So here are few things I'd like to plug (shamelessly, obviously!) hee!

I wrote an article for (a site for Filipinos mostly in the MidEast), about my baby Proenza that was stolen about three weeks ago (days have gone slow). I'm seeing this as a window that God has opened for me, and like I should, I am just patiently waiting for where this will lead me to. Let's just say, it could be adventurous - and my writing skillz! Ooooh, my "writing skillz". Thank you Lord.

I've yet to add the laptop's serial number! GAH. But to read the rest of the article, click here.

Also, my Gogo Jay added my photo to this website. I added more (like 11), I won't deny that I'm pretty proud to be part of this so I sort of considered it as srz bznz.
Please like the page, and my photo here! Ha!


  1. I already liked/shared your page. One of my friends saw it and she said you were schoolmates in Jeddah! :)