Sup, Boo?

Apparently I have been very busy in the past few weeks. Very. Very. Very, very. I believe that in exchange of all this, God is blessing me with a little "me" time. Also, an amazing "me and my crew" time. Ha!

Yes, you read that right. CREW.

I have turned from this... this.
THIS IS MY CREW! Or at least I'd like to think so.
I'm assuming that I'm one of them, ha!

Lately I've been hanging out with these boys (and our mentor, Mark) and well...I don't really believe in 'jinxing' something but in true Juno fashion, I am going "shut my friggin' gob" and just wait until this gift fully unfolds itself before my very eyes.

I'm not saying that I don't transform into my superficial self anymore, I still have those days, but honestly, I have always dreamt of becoming a really good dancer. I have secretly turned Elphaba green while watching episodes of ABDC, SYTYCD and movies like Step Up, You got Served and Stomp the Yard. I've had the biggest crush on Ryan Conferido for the past two years, and recently, ChaChi Gonzales.

See where I'm getting at? Its funny though because you hear all these stories of really good dancers starting at a young age, but I've just turned ** (ha!) and I'm only beginning to learn.

I constantly have this fear of looking stupid when I make certain movements with my body. I am surrounded by really good dancers and its quite intimidating to have to move like them. But thank God because they are very patient (and insistent) when it comes to the usual "Abbie, do this! Do this now!" moments. Its awesome.

I am downloading BBoy Tutorials from YTube and will try my best to learn them before next week's session. Lord, help me.

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  1. Tehehehe, I wanna take dance classes, too. Hopefully, I'll figure something out SOON.