Sup Shorty, Lemme Introduce Myself Properly

A 7 Shots track stuck in my head since last night. I remember when Andrew and I played this song over and over in our dorm rooms.

Been a while, hasn't it? This is going to be one really random entry.

Just recently (about two days ago), Pop and I were having our usual "catching up at the end of the day" routine when somehow the conversation lead to Blackberry phones. If you've been a reader of my blog, you'd know that I initially wanted a BB Bold, but with God's blessing, He gave me something more than I had hoped for - an iPhone 4, which I had in February of this year (the same month my 13" MacBook Pro got stolen). I was joking around with Pop when I told him that he was getting me and Andrew both a Blackberry bold 9780. For some reason my Dad did not object, or half seriously, half jokingly say that "it could wait", or "not now, I don't have enough to buy them". Instead he smiled. Deep down I knew he was considering it.

I wasn't expecting that in two days, as soon as we all got home from my Tito's birthday celebration that he would call for me (I believe he hasn't even removed his shoes yet). "Nee, come here". He reached for his bag, and took out a black box and handed it to me. "Its your Blackberry. Where's Andrew? Here's his." I was stunned, and I believe I turned red out of excitement and joy. I was jumping up and down like a child.

It feels good when you get yourself things, but at the age of 25, knowing that Papa still likes to give me things, it makes me feel something more than gratitude towards my Dad. Initially, it was the thought that my Dad got me AND my Husband something. He really hasn't changed, honestly. He's always been like this ever since I could remember.

So yes, Andrew and I BBM each other even when we're both lying in bed. Ha!

Speaking of Andrew... Have I blogged about his birthday gift? Srsly, you have to see it.

Abbie Birthday from Abbie Almasco-Bautista on Vimeo

Turns out, Andrew composed a song for me and arranged the music together with my Dad and closest friends, which I believe was a day before my birthday, the same day this video was taken. The song's title is "ABBIE BIRTHDAY". Clever.

He looks like a kid, so adorable. I can tell that he looks really happy singing this for me and I couldn't be any more kilig. Afterwards, my friend Jayson asked my friends to say something for my birthday, and when it was Andrew's turn, he ended up telling everyone our cheesy love story. I was turning red with the way he was imitating me (yes, he even demonstrated some of my actions and the way I spoke). Its nice to know that my Husband remembers all that.

Here are a few of my most recent photos :
Me and Lucy

I applied lipstick on Andrew and see how Morange compliments his skin tone. He ended up giving me that kissmark.

In love with the village golf car. For real.

Before heading to work

I do pray that everyone is doing well. And to make this clear, I am still very much in love with my iPhone. I still sleep with it. Ha. Only BBM is so addicting. Darn.


Sarah Elizabeth Carter : EGO

This is my cousin, Sarah. Heck yes, she's hot - but what makes her hotter is the fact that behind all this, her brain and skillz is just as awesome as she looks.

It was the 11th of November in 2007 when my cousin Sarah wrote this. I'm not sure if I've published this in my Multiply page, but it seemed like I had posted it on one of my blogs. I was browsing through my HD when I saw it : A Personal Statement by Sarah Elizabeth Carter.
"When you were brought up by a mother who had constant deliveries of the freshest new look, it was difficult not to follow fashion. Funnily enough, the excessive amount of clothing orders brought to our house each month taught me about the pace of trends and cycles. I was exposed to her glamorous ways, and so to a world of colour, texture and excitement. For this she is my greatest influence. Becoming a fashionista would be like living any Vogue-obsessed girl’s fantasy; designing beautiful clothes, styling looks, whilst sipping a ‘Starbucks’ latte before a major deadline or catwalk show, of course looking very important.

For me, studying Fashion Design would feel like finally becoming an individual and finding my place in the industry. It’s the beginning of all the chaos we call life, where I can choose the direction I want to take, it’s the only one I’ve ever considered; creating my own fashion heaven.

I am currently taking a Foundation Studies course in Art and Design. So far I have completed workshop rotations in various fields and am now specialising in Visual Communications and Textiles and Fashion. I have found the course challenging in some aspects as it is so different to anything I have done whilst at school. Even so, I like how the course is quite raw; it has allowed me to become more open-minded as well as discovering new ways of thinking and approaching solutions. I chose to study mainly creative subjects for A-Level. In Art I completed high-graded units; including a ‘personal study’ where I chose to explore the metamorphosis from actor to character, involving theatrical costume and make-up. On both study trips, to New York in 2005 and to Amsterdam in 2007, I received two awards; ‘Best NYC Tourist T-shirt Design’ and ‘Best Sketchbook.’ Whilst studying Textiles I created a variety of pieces, including a dramatic ball gown designed for a masquerade ball event, a Japanese style kimono jacket for Spring/Summer, and a decorative wall hanging.

