Nothing will ever come between Us

I honestly don't know how to begin this. Okay, awesome. I just did. See, something's been bothering me these days. I came across an article asking its Christian readers if they should go see the latest Harry Potter movie.

I didn't know I felt exactly, being a Harry Potter fan myself (I am nowhere close to the fans that my cousins are though, I put them to shame to say the least, but I won't deny that I loved the entire series even if all I've read are books 3 and 7 but have seen all the movies), because all I thought was, "Why should Harry Potter come in between me and God? What's he got to do with my faith?"

I'm not stupid. I know what's going around in the world. I know there are particular people in the public associated with the devil and I know that being a hardcore fan of some artists can possibly lead somewhere (hint : somewhere bad), but I'm not gonna write about that because I will surely be misunderstood.

But let me tell you something : I would jokingly tell my friends to stop listening to Lady Gaga (I still respect her fashion sense though - seriously), but I stopped myself from going against them. I am not here to judge, as I have said countless of times. The hardest part about pointing fingers is the phrase that there are three more pointing back at you. I try to tell them what I know, but if they want to blast out on Born This Way, or even Judas, then I have the free will to listen to something else. Its their life. I'm doing my part but if I push too hard, I'm gonna end up looking like Pontius Pilate. As my Dad puts it, each one will be accountable to God.

So, Harry Potter. Yeah, there are all sorts of Wizardry and Witchcraft in the movie. But it has never, in any way, gotten in the way of my faith. I'm a Twilight fan too, and it has vampires, and at some point I had dreamed about marrying Edward Cullen, but seriously, isn't that a phase that every human being goes through? Being infatuated with fictional characters? How does that get in the way of my faith?

If you really have a relationship with God, nothing of this world could ever come between you two. In my opinion, I don't think God will condemn you for listening to The Beatles. Or Kanye West.

I know that most rap songs don't have good lyrics, but I won't be a hypocrite to say that I don't enjoy listening to them. It makes my body move and it amps up my mood when I'm feeling all ghetto. I even rap when I can but edit out the bad words when I do. So yes, I do sing them too. But do I live the life of a rap song? Does it influence me in any way to do drugs and other things that appear in a parent's nightmare?

God gave us this life for us to enjoy it. And I am. But I know I have my limits. And this I believe is the most important part. I'm not going with the flow of the world, I'm just being myself : A movie buff. This doesn't mean I'm going further away from God. This doesn't mean I'm forgetting Him.

Harry Potter teaches us a great deal about love, and respect, standing up for what you believe in... The spell casting is fun to watch, but I have never experienced getting off of my seat after each Harry Potter installment obsessing about witchcraft and wizardry, but then again that's just me. There were times when I wished that Hogwarts were real though. Ha.

So my point is, and I've figured, why should I be offended when I know I'm not doing anything wrong from being a Harry Potter fan? Only God can judge me. Only God can judge us.

All is well.
I'd use the original "was" but seriously - All IS well.

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  1. Something I can relate to!

    Hindi na rin ako nakikinig kay Lady Gaga. LOL.

    Oo nga Abbie, I agree. Di naman porke may gusto kang palabas o music maaapektuhan ka na agad in a bad way. Nasa tao pa rin yun kung papaapekto sya. Saka sa Harry Potter naman yung message talaga na gusto iparating ni JK eh yung love eh, at marami pang iba. Hehe.