I'm pretty lame with coming up with titles for outfit posts. Makes me wish I hadn't placed texts on my sets. I was blog-hopping today and just realized how much I miss blogging about fashion! Not that my recent posts are lame, but I was finally allowed to take a breather this week. Don't get me wrong, I'm still quite busy, but thankfully not like before.

I was able to clean the house (my Husband helped too!) and tend to my seemingly murdered toe and fingernails.

Also, thanks to my God-sent bff, I am now able to do a little online shopping (yay!).

Jayson, Andrew and I were supposed to shoot outdoors (do I hear someone belt out Hallelujah in the background or is that just me?) but since I had other things to do, we (actually I) had to move it to next week. Pretty excited though. Was browsing for inspiration and finally found it! Of course me screaming out "BOHEMIAN!" already happened the moment we decided to shoot, but I don't think I'd be doing just one theme. Gotta take advantage of the time (and tools!).

I was feeling quite bored and creative so I put together a few looks.

This look has been done and done countless of times but it never gets old. Bohemian Retro, it will always be sexy to me.
If the Philippine weather permits me (well actually I think it does), I would love love love to pull this off.

I'm not really known to love shoes, but there is definitely an Imelda in all of us - so imagine how that little Imelda inside of me called out for this pair. Its too pretty, and definitely a must-have! But why so hefty? Right, like I even needed to ask!

I think leather, lace, sheer, gold and studs put together screams SEXX. But I love how I can use turquoise jewelry with this set, its a subtle but very bold accent piece!

I've noticed how I'm suddenly drawn to mustard these days. Been eyeing on that pleated Topshop top I saw on Tricia too. So pretty!

I don't know what is it about Color Blocking that's so addicting. It's probably the fun of putting together colors that you never thought would end up complimenting each other.

Now if only my Boss didn't implement the new dress code. Ha. How awesome is it to have the luxury of dressing up the way you want to and get paid for it?

God, I can't wait.

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