Hello, Goodbye

Its the second day of a New Year (of course I meant to edit this and type "fourth" instead of "second", meh). Did I start it right? Yeah, you can say that I did. How was my 2010? Bittersweet. Am I writing about it? No. I video blogged about it and I'm on the process of publishing it as soon as I add my special ingredient.

2011 seems like an awesomely challenging year. Its slowly starting to sink in, I'm 24. I'm married and I'm bound to have children in a few years. To be honest, its quite a harsh wake-up call. Things won't be the same when we have kids. They will be our priority. Have I started to save for my unborn children, who I've already prepared names for? Have I started to put money aside for the unit that we'd be moving in to when we settle back home? ... Can I not answer?

I came up with the idea of making a collage out of the things I want to accomplish and post it on my wall beside my office table. Because usually this is where the evil shopaholic monster possesses me at 5:00 P.M. on pay day (sometimes, even before - which blows). Sadly, I am quite the superficial girl to need a physical reminder of what's important. Somehow my brain cannot process what my Mom tried to inject millions and millions of times - the importance of knowing my priorities. And I don't want to have to learn the hard way. No Sir.

I've seen photos of relatives who have honestly made it in the US/UK and apart from being really proud of them, I feel like I've just found more inspirations in the family to be able to be "there", too. I certainly am blessed to have a crackload of stuff in my closet but I can't make a tent out of them to provide shelter for my children (yes, I own a place but do you see the metaphor?).

So, 2010. You'd probably notice in the vlog entry I'll be posting that I barely talked about and showed emotion (I tried, but I fell asleep after watching myself, nothing beats writing about it I guess, vlogging ain't for that), so maybe I can be the usual sentimental, melodramatic girl that I really am?

To be honest,I am mostly thankful for the restoration of my relationship with God. Without Him, I wouldn't be the person that I am today, in all aspects. Sure, there are so many things to work on, but how I managed to stay sane, I have no idea how. People see me smile and laugh and they wonder how, I always point up and say, "because of God". Which is true.

I don't need to write and boast about these things. But I just wanna say how amazing our God is. It is beyond words.

And I just feel the need to mention this : I have big plans for my blog. As usual, not anytime soon, but expect these changes :

1.) Template / Design / Widgets
2.) Domain
3.) Header

Although I think that this will all depend on my header, first. Don't really feel like changing anything until my header changes. I've already doodled it in my journal. But I need to get my hands on that wildfox tee and spirit hood hat first. Priorities, priorities. At least I'd get this done within the year.

As for my domain name, as much as I love 8090/Lovechild, I'm thinking about switching it to something more...catchy. As long as it has the word "CHILD" (yes, I've tried Lovechild and Wildchild alone but they're all taken). I'm thinking about going a little more Lakhota on your buns but I'm feeling my other option more. I don't want to be a pretentious little brat and go with something that makes you think "fashion" because my blog isn't solely based on fashion. I'd still use 8090/Lovechild somehow.

Dang, this means I have to edit widgets my blog is associated with. FUDGINGFOCCACIA! ()&#%@*(&%

Ack, pray for me.

So, from our humble ministry to you, we wish you a BLESSED NEW YEAR!

I love you, my dearest blogreaderfriends. God bless us all, TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!


  1. A Blessed year to you too, ^^,.

  2. Quarter-life crisis? Well, at least there's a WILLINGNESS to prioritize, diba? I'm pretty sure you can DO it! :) A Blessed New Year to you and your family!

  3. One thing that set u apart from the other bloggers out there is that, u never fail to acknowledge God in most of your entries. I just love how you are being so vocal about him. I'm sure He will bless you more this year. I love you, Abbie.(and ME, never fail to say "ILOVEYOU". hahahaha. Did you notice that,too?)

  4. Hi abbie! :) I've read your feature in fashion firewoman. You're an inspiration. I'm not a regular commenter but a regular visitor. :) love your style!

    And yes, i know what you mean by priorities :) I can totally relate, like knowing you need to put something first but you cant help but do something else. Bless your heart and yes, I wish you the God's best my dear :)


    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. To God be the glory indeed! :) That's also my reason why I'm thankful for 2010, a restoration as well. For 2011, a closer walk with Him will be my goal.

    Happy new year! :D

  6. Happy New Year, Abs!

    You know I''ll always be checking out your blog right? So looking forward sa mga changes!

  7. I know how you feel, I got pregnant with my daughter when I was 25, scarier was that it wasn't planned. I was still living at home with my mom but after awhile, things have a way of working itself out, you just have to invest a little. Good Luck to you and all of us this year! =) xoxo