Palawan, Palawan

I keep coming back to Palawan...Palawan, I'm coming year. Ha!

I'm not sure if everyone knows that I spent most of my childhood days in Palawan. See, I was born in Muntinlupa and have lived in San Pedro, Laguna up until I was 5 years old. Blessed with a car, and with a Grandad who had an office in Makati, most of my days would be spent there with my Mom. I recall that when my Gramps was busy with work, we would end up taking the bus. I was, what you would say in Tagalog, "Batang Gala". I loved going out! It didn't matter where, as long as I was in a vehicle off to somewhere I'd be so happy.

I hold so many precious memories of my childhood in Laguna. My cousin Chiekks and I could pass up as twins because we always wore matching clothes, if not similar styles and color palettes.

When I knew that we had to move to Palawan, at such a young age, I could say that I wasn't very happy. I don't think any kid would like the idea of moving to a new place, anyway.

At 5, I wasn't sure how I was able to adapt to everything but of course, having my Mom with me, it should be easy. One of my earliest and fondest memories of Palawan was when my Mom and I went to the Vietnamese Village where the residents stopped us on our way out because they claimed my Mom "kidnapped" me. I was scared and my Mom was frantic, saying "This is my child!" Ha!

Life was much simpler then, I would walk to school because it was literally right in front of our house. I remember running home to Mama to show her my report card (I was usually top of my class, hee!) because she told me if I did good, she'd get me ONE thing I wanted most from the Mall. Yeah, it motivated me so much.

My friends and I liked the idea of hanging out at the restaurant just behind our school and have chocolate milkshakes and we considered ourselves cool enough. And when I made friends with my neighbors and we would end up walking to the Gaming Center all the way to our "Bayan" to play Sega games and stuff.

There are just so many stories to tell about Palawan, but all I want to say is : I didn't realize how much Palawan really meant to me until recently.

It helped shape me to the person that I am now. I owe it so much to my Father's relatives, my Tita and Sister who ended up moving there as well. There's just so much humility in Palawan. I can't NOT love it. You should've seen my face whenever I took walks to Mendoza Park, to the gives me the best chills. It was so nostalgic that I almost broke down and cried, wishing I could re-live those days again. Days spent with my Mama, with my Dad, and siblings, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents...It was beautiful.

Here are some of my childhood photos taken in Palawan, thought I'd share it.

There's a photo of me and Aiza Seguerra taken at Eat Bulaga's Backstage, ha! And my Dad's collection of cassette tapes.
I miss them!

Field Trip!

Taken during New Year.

My Dad gained a little weight, hee! This was taken during his vacation in the Philippines.

My Mom was so happy after getting that Christmas Tree.
It was so tall, it reached the roof of the house!

Our house in Palawan in Japanese Motif. My Mom's idea.
We didn't buy the living room set a year later. But the Dining Room remained to have no chairs whatsoever. It was awesome.

This was when we lived in my Lolo's house.
We moved to our own house years later,
a 5 minute walk from this house.


My Mom collected Espadrilles in almost every possible color.

We owned a Video Shop in Palawan, and had local celebrities (living there) as customers, turned into friends. Hee!

Mama and my Sister, Joy, when she won Palawan's Ms. Tourism

Obviously I turned really dark because we live about
15 minutes away from the beach.

Mama, my Brother, my Cousin and Me in Sabang Beach,
before heading to Underground River

At a hotel with Mama and my Tita Kleyr,
after watching a gig at the bar. I recall them to be one of my favorite bands cos the lead singer has the funniest punch lines!

These set of photos were taken during our recent trip to Palawan, it was a couple of weeks after Mama's wake, my Dad and I thought it would be a good idea to see our Family while we had the chance. I almost cried after walking in to our old room, it felt like I could see Mama sit on the bed, it felt like I could see my old toys in the now empty cabinets, and her clothes hanging in the closet. It was heartbreaking, and yet I felt so much joy, being able to have something to go back to. It was such a bittersweet moment. We only stayed there for about 5 days but it felt like weeks. Every moment was treasured.

Me and my friend Kat, treating me to some awesome Inasal
at Bilao at Palayok

We've been close friends since Kindergarten!

Love the ambiance!

At Beans and Pages

Ice Candy!!!! WAAAAAHHH!
I love that my Aunt's Sari-Sari store right next to our
house is still open to this very day. I used to buy almost
all the Ice Candy she makes. The best flavors are Chocolate
and Mango, of course!



