I am a Snot Factory

Here are a few fun things that happened since my last entry :

1.) I got promoted. Well, sort of. I can't really say that the position is mine 'cos I'm still the Executive Assistant to the Manager. But they're also making me handle the Events for the Village and I am psyched. Also a bit scared because them peoplez got them god complexes which is always a challenge but I know that God is definitely with me on this, and He's also blessed me with super awesome co-workers who are actually my bestest friends. Besides, Chris Tomlin did say "If our God is for us, then who could ever stop us", din't he?

I love my grey nail polish! That's me pointing my Rudoplh Nose.
The natural light didn't make it so obvious.

2.) For the past three days I turned into the ultimate snot factory. See, it all started after I broke my fast and immediately started on a mouth-watering, cold cup of Mirinda Citrus. Yeah, it was all fine but the next day it was a different story. My throat felt like it was baking pizza or something. I've never felt my throat burn that much! Thanks to my bestfriend who gave me this really awesome, all natural Ginger Powder that I ended up drinking about twice and voila, the next day... I still had fever (ha!) but I felt so much better, still had to stay at home though because I didn't want to feel worse, so I ended up watching all these movies from the night before.

3.) Yeah, I saw 9 movies : Freakonomics, The Tourist, The King's Speech, Its Kind of a Funny Story, Same Same But Different, Enter the Void, Cinderella, Serbis and Despicable Me for the past two days. Before I got sick, I also saw Valentine's Day and liked it! How can you not love Taylor Swift, she's so funny.

So now I'm all sniffly and red nosed, walking around the office, filling up the bins with TPs. Gah.

By the way, I'm getting all crazy from MAC's latest collection which I've seen yesterday :

Tempting. The other half of ABBIZZA promised me something! Girl, if j00 reading this, help me get me hands on them bebes! Ha! Actually I tried making a few phone calls to several MAC branches a few hours ago and they've only just launched their Mickey Contractor Collection (as I've mentioned in my previous post) so no word yet if the Wonder Woman Collection will be available soon.

I've been looking for the perfect blue mascara for ages.

Drat. I didn't bring anything for lunch today and it'll freakin' cost me about PHP400 for my favorite Seafood Chowder Soup which isn't enough! ... Did I hear someone say McDo?

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