Featured Fashionista : Aisa Ipac

Among a sea of interesting fashion blogs you'd find on the intarwebs, its quite difficult not to notice Pax. She's got a distinct style that not everyone could pull off.

I definitely admire the confidence she exudes, like there isn't a trace of doubt with her outfit choices (I wouldn't too, if I were her, she has amazing clothes!)

I love that there's so much variation to her looks. You'd never end up bored going through her LookBook or Chictopia page because she's very consistent. Do you have any idea how hard that is? I'm sure even on her lazy days, she'd still look as awesome.

Another proven fact that its not the clothes that make you a hit, an icon, or whatever you want to call it, really - its YOU.

Its not surprising to find out that Pax does so many things aside from being a blogger. Girl is talented.

1.) Place of Birth
Manila, Philippines

2.) What are your inspirations (fashion-wise?)
Fashion blogs, runway shows, past eras, music, my mood, the weather. :)

3.) Do you usually plan what to wear, or do you dress spontaneously? I do try to plan my outfits. But I always end up not wearing what I prepared. So I guess I do spontaneous quite well.

4.) Your other interests aside from Fashion?
Books, mountain climbing, traveling, food, charity. :)

5.) Who / What influenced you most with your love for Fashion?

I think... my grandmother. She has the coolest and most gorgeous clothes. Some of the vintage dresses I wear were hers. She's now 86 and still very fashion conscious. Whenever I go to Bacolod to visit, her requested pasalubong would always be a pair of shoes! Her latest request is for me to buy her cute oversized sunnies. :)

6.) What was one insecurity you always had about yourself, and what did you do to overcome it?
My being tan (my skincolor)! I've tried all the whitening soaps when I was younger. But I've now learned to love and embrace my God given skin color! Especially since my aunt told me that people in the US spend hundreds or even thousands of dollar just to achieve this skin tone. Also, almost all my friends said they love it anyway (Thank you, friends). Hehe :P

7.) What's one item that every girl must have in their closets?

A plain white shirt :)

8.) Other people find it so hard to express themselves through Fashion, what advise would you give to encourage them if they want their mood/personality speak through their clothes? I guess just dress how you feel. Do it for the right reasons. Don't be afraid to experiment. Don't be afraid to be different. You don't need a fat wallet, model body or the fanciest clothes to do that. Work with what you have, it's just a matter of right styling and right attitude. Take inspiration from anything. :)

9.) When and how did you start your first styling stint? Is it a bit challenging to dress other people up?
For paid, I started with open shoots. Those are shoots organized by photographers with a theme and anyone could come just as long as they pay a fee. It was challenging cause we had to style 20-50 people in a day and it had to be spontaneous. And for me styling would always be challenging. All shoots are different and it gets harder each time! Hehe!

10.) Tips for aspiring stylists?
Unless you're friends with Liz Uy or you're the owner of a magazine, enroll in a styling class:) It would give you more exposure and you would meet a lot of people that would really help you penetrate into the business :)

Check out Pax's LOOKBOOK / CHICTOPIA / TWITTER / BLOG to find more about her!


  1. thank you so much for the feature!!! so touched. waaah hehe:) love love sis!

  2. i agree, aisa is very talented. i love the fact that her outfits come from thrift stores rather than the usual retail shops. it adds awe to what she's able to accomplish on a daily basis. great job featuring her :)

  3. you do a pretty good job featuring fashion bloggers! i like aisa's style coz she's a chameleon!