On our way to Balsahan, we used my Uncle's truck!
Couldn't get any more awesome than that!
Kickin' it Probinsiya style.
I missed this!

Familia Almasco. Chos.

In Balsahan, people aren't really "allowed" to use swimsuits, so thank goodness for this top and my bikini, I managed to able to convince myself to pull off one of my top fashion faux-pas'!

My Dad, Cousins and family friends


Not very appropriate but the Dads were up for it :
Jumpshots in front of my Uncle Joe's and Lola Biay's graves.

I love my Lolo!
Funny Story : One night I went home at 10:00 P.M. and he scolded me!
My Dad backed me up by saying, "You should be happy. This is the earliest she went home" HA!

Wah. Notice the windows and wooden floors? Gosh, I miss it so much! I used to enjoy scrubbing it every time Mama allowed me. Applying floor wax and stuff. It was a lot of fun! I seriously will not trade my life in Palawan for anything else.

Back then, I felt really bad for myself because I knew I was missing out on a lot of things when I was there, and being called "Probinsiyana" wasn't very appealing to me. BUT my perception changed as I grew older, and I became more proud of being a Palaweña each year. I am proud to have many homes (Laguna, Cavite, Palawan, Jeddah, and now Makati).

I am a Probinsiyana at heart. I like all these big fancy things and places, but deep down, I will always have a soft spot for "the simple life". Its just so refreshing, and it keeps everyone else grounded. We learn to genuinely appreciate the small things and moments.

Palawan, I LOVE YOU FOREVER. Whoever lives in Palawan right now, you guys are so blessed! Airkiss Puerto Princesa for me!


An Open Letter to our Angel

Dear Tita Elsa,

I remember the first day I met your Daughter. I remember she had a hat on, a black vest, a white top, black pants and one of those sneakers she loved most. I remember her being the first person who really spoke to me, and made me feel that this place could be considered home. She shared her lunch with me that day, and we conversed about our lives, and she made me feel like we’ve known each other years before.

We hail from two different countries but nothing became a barrier for us to establish the kind of friendship that we have today.
You know Tita, your daughter and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye. We had countless of petty fights. There were days when we didn’t like each other. But every time the storm passes, we’ve grown to be patient, we’ve both learned our differences, and even if we still fight sometimes, we know how to handle the situation. Its funny though, because my husband could attest to how affected I am when we fight. And I’m sure her sisters are witnesses to her side as well. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who really, sincerely, genuinely cared about me as a friend – until her. We treat each other as Sisters. I know that I can't be the same person that she is to me. She always puts me first before herself. Its not everyday that you find someone like her. And I know she is someone to be valued because of her rare traits.

I think you’ve noticed that this letter, although addressed to you, says a lot of things about your Daughter. I had the privilege of meeting you a couple of times, and I regret not having the time to sit down with you for a chat. But I know this, from what I’ve heard and based on the days I’ve seen you, exchanged smiles and shook hands, I know you are a woman who possesses a pure heart – the best ones. It’s the same one my Mom had, and always will have.

When Nof called me that dreadful Friday, I froze in my seat. I panicked. I remember when my Mom died a year ago...also on a Friday. How Nof was the first person I called. I tried to remember the right words to tell her when I was in her place. And then I remembered that there were no right words. There was nothing I could do at that moment, but pray. But she was frantic. She was mad, sad, she wasn't herself at all. Hearing her broke my heart so much, I felt immobile. Her voice, words, her pain echoed in my head the entire day, and the days after that.

I wanted to see her that day, Tita. The day after that, and then I got sick, and finally, on the fourth day - my Husband and I walked to your house. I was talking to myself on our way. I was nervous, I tried to fight it off, convincing myself that I should be strong for Nof. I felt so heavy when I didn't see her, days before that.

You know, when Mama passed, I felt even more love towards my siblings (if that's even possible, because I love them with everything I have), because, as I told them : I didn't need to just look at the mirror everytime I miss her, but I look at them, and I see my Mom in them. We are left with Six Elsas, as your nephew told Nof. I feel the exact same way.

We saw this Butterfly on Tuesday and it stayed in
Nof's office for a really long time.

I said all these things about your Daughter because…she is a reflection of you. I am so glad that I’ve been blessed with the honor to meet her because she is one of a kind. Special indeed. And seeing the way she is, already says a lot about you. I always said that even if my Mom lived to a hundred, the number of days she existed in the world will just NEVER BE ENOUGH. And I am so sure that your children feel the exact same way.

