Let's Talk About Something Else

My friend, and Birthday Girl Honey "Hotney" Andrade featured me on her blog a day before her b-day, the 31st of January.

I also like that she focused on other things aside from Fashion (which I am passionate about, but the questions she asked), and it made me reflect on my life the past few months...the past year, actually.

God-related entries aren't very much appreciated by people but I do love to talk about God and how He manifests in my life, and I thank Hotney for giving me the chance to do that out of my blog as well. She has a lot of blog readers and they interact with her so much, which is why I know that other girls would read it and probably think of how great God is, like an additional reminder.
Read the entire feature here.

Thank you so much, Hotney. And I do pray that God blesses you with so much more knowing that you are given the gift and the opportunity to relate to other people over the world. God Bless you girl, wishing you a blessed and awesome year ahead!