François Truffaut once said, "Film Lovers are Sick People".

Maybe we are. But who doesn't love watching films and movies? Light, Dragging, gas-filling, tear inducing, all that.

Here are the movies that made my 2010, both old and new.

Yes, I saw this more than once. The music is awesome, both girls delivered, its a movie about passion, following your dreams, making mistakes, and picking up the pieces. Rockstar, Frustrated Rockstar, either one can relate because we all go through that part of life. There's a little rebel in you that messes up but you rise above the chaos and start all over again. What matters is you end up doing what you're meant to do. Whether it was what you've been doing all along, or something else. There's always hope, whatever situation we're in and will face.

This one's hilarious. Koreans definitely know how to put two genres in one movie without overpowering each other. Definitely tear inducing, both happy and sad.

Of course you'd know that any Tim Burton adaptation is worth seeing, and this definitely did not let me down. It was everything beyond my imagination. And with Johnny Depp's awesome presence, we have no right to question it whatsoever.

Having read the book, you could say that I was one of the millions that was saddened (but what's new) with the parts they had to alter or completely edit out of the movie. But yes, after 6 installments, I was still excited to see this. Can't wait for the second part!

Don't tell me that you didn't wish you founded Facebook yourself after seeing this. It was pretty inspiring too, considering that anyone really is capable of fulfilling their dreams and passions. It just really takes a lot of effort to pull off. But in the end, its hella worth the shot. Also, geeks rule.

If you know me well enough, then you'd know Lying is my kind of film for all the obvious reasons.

Found out about this through my awesome wifey Chui. I think its still the most awesome, real, weird film I've seen to date. Have you ever seen a weird film and felt like you could relate? This has got to be it for me. I sometimes live in a Parallel Universe and I sure have a few weird ideas I'd like to carry out and fulfill someday, which isn't entirely the point of movie, but just saying...

Its a film by Scorsese starring Leonardo Di Caprio. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT (ME TO SAY).

How can you not be interested with seeing the beauty and travesty behind Coco Chanel's success? Of course Audrey Tautou did a great job playing the rock of one of fashion's (need not to say) timeless institutions.

Yes, I was scarred for life. I wonder how one can hate Robert Pattinson so much just because he's playing Edward Cullen when he's such a brilliant actor.

Shinji told me to download the movie Palindromes which shows how Dawn Wiener ended up living her life. And from what I remember, it (the movie) begins tragically.

Meet Brendan, your modern-day Dick Tracy, in this action / mystery / thriller-packed flick. You totally feel like you were behind him the entire time he dug deeper into finding out the killer behind his ex-girlfriend's death. It definitely kept me on my toes the entire time, and the ending was a shocker. And then there's Joe of course. Joe, oh Joe. Marry me, Joe. It was so hard to concentrate with that pretty face on screen. He is such a versatile actor!

I didn't think Jonah Hill could pull off something like this. His character sort of scared me, actually. Like he was capable of being real dangerous. There's sort of a dark twist to his role but then at the end you realize that its somehow a "normal" reaction to the particular situation he's in.

A Gus Van Sant movie inspired (and sort of based on) by the tragic Combine High School shooting in 1999. The lack of dialogue throughout the film makes it such an interesting watch for me, apart from the fact that it builds more tension, it also makes you try to stay more focused, it forces you to feel whatever the characters are feeling in the film. Its awesome.

This is probably one of the most frustrating films I've ever seen. Also, its very reflective of how we live our lives, like taking certain things for granted, wishing for something greater - there's always a gain or loss in that. Is the risk worth it? Yes. Is there a point to all that, trying to reach for something greater? Maybe.

Mama would've loved to see this. I for one, have a thing for movies that are based on true events (take Zodiac and Changeling for example), that sort of scar you for life. After seeing this, I immediately looked up the Dursts and was haunted by the unknown. Yes, I'm a sucker for unsolved mysteries. Dark, creepy films appeal to me the most. Also, Kirsten Dunst was jaw-dropping good, and Ryan Gosling definitely brought out a side of him that makes your knees weaken, but in a really bad way.

I have gay friends and have never questioned how they wanted to live their lives, and I wasn't really curious of how same gender relationships work out because its apparent enough that it came to exist in the first place because of love (duh), and it is between two people, two human beings so it isn't supposed to be a big deal, but this made me see how its like from the perspective of two women who decided to live together and have biological children through the same sperm donor. Its a modern take on typical family oriented flicks (and how they deal with issues, which is - surprise, almost like any other family /duh) and I loved every single bit.

I consider this awesome because I love Russell Brand even if he was sort of a douche to Robert Pattinson on 2008's VMAs. Rose Byrne is too gorgeous for words. Jonah Hill is forever hilarious and I love how game Diddy was in this. STROKE A FURRY WALL!