You know what, Tita? I would share my heartbreak with your Daughter about losing my Mom, and even when she couldn't relate then, she would cry with me and sympathize. I didn't want to feel alone, like no one understood me - but the last thing I wanted was for her to go through the same thing I did, and still am.

But I am thankful that God brought us together. The paths we are on isn't easy. To fill in a Mother's shoe is never easy. But we serve a great God and I know he brought me and Nof each other because aside from Him, and the families we are blessed to have, Nof and I will be each others' wall. I know at most times, I am not very good in expressing myself verbally, but I will try as much as I can to be there for her, even when I don't know what to say. For my words, or any others' will not be enough. I only rely on God who has given me the comfort that I needed, in times that I needed it most.

You may be physically absent in this world, but this is one thing I know for sure : WE WILL NEVER SAY GOODBYE. Now, Nof and I each have two angels. I know that apart from God, and our loved ones who are fortunate enough (like you) to be with our Creator, you will be watching over us, ALWAYS.

I've spent a couple of days with your family, Tita - and I must say, even if you already know this, You and Tito have done a great job raising them all.

We may have lost you on Earth, but Heaven definitely gained an Angel with you up there. One of the best.

I say this all the time about Mama : The hole that her passing left on us will never be filled again. It is a kind of heartbreak that we will live with forever. I feel like it is much easier to deal with rather than to try to accept that you, and Mama are physically gone.

I love you Tita. I know you and Mama are keeping each other company up there. Please give her a hug for me.

Love, Abbie



Feeling a bit under the weather these past few days, ever since my Asthma attack started last week. I blame it on dust and what felt like 50 degrees. That, and the fact that our office is seriously starting to feel more like a freezer. Been piling up clothes and wearing boots but it can only do so much.

I miss the sun. Been coughing so much, thankfully my Dad got me an Inhaler last night. But they only help to a certain extent. I just want to go to a deserted island and lay on the sand, lay on the sand, lay on the sand.

On an entirely different (but cheerful) note, these photos made me all giddy over the weekend!

I'm loving Taylor Tomasi Hill

I want her outfit.

Love everything in this photo.

She says she's adopting me soon...

...if she doesn't.

(photos, Jak and Jil)


Designer Love

Wo, its been awhile since I've done this. And I freakin' missed it! I can't even remember the last time I posted something strictly Fashion-Related. This is fun. No, wait. Let me rephrase that - THIS IS FUN!!

Whenever I'm asked to define my style, I always always always say that I'm pretty much a Chameleon. I'm quite sad that I'm somehow getting too used to grabbing whatever my eye catches when I'm headed out to, basically anywhere most of the time but I struggle with myself in terms of wanting to dress according to my mood. These days I've been layering a lot, also dusting off cobwebs from my boots because the office seems to be turning into a freezer.

I haven't gotten around much of my favorite Fashion Blogs and Webzines but what caught my eye are two designers, one of them being a brand I've always, always loved.

Let me start with Isabel Marant. I've heard about and have seen her designs but never really had the chance to check out her full collection until today.

I love how easy her pieces are but not boring. Easy, but not really minimalistic. I love how she balanced looking both edgy and bohemian at the same time. I find it really sexy, in spite of the thigh-high fringed booties, and the capes and jackets. Its like 1970s Cher meets James Dean.

My favorite look is a tie between photos two and seven. Now, I want to cry.

Christophe DeCarnin's exit from Balmain made me really sad, but I think Olivier Rousteing's debut collection is ridiculous (yes, I mean it in the awesomest way). My eyes bounced off its sockets.

I would honestly rock every single piece in this collection. I found it so hard to choose photos to be part of this entry. Season after season, Balmain never fails to surprise me, and I love that the Sexed up edginess (which is the brand's trademark) was never compromised for any of their collections. I mean, srsly. How can the seventh photo pull off looking all rock-chick in white and neutral palettes?

I can't even pick a favorite look. How can you not love Balmain? And why does it always have to break my heart like this?

Can't wait to see what other designers have in store for us. Honestly, there are so many upcoming brands, I can't even keep track of everything. Its like being in a candy store and they have everything you want, you can't even just pick one, and your eyes are everywhere!

Always remember that trends are fun to follow, but work on your style most importantly. Above everything else, it matters most.


