Eccentricleartiste's Figure Styling Feature

Whenever a friend features me, I can't help but cry a little because its too overwhelming and I honestly can't believe that someone like me would end up in their blogs. This one, like the others, was uniquely written, and it definitely hit home! It was motivating for me to read, because it made me realize that even if I'm miles away, I just have to keep up and keep going with reaching my dreams. If I've got people like Jariss, like you guys, who appreciate me in spite of my flaws and lack of blog entries, then what more when I really put my heart into doing what I do.

Read the rest of the feature here!

My good friend Jariss featured me last week. Her blog, EccentricleArtiste, features various topics on Fashion and Trends, locally and internationally which makes it a real interesting read. She obviously patronizes what Filipino Fashionistas can call their own (actually, Jariss is one of the girls I'm featuring in my blog as well, but don't hold your breath!)

What I love about her is that she constantly improves and adds on new categories every now and then. Talk about motivation! Whenever I visit her blog, I can't help but feel inspired to be consistent with my blog (which I fail to do).

You have to visit EccentricleArtiste / Fashion Firewoman if you want to keep in touch with the latest trends. And of course, coming from a proud fellow-Filipina, I don't see why we won't love her articles! Log on your Tumblr page and follow her now!

God bless you all. I love you, Jariss!