Flipping Over to A New Chapter

(*late post / entry typed on the 14th of March)

After Seven Years of being together (and eight months of being broken up in 2008), even I end up surprised at how fast time flies.

I remember seeing Andrew being auctioned off one night, during our dorm's acquaintance party. I was in my second year of college, he was in his first. I heard a lot about him. There was even a forum topic on him in our school's official website.

"Yeah, he's hot", I'd say. I wasn't into him though. I remember being so confused with someone else at the time.

It was about a month or so until there was a formal introduction. My bestfriend, Len, was able to capture it on camera (I took a photo of the actual picture but Andrew deleted it by accident from his camera. Hmp), I was in my first ever Topshop top, my hair was tied up, he was in that two-toned shirt and those denim puruntongs that I hate so much. We shook hands, smiled, and took a walk.

He didn't say much during our first conversation. Earlier that day we exchanged smiles at each other during our college presentation at the field. But that night, we weren't looking at each other, our eyes were all over the place. His probinsyano accent was pretty cute though. Actually, his probinsyano ways were cute. He was so innocent! I was a year older than he was, and obviously, he didn't know so much about the world I grew up in, considering that he was born and raised in Libya, and ended up going to High School in a Seminary that was close to his home in Pangasinan.

The things we went through, they weren't easy. But looking at the bright side, it would make a nice story to tell my children and grandchildren one day.

After being together for so long, you'd think that we've already adjusted to each other completely, and that being married should feel like nothing's supposed to change. Well yes, "everything "doesn't change, but you go back to square one. Its pretty refreshing, but sometimes confusing.

Andrew and I have taken it slow. We've had our share of rough patches, and I am thankful that we have, because at this point we've already faced most of the scary stuff. Surely there are still things I don't understand about him, and I'm sure that he feels the same. But am so thankful that God blessed me with a husband who UNDERSTANDS most of the time.

I can't put into words how grateful I am. I've been trying to, but have deleted several sentences because it doesn't seem to capture how I feel.

If you were wondering how we celebrated our first anniversary, we had a simple dinner at a nearby restaurant, just the way we wanted it.

The food was flavorgasmic.


After being married and all, do you want to know what my favorite time of the day is? Its when in the middle of the night, or early morning, I find Andrew's arms wrapped around me, and I just snuggle comfortably with him, wishing we'd just lay like that for as long as we could, for as long as time permits.

I love you, Andrew Bautista.