Summer Hair

You've no idea how long I've wished for an outdoor shoot. And finally, my prayers were answered. My boys Jays and Drew were my photographers. And I know its not apparent but I drew inspiration from *drumroll* Jane Aldridge. The uniqueness she effortlessly exudes, wow. Its people like her that get me more motivated to dress up the way I want to.

You know what's always been a hindrance for me? THE FREAKIN' WEATHER! I dream of the day when people won't laugh at me for wanting to wear a faux fur hat in Summer. I think there's something very sexy about fur hats in summer. Yes, I am weird.

In this set, I'm uploading photos that Andrew took (and a few BTS shots,too!) I can't post photos from Jayson's camera yet because he insists on post-processing them himself. I did minimal editing on Andrew's photos : photo filtering, a bit of blurring (for a dreamy effect), color balancing, and re-sizing. Definitely psyched to share this!

(All photos by Andrew Bautista / Post-Processing by me)

Sheer Cardigan; Topshop / Maxi Dress; Topshop / Clogs; Topshop / Faux Fur Hat; H&M/ Fringed Leather Jacket; H&M / Straw Hat; Gifted / Necklace; Indian Bazaar / Rings; Forever21, Turkish Bazaar

Can't wait for the next one! I wonder what my concept's gonna be. I was supposed to go with "Bohemian" but I was feeling this more (on the day of). I hope I can get my OS accessories soon! What an awesome statement piece for the next shoot.


  1. great shots! :) Im glad you got to do an outdoor shoot :)Keep it up!

  2. Omg! You pushed through with the ombre hair! I'm planning to have my hair dyed too. Actually, I've wanted ombre hair since last year but I just couldn't find the time to do it. I love the ombre on you! And i LOOOOVE that jacket! I hope it's still available in H&M HK.

  3. I love all the photos abbie, you are one quirky unique gal, I love it! :) <3

  4. I am so in love with your fringed leather jacket! It's a great combo that I would've never thought of with the maxi dress. So lovely.


  5. I love it, Cousin! You should do more outdoor shoots with Drew!!!

  6. Love your fringe jacket and hair! :D