This Ain't No Lame Excuse

But I've been really busy this week. I'll also be busy in the coming week. God's been calling me to His pulpit a lot, and I thank Him for that. Two days ago I was the Bible Reader, and tonight I'll be doing an exhortation for the Prayer Meeting. There's also the Praise and Worship Night, there's the special number for our friend's Ministry and then our 5th Anniversary.

There's also a ton of paperwork I'm left to do and I can't sleep at night thinking about the pile of papers hidden in my cabinets!

And then there's housework that I barely get to. There's a mountain of clothes needed to be ironed and I've just cleaned the bathroom barely two weeks ago and now its a mess. My laundry isn't done yet.

I wish I was making this up. I can't bring myself to write about things I want to and proceed with featuring people I want to with all this in mind.

I don't want to complain that God has blessed me to be mightily used in His house, and I don't want to complain that He's blessing me with a job I'm very happy with, and that He's given me such a beautiful family to take care of (which I fail to do since my Dad and Husband does the cooking, mostly. Sometimes even the laundry).

I just want to be able to be productive in my life out of the intarwebs because at the moment its what counts the most. I don't want to go back to the way I used to, taking all that for granted. As much as I love to blog, I've got to prioritize things right.

But DO NOT FRET!! Of course if there's something worthy to write about, I will! Just don't expect anything fun to read atm. It might take a little while.

But I do pray that everyone's having a blast! I'm so sorry for delaying some of my features. I hate myself for it, honestly.

Smell ya later?


  1. Aww its okay, abbie!:) do what you have to do now and i bet God will be proud!:) can't wait for your next posts!

  2. hahahaa i love love your blog! and i love your topshop hotpants! i never got a chance to get them here in cebu ;(


  3. Abs! You busy woman! :) Malay mo this February hindi na ganyan ka busy! ;))