Sid Concept

Just when I thought that I had one favorite store that would oftentimes break my heart (yes, Life - I'm talking to you), I finally gave in to my curiosity of finding out the brands housed under Sid Concept, which is also from the same company as Life.

And well, well, well, did I wish I didn't.

Here we have Ashish, Acne, Z Spoke, Jennifer Behr, Malene Birgir, Sass and Bide, Viktor and Rolf... I could go on but I can't. I'd rave endlessly but ...

Here are some of the S/S '11 loot up for grabs at Sid's :

You know you'd love to grab all these clothes from your monitor right now. I know I did, which is why I virtually grabbed them, just so they're stored on my online closet. How I wish.

I want a decent dress from this store for my 25th Birthday! Lord, please?

If I were to be blessed with moolah, I'd definitely splurge on both Life and Sid respectively. And I know these two stores will be two of the things I'll miss about this country most.

If you haven't shopped at Sid, I encourage you to! They're located at Roshana Mall in Tahlia Street.

All photos grabbed from Sid Concept's official Website
and Facebook page.

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  1. I googled myself (i know, so vain lol) to check if im already ungoogle-able since im trying to make my name ungoogle-able coz of the hate mails, then i read one of your 2003 blogpost where u mentioned me as one of your bestfriends in 2nd year highschool and how we mocked each other... *tears* i miss those times... i will follow your blog... miss you!