Today I Feel

1.Wkshp Chevron Crop Tank
2.H&M Hat
3.Denim shorts
4.Doc Marten's Pascal Candy
5.Alexander Wang Marti Convertible Backpack
6.Dries Van Noten Bracelet Set
7.Chan Luu Mix Threaded And Leather Wrap Bracelet
8.Ettika Vintage Ribbon Tennis Bracelet
9.Sara Weinstock Opal Ring
10.Eye Love It Ring
11.Titanium Quartz Ring |
12.iPhone 4
13.BlackBerry Bold

Polyvore breaks my heart. Recently I haven't been taking much photos for some odd reason. I lost count, the number of times Andrew would drag me out of bed for a photo session at home.

What is it, Abbie? Is it because you know that you need to update your make-up kit? That you want drastic changes with your mane? Is it because you've been focusing on gaining weight? You can't wear shorts because of the bite marks in your legs? What is it?

Even when I silently interrogate myself I would say "Yes" to all of the above and then shift to "Erm, no - that's not it".

I'm confused.

But recently I have scored some awesome Vintage nightgowns at the local Flea Market (which, btw doesn't feel very 'local' to me because its an hour away), and I look forward to shooting them with Martine C. and Olivia L. as my peg. I want American Apparel-like photos! Natural make-up, Natural Lighting. Ugh, the shmexiness of it all. I cannot resist.

Still haven't decided on the Pixie. I'm torn between wanting something new and achieving the look I've been wanting to go for since...well, college.


Come September and everything will be alright, everything, will be alright, everything will be alright.

I can't believe that I burst into song in my head and even then, I sound dull.

These times call for superficial measures.


Everyone I know is Turning Into

I have nothing against acquaintances, friends and such giving in to the trend of blogging these days. I've always believed in "Your Turf, Your Rules" and that we have every right to choose not to read them if it irks the heck out of us.

I've been here before, I'm starting to question the main reason of why I'm publishing word vomit on the intarwebs when I have a pretty Moleskine Journal waiting for me under my pillow.

Okay, pretend I didn't tell you where I hide it.

I'm not here to play Dr. Love, or to be a Fashion Guru, but it really flatters me whenever my Formspring notifies me of new questions sent to my inbox, especially when they make sense. Its also nice to know that blogging is now used as a form to advertise and feature brands and people. And who am I to say what's sensible or not. There is a little superficial person living in each of us, and that's the truth.

But to what point do we say that we're making the most out of our lives? That we're enjoying what we're blessed with? How do we know what counts and not? How do we know we're doing enough?

Everyone wants to be known for something. Sadly, some people try too hard to be liked, and for all the wrong reasons, through all these fake ways.

I'm just thinking out loud. Probably saying things I'll regret tomorrow. I may eat up my own words one day but at least this is one real emotion documented tonight.




I find the word "Pixie" cute enough to want to try it on my head. I'm a bit torn though because I've decided on growing my hair out for real, and getting those shmexy beach waves through digital perming as soon as I land to the Philippines. And have it dyed to a deep, dark brown.

I still love my Ombre, been sporting it since last year, but my friends have seriously talked me into getting a haircut for a change, because I've been sporting the medium - long hair length long enough. The shortest I've went with was the "Bob" and I was in grade school. But I don't remember getting a Pixie cut. EVER.

I've awesome friends like Ral and Issa who have effortlessly pulled it off. At the same time, I thought, getting a Pixie would allow me to side-shave my head like Hannabeth only her hair is still long, and mine would be close to non-existent.

I'm both psyched and scared at the same time. I'm not blessed with enough curves and I fear that people would mistake me for a boy, which makes me think that I have to wear make-up and earrings all the time (and probably stuff my bra, LOLJK). I wonder if my features are feminine enough for me to be able to achieve the desired look (chos).

Look at these beautiful women. Don't they rock it? I wish I could, too! I'm torn! I'm tooooooooooooooorn!

I want Keira's hair!

All this, and I'm 70% convinced that I would push through with it by this week.

And then I see this on Tumblr.


Okay, now what. I was wondering if you could probably help me decide? What are your thoughts on this?


Show Me Love

Thanks to my forever girlcrush Vanessa Hudgens, I found out about this awesome band called Phantogram. Like so many, this is probably my favorite track in their album "Eyelid Movies", although all the songs are epic beyond words.

This has been playing on my iPhone, my Blackberry, my Husband's laptop, and in my head for the past 2 days.

Guess I found another background song to whenever I take long walks. Topping my list has always been Radiohead's "Talk Show Host" because it's shmexy as (#*(^%#$(*%.