribe member, I am.

But I hope we could get the heater to work soon. There is no way I'd shower with ice cold water for another week. Can't even stand another day! If I wanted icey water I would've filled the tub in ice cubes. No, Sir.


  1. Bet it would look super cute on you :P

  2. I love love my wolf SpiritHoods! Such a winter essential, especially since our high this week is just -5°C. Urk.