I've no photos of the phone itself, I was so excited when I got it. My Dad and Husband hurdled around me like little children on Christmas Day. It was a cute moment.

Months before I ended up buying the phone, I started to buy and download apps from iTunes. My friend Jayson calls it faith.

Anyway, here are a few samples. You can say that 60% of why I wanted an iPhone 4 was because of the apps. Yes, I know that other Android phones offer the same apps, but... GAAH TOO AWESOME.

So much is going on, really - but I thank God for the blessings and the trials He's been making me deal with for the past few weeks : Facing the seemingly never-ending issues with my self-confidence and self-worth in all aspects.

Meh. Drama, drama, drama.

SO HOW WAS YOUR VDAY? Andrew and I made no plans whatsoever. But later that day, he slipped a sweet comment on my Facebook wall asking me out. HOW ADORBZ. He treated us (me and my Dad, my other Valentine of course) to the nearest Pizza Hut branch (which was a 5 minute walk from our flat, just like almost everything else : Krispy Kreme, the several Malls and Flea Markets) and we had a blast. We talked about our plans for the next 2 years and Mama, mostly. I knew she was with us, like she always is.

Anyway, I just pray that everyone's having a fab week. If you're on What's App and Kik, leave me your usernames (for Kik) and DM/PM me your numbers (for What's App) so I can add you guys! Also, if your link isn't on my Reads yet, please give me your URLs as well, I've to update.

God bless the internet. God bless, you guys!


  1. Abbie! I'm a hundred percent sure you'll love the IncrediBooth app! :) Pudding camera too! :)

  2. I love the shoes, abbie!:) I bet your mom was enjoying all the talks you guys were having :)

  3. I love the leopard flats! And you're always so gracious in your photos Abbie! I think you forgot to put my link in your blogroll. :D

    Anyway, it's :)