My feelings put into instrumental music. I used to listen to all of Dustin's pieces while I'm in the bath, soaked in the tub for an hour, an hour and a half max.

But of all the songs, I've always loved this piece in particular. There's just so much sadness, but in a way, it sort of gives you the hope that you need. Just the right amount of hope. It used to play in my previous blog, the one I had about 5 years ago, with my template all Marie Antoinette and stuff.

This song takes me to a different world and I love it.


Sid Concept

Just when I thought that I had one favorite store that would oftentimes break my heart (yes, Life - I'm talking to you), I finally gave in to my curiosity of finding out the brands housed under Sid Concept, which is also from the same company as Life.

And well, well, well, did I wish I didn't.

Here we have Ashish, Acne, Z Spoke, Jennifer Behr, Malene Birgir, Sass and Bide, Viktor and Rolf... I could go on but I can't. I'd rave endlessly but ...

Here are some of the S/S '11 loot up for grabs at Sid's :

You know you'd love to grab all these clothes from your monitor right now. I know I did, which is why I virtually grabbed them, just so they're stored on my online closet. How I wish.

I want a decent dress from this store for my 25th Birthday! Lord, please?

If I were to be blessed with moolah, I'd definitely splurge on both Life and Sid respectively. And I know these two stores will be two of the things I'll miss about this country most.

If you haven't shopped at Sid, I encourage you to! They're located at Roshana Mall in Tahlia Street.

All photos grabbed from Sid Concept's official Website
and Facebook page.



In a span of a week (barely, even) I have turned from GOT clueless to GOT addict. I feel like biting my nails after each episode ends, and I go crazy mad when I find out that the next ep isn't up yet. I rejoiced upon reading that the show has picked up for a second season, but a bit sad because I can't wait to know what happens next. I keep wishing that the characters I've come to love don't get the boot out of the show.

Of course you guessed it, I am a Stark and I hail from Winterfell. Secretly I'd imagine that I am Daenerys, and in love with Jon Snow, wishing I had someone like Tyrion Lannister to hang out with. Also, he used to scare me so much, but man, Khal Drogo! KHAL DROGO. KKKKK-
K H A L D R O G O.

Daenerys Targaryen

Jon Snow

Tyrion Lannister

Khal Drogo

I first saw the show while browsing through Axxo's loot goodies and was a bit interested but didn't think I'd miss out on a lot if I hadn't given it a chance. I never really appreciated Medieval-themed movies especially when all they do is talk - I mean, "yeah yeah, we get the politics, where are the awesome fight scenes?" Which is why I love that this show's put so much effort into writing a very interesting plot set in these times.

All my favorite shows are on break (How I met, Big Bang, Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Glee) and I'm now hooked on Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who. I plan on watching other series as well like Dexter and Chuck, but thanks to my lack of HD space (2TB come to momma), I've decided to put those on hold too. I'll probably continue watching 30 Rock while waiting for the next episodes of GOT.

You should definitely give it a try.

I have awesome friends who I met through Tumblr (yes Larry and Ade, you know I'm talking to you guise), I've noticed how they'd bring up Doctor Who, which I know Sheldon Cooper likes. "Doctor Why Bother", lol. I've only seen the first ep last week and its quite weird how I instantly loved it. I've got the hots for the Doctor, too! The Raggedy Doctor!

I read the Wiki page and its been the longest running show on Television, it first aired in 3 and The Doctor has been played by 11 different actors, with the current one being portrayed by Matt Smith.

The Doctor

Amelia Pond

The first ep reminded me of Drop Dead Fred for some reason. Its one of my childhood favorites.

I've been so hooked on GOT that the rest of Doctor Who eps remain to be 'untouched' on my HD. We'll probably catch up tonight while stuffing our face with Yoghurt.

Saw the preview of the next ones though and I can't wait to see the ep where he meets 1800 or 1900-ish vampires! That's awesomesauce.

I wish I could time travel too. TARDIS!!! I wonder what would've happened if Albert Einstein confirmed his theory on Relativity. I'm guessing that would be a sin, though.

Regardless, Doctor Who is awesome.


Chalk September 2010

(*late post)

Thanks to Elaine Carag (I love you forever) for including me in this feature, for last year's Closet Cases, Chalk Magazines August 2010 issue. I shared a page with my love, Tin Iglesias.

Here's my part of the page.
Thanks Tin, for sending me these scanned images!

I srsly miss Modeling. You have no idea how much. And I just can't wait to work my way around finding a part-time job where I can model here. I think God is showing me something, but I've got to work on myself first before I make this step. It would be awesome if I can pull it off.

Random blog entry coming up!


Attention : Nokia Users



Thanks to Mr. Charles Tan of Nokia Philippines!!!
(click on the photo to redirect you to the Ovi page)

My other blogger friends' blogs are also available on the OVI app store, and I couldn't help but wish that mine was, too.

Lo and behold, after nearly a month of not checking my e-mail, I saw one from Nokia Philippines informing me that they'd like to turn my blog into an app for Nokia phones!

Seriously this made my year. Its such a big deal to me and it feels great to be a part of this considering that my blog isn't as interesting as my friends'!

Thank You Lord! Thank you Nokia Philippines!

If you're on a Nokia, please download my blog for FREE!!!