Its been awhile since I published my favorite tunage atm. For some reason I haven't been using my iPod in the past few months. I guess its cos I've been incredibly busy that I can't even update my blog for a few minutes. You know the feeling when you have so much to do, so little time, and yet you digress to do anything else? You're slumped in your office chair doing nothing and everything at the same time, its insane.

But its better than having your brain die on you due to lack of activity IYKWIM.

Anyway, here are some amazing tunage I've been loving these days, some discovered today! Which is what actually inspired me to post them.

The Pierces - Glorious

Oh Land - White Nights

Jamie Lidell - Completely Exposed

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

I've practically listened to Talk Show Host since I was 10, sadly it was after seeing one of Baz Luhrman's masterpieces, his take on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet that sort of scarred me for life. Its not something a 10 year old would really 'dig' back then.

As the years progressed the song had a different effect on me though. Yesterday, for some reason, I was walking around with this on repeat and wo. I felt like teh sexx. If I had to come with my own background music at all, it would definitely be this.

Updating my iPhone with these later. At the moment I'm loving "White Nights". It'll be my morning song!