I get my ‘fashion kicks’ out of regular visits to London, I’m addicted to the lively ambience of the boutique enriched Fashion Capital. I like going to fashion events such as Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and exhibitions at the V&A. Like many teenage girls, naturally I have a soft-spot for Topshop and TV programmes such as ‘Project Catwalk/Runway’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ It is encouraging to see fresh talent being recognised. I’m a musical theatre fanatic and become very inspired to create something dramatic after seeing a show. John Galliano has become very influential for me when designing; I admire how his haute couture collections fuse fashion and drama together in one look, making garments theatrical and literally screaming for attention. Working part-time in a bridal store has also introduced me to a different aspect of design. I find Ian Stuart very inspirational, a British bridal wear designer who drapes drama and still captures romance in far from traditional-styled wedding gowns. I aspire to become a designer who can effectively blend my passions for fashion and theatre together in design. Studying at university will open opportunities for me to develop my own signature style, as well maturing as a person. Of course university isn’t for everyone, but for me it is an important transition from mere future ambitions to reality and careers.

I believe I am a well motivated individual; at the age of fourteen I received my 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. When I have been set a target I become determined to meet it. I understand that this plays an important role in the fashion industry due to the ultimate pressure of time. During my A-Levels I was also part of the School’s Elite ‘Dance Performance Group.’ This is another example to show that I can balance my academic and recreational studies well. Both of my experiences in Taekwondo and Dance have allowed me to become self-motivated in reaching goals as well as working well in a team. In a design aspect, I enjoy designing individually as well as researching before final sketches, but I also enjoy collaborating ideas and outcomes with fellow students.

I appreciate that the fashion industry is a difficult one to break into, but I’m not afraid to take risks or make mistakes. I believe that risks make any situation exciting and mistakes force you in new directions, which I think defines fashion beautifully."

I've been trying to edit this but I find it so difficult because everything she wrote plays an important part, looking back at the person that she was, to the person that she is now.

I've always been so proud of her, not because she's my cousin, but because based on her sketches, her motivation, I can tell that she is going to make it. She'll go places. This, I am sure of.

Early this month, Sarah finally graduated from Kingston University, after taking Bachelor of Arts in Fashion, a three year course, as well as the required Art Foundation Diploma, which she took for a year in Buckingham for years.

For their graduation, she was personally handpicked among others to showcase her final collection.

This was the skating/snowboarding event she went to in 2010.
She claims this is what inspired her to come up
with her collection : EGO.

"I was inspired by the riders I saw compete at Freeze Festival in London, which is an annual freestyle competition for both British and Global skiers and snowboarders. I love watching the freestyle competition, not only was I captured by their crazy performance tricks but by their style on the slope. There is a true sense of 'snow swagga' with these adrenaline junkies and, I as a bystander, became hooked too. But with extreme sports there is always a high risk of injury the more you push the bravery of your performance, with this in mind I began to imagine how an athletes competitive nature could errupt an ego at the edge of madness. From here I collobarated with illustrator/animator Chris Culligan as well as probing the minds of two young British riders James 'Woodsy' Woods and Andrew Matthew, to create 'adrenaline mad monsters' which in turn influenced the silhouette and texture of the garments."

Development Boards (design work)
Showing the progress of the her collection

"There was a selection process that narrowed the studio down from 55 to 24 student collections. 24 collections were chosen by a panel of judges to feature on the catwalk show, and another 10 students were selected to showcase one look on the Kingston University stand at Earls Court, London. Being selected to show at GFW in London, however, does not relate to how well we have done for our degree or graduation, it is a showcasing to debut British graduate designers into the fashion industry based upon the impact or conceptual idea of individual final collections. Just because I was selected does not mean I have achieved any better than a student not selected to showcase, there are alot of strong and provocative collections designed at Kingston University that unfortunately were not selected. It was clear that it was a tough decision to be made as the finalised list of 24 collections took a few days longer than aniticipated. It was toture for all!"

Final Collection
Runway Presentation , Graduate Fashion Week
June 7 2011, Earls Court 2, London

This one's definitely my favorite.

I get goosebumps looking at these photos.

"Seeing your first collection go down the catwalk is the most surreal thing, the buzz backstage was absolutely incredible, I just hope the vibe was felt on the other side of the curtain. I was unbelievably nervous throughout the whole day leading up to the Kingston show. I love designing with humour, fashion doesn't have to be so serious all the time, but when you send an idea out to a mass of people not every onlooker will always understand what you're trying to do or say. Its a scary thing! But seeing my collection line up underneath my name with an audio of applause made the months of 11 hour studio sessions and sleepless nights worth it. I would love to work in a design team, continue with menswear and knitwear, I think I've definitely found my calling with sports luxe. I would like to maintain a streetwear edge to my Menswear and experiment with knit further."

Check out more photos of Sarah's collection here, and read on the rest of the feature on GFW here.

I'll be updating this with videos and more links of GFW. I just can't help but feel so proud of Sarah and the many things she'll be accomplishing in the future.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


Nothing will ever come between Us

I honestly don't know how to begin this. Okay, awesome. I just did. See, something's been bothering me these days. I came across an article asking its Christian readers if they should go see the latest Harry Potter movie.