I've loved Emma Stone since House Bunny! There's something about Emma that draws you to her. Its her unconventional traits on-screen I guess. That could be just one of the many.

One of the most messed up characters you'd end up having a love/hate relationship with. You sympathize with her, at the same time you want to tie her to a chair. Loved the cinematography and editing in this one.

You know how when you were a child, you'd go to other places where you have unicorn friends and everyone's all cute and fuzzy? This is like ten times more awesome. I wish I had the same visions as a child. Call me a loser - I've yet to read the book. Yeah I know its much better. I can't judge yet if the movie adaptation did it any justice, because you know...there's always a possibility that it could.

Oh dear Sofia Coppola, did I love this. Again, the cinematography and the dead scenes were an amazing ingredient to the film. I don't know what it is about me and barely scripted films but I loved this. There's just a certain raw factor to it that I adore (which is obviously her signature style). It definitely challenges the actors to show their characters' emotions through body language which isn't easy at all given that the lines should help them deliver it. It has to come from within. You look at them and you know how they feel (its exactly what I loved in Marie Antoinette), it makes you connect with them more, like you're right there.

Yeah, what Summer said. That we're never wrong about love, we're just wrong about people we end up falling for, but it can't be all on us. Every person who comes in our lives definitely becomes part of it for a reason. Some stay, some go, but we all get something out of it. A love lost? Look at it this way : it taught you something about yourself. It made you see your capabilities. It made you But yes I did end up hating Summer (I love you forever, Zooey Deschanel).

Right. Like I even needed to write something below this. The picture itself on this list is enough! UGH HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME!...What.

My top favorite movie(s) for 2010 is a tie between Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - which I have made obvious through my Formspring's background image and the cosplay my husband and I did of Envy and Todd. I love the comic books. I love the movie. I love the soundtrack, and I want to play the game on PSP! I love Scott Pilgrim! I love Scott Pilgrim! (And don't you dare ask me "Why" because I will headbutt you so hard that you burst), and...

Well if it wasn't obvious enough with my tweets (and current Twitter background) just how stoked I was to see Black Swan, I remember blogging about it and posting the trailer here late last year. There are not enough words to describe my fascination with this movie and how much it haunted (and scarred) me. My cousin used to tell me that a doppelgänger is her biggest fear, and I never really thought of it that way, but this changed everything because its portrayed in a much darker sense, its a cross between having one and a split-personality which tries to dominate you.

The cinematography was...goodness I can't even describe it. Like the movies I've went bonkers over, all the elements of the film just helped make it become the masterpiece that it is. A definite jaw-dropper, its one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. Props to Darren Aronofsky. I've had The Wrestler in my HD for years now but have not seen it yet. This definitely made me a fan of his. I wanna see his other babies pronto.

It had just the right amount of thriller in every scene that keeps you on the edge. You're half-way through the movie, you can't wait to see what happens next, but at the same time you want it to stop because its getting all too dark and confusing.

I've heard that one of the things that makes a film so great is how, after seeing it countless of times, watching it always feels like the first.

And that's how I feel about Black Swan. Its how I feel about Marie Antoinette. Its how I feel about Scott Pilgrim.

I wonder what topped your list for 2010.

*I may add more movies to this list tomorrow because I'm sure I forgot to add them to the li - yup! I just remembered a few. And I've never denied the fact that I am a Twilight Saga fan which is why I'll have to include Eclipse!


  1. Scott pilgrim, Easy A and Alice in WOnderland was awesome!:) My favorites movies for 2010!:) I wish I could see Black swan soon though :) sounds awesome.

  2. I love Coco Before Chanel. It had a big impact on me, really. Very inspiring film. The same with 500 Days of Summer (Zooey ♥). And I know it's not in the list but Marie Antoinette too! ♥

    Science of Sleep is weird and fun! Made me wish real life was like that. You know, dreamy and all. ;)

    Am such a loser I haven't watched Black Swan, Where the Wild Things Are and Scott Pilgrilm yet! I've this rule to read the book first before watching the film so I downloaded Scott Pilgrim but gave up. Realized I prefer reading real books I can hold. Hahaha!

    Sa Elephant, medyo nahilo ako. Haha!

  3. Inception is the best movie of 2010. I went to the cinema not expecting anything, ok maybe that's a lie, I expected it to be boring, coz I actually haven't seen the trailer nor heard anything about it, I just went to see it, and BAM I loved it from the beginning til end.

    Harry Potter made me want to watch all 1-6 again and read the books AGAIN, unfortinately I haven't got the time :p

    The Social Network nice plot. Good looking Andrew Garfield :P but really, fascinating.

    - Jasmin

  4. awesome movies, some i havent watched yet!
    great list!!