"One Bite, And All Your Dreams Will Come True..."

It was the 19th of February. Just like that, there was a rush of mixed emotions. God just kept wrapping His arms around me, that's one thing I knew for sure.

Its been about a week and two days since my laptop was stolen (the trunk of my Uncle's car was forced open at the back of a Jarir Bookstore on a Friday night), and I wouldn't say that I'm completely over it. Just recently my Husband noticed that I was quiet and bothered and all I ended up saying was, "I miss my laptop."

You must understand, for someone who's dreamed of having a Mac for the longest time, and finally having it - I wouldn't say that I'm way too materialistic but like I've mentioned in previous entries, that laptop meant a lot to me because it had a very strong connection of me and my Mom. I don't know if you'll ever understand where I'm coming from. But it was more than just a laptop to me. If it were a person, it would be my best friend, seeing me in my most down, and most triumphant moments in life.

And yes, talking about it makes me miss it more. Here I am again, my heart's broken pieces scattered on the floor, reminiscing days when we faced each other every single day, and almost every single minute. Can't help but blame myself again for one stupid decision but... I know that God already taught me a lesson here and that He's already done His part, that's for sure.

I just keep praying that if it never ends up in my arms again, that whoever has it will take care of it, and love it more than I did. Of course you've read this line before. Just felt the need to say it again.

With Proenza being gone, blogging became quite a challenge for me as well considering the fact that Andrew's laptop won't work without it's power cord plugged in, and I can't take it to work because it's huge, my office PC won't let me go through the Blogger website, and my schedule's changed, I barely get the time to sit down at home because our awesome God has called me to be used mightily in His ministry and I cannot and won't complain.

Andrew really did the best he could to comfort me, and I cannot thank God enough for blessing me with a husband like this. And not to mention, my Brother, who got Proenza for me, generously told me that I didn't need to pay him for Proenza - instead, to save up the money that was supposedly meant for it and he'd get me another laptop instead.

How amazing is that? It also explains why I screencapped that photo on the Apple website.

I'm not losing hope of finding Proenza yet, but I'll just patiently wait for God's signal. I'll just do whatever God tells me. I just pray really hard for the best. Pray for me too?


  1. I love your positive energy, abbie :) God has ways to make us happy when we're down. He makes us stronger :)

  2. Hey Abbie, I love how you're keeping the faith! God has a reason for sure and I'm quite thinking that one of them is to show you how much people would support you and be there for you for times you're down like this. I'm still hoping that you find Proenza. Stay strong babe, keep praying :)

  3. I get you; More than the laptop itself, the contents stored, especially those connected with your mother, matter as well. :( Will pray for you. God bless you.

  4. wow, that's some loss! my friend got his car window shattered by someone before just to steal his ipod that was lying on the driver's seat! chin up though, things have a way of working itself out :)

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