I didn't know I felt exactly, being a Harry Potter fan myself (I am nowhere close to the fans that my cousins are though, I put them to shame to say the least, but I won't deny that I loved the entire series even if all I've read are books 3 and 7 but have seen all the movies), because all I thought was, "Why should Harry Potter come in between me and God? What's he got to do with my faith?"

I'm not stupid. I know what's going around in the world. I know there are particular people in the public associated with the devil and I know that being a hardcore fan of some artists can possibly lead somewhere (hint : somewhere bad), but I'm not gonna write about that because I will surely be misunderstood.

But let me tell you something : I would jokingly tell my friends to stop listening to Lady Gaga (I still respect her fashion sense though - seriously), but I stopped myself from going against them. I am not here to judge, as I have said countless of times. The hardest part about pointing fingers is the phrase that there are three more pointing back at you. I try to tell them what I know, but if they want to blast out on Born This Way, or even Judas, then I have the free will to listen to something else. Its their life. I'm doing my part but if I push too hard, I'm gonna end up looking like Pontius Pilate. As my Dad puts it, each one will be accountable to God.

So, Harry Potter. Yeah, there are all sorts of Wizardry and Witchcraft in the movie. But it has never, in any way, gotten in the way of my faith. I'm a Twilight fan too, and it has vampires, and at some point I had dreamed about marrying Edward Cullen, but seriously, isn't that a phase that every human being goes through? Being infatuated with fictional characters? How does that get in the way of my faith?

If you really have a relationship with God, nothing of this world could ever come between you two. In my opinion, I don't think God will condemn you for listening to The Beatles. Or Kanye West.

I know that most rap songs don't have good lyrics, but I won't be a hypocrite to say that I don't enjoy listening to them. It makes my body move and it amps up my mood when I'm feeling all ghetto. I even rap when I can but edit out the bad words when I do. So yes, I do sing them too. But do I live the life of a rap song? Does it influence me in any way to do drugs and other things that appear in a parent's nightmare?

God gave us this life for us to enjoy it. And I am. But I know I have my limits. And this I believe is the most important part. I'm not going with the flow of the world, I'm just being myself : A movie buff. This doesn't mean I'm going further away from God. This doesn't mean I'm forgetting Him.

Harry Potter teaches us a great deal about love, and respect, standing up for what you believe in... The spell casting is fun to watch, but I have never experienced getting off of my seat after each Harry Potter installment obsessing about witchcraft and wizardry, but then again that's just me. There were times when I wished that Hogwarts were real though. Ha.

So my point is, and I've figured, why should I be offended when I know I'm not doing anything wrong from being a Harry Potter fan? Only God can judge me. Only God can judge us.

All is well.
I'd use the original "was" but seriously - All IS well.


Sup, Boo?

Apparently I have been very busy in the past few weeks. Very. Very. Very, very. I believe that in exchange of all this, God is blessing me with a little "me" time. Also, an amazing "me and my crew" time. Ha!

Yes, you read that right. CREW.

I have turned from this... this.
THIS IS MY CREW! Or at least I'd like to think so.
I'm assuming that I'm one of them, ha!

Lately I've been hanging out with these boys (and our mentor, Mark) and well...I don't really believe in 'jinxing' something but in true Juno fashion, I am going "shut my friggin' gob" and just wait until this gift fully unfolds itself before my very eyes.

I'm not saying that I don't transform into my superficial self anymore, I still have those days, but honestly, I have always dreamt of becoming a really good dancer. I have secretly turned Elphaba green while watching episodes of ABDC, SYTYCD and movies like Step Up, You got Served and Stomp the Yard. I've had the biggest crush on Ryan Conferido for the past two years, and recently, ChaChi Gonzales.

See where I'm getting at? Its funny though because you hear all these stories of really good dancers starting at a young age, but I've just turned ** (ha!) and I'm only beginning to learn.

I constantly have this fear of looking stupid when I make certain movements with my body. I am surrounded by really good dancers and its quite intimidating to have to move like them. But thank God because they are very patient (and insistent) when it comes to the usual "Abbie, do this! Do this now!" moments. Its awesome.

I am downloading BBoy Tutorials from YTube and will try my best to learn them before next week's session. Lord, help me.


I love you, Valerie Chua

In relation to this post, I received a couple of tweets from friends suggesting an artist to do my header. My friend Kisty then suggested Valerie Chua of, and upon seeing her artwork (one of it is Kisty's header), I immediately knew that she was the right person to beg. Ha!

Initially, Val was quite busy but in less than a month, everything was finalized and after constantly communicating with each other regarding the details, I opened my e-mail and found out that I had a gift waiting for me.

Eee! So awesome! I was really hyper when I saw it. I love that she was able to capture my style, even my ombre'd hair!

Thank you so much, Val! Its everything that I imagined it to be, as cheesy as it sounds. For more of Val's awesomeness, check out her official website, and like her page on Facebook!


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