The Usual Case

You know what it is. Since I don't have enough time to write entries (I miss blogging and video blogging, for real), I finally published some of my entries that have been saved as a draft for weeks now (because I wanted to update my site!), I'm also uploading some photos I took recently.

Andrew and I are planning to shoot soon. I'll also be updating you guys on the recent P&W Night that we organized - its more like fulfilling a mission that God assigned us to complete.

Praise You, Jesus. With Him we are always victorious!

With my one and only Chubby Bunny.

Off to do some damage (don't worry, it ain't so serious) at the nearby Chanel/MAC make-up stall. I'm also gonna be uploading photos of my recent purchases! Woot, excited! No promises, but will do that for sure. Hope you guys are having a blast doing what you're doing (or not doing, ha!)

God